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What to Include in Your Shopify Store Product Descriptions

  Your Shopify store product descriptions are one of the only things that stand between you and a sale. And with just a paragraph or two, your product description is also where it’s at when it comes to search engine optimization. If you want to rank on Google and other search engines, your SEO game must be strong (and your online store needs to be built on Shopify). It doesn’t matter how much t...

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10 Shopify Tools For New Entrepreneurs (2022)

  Your business is complex. And sometimes it takes a while to do even the simplest of tasks. Sometimes you don't have the time or money to hire employees because you're a solopreneur who's passionate about what they do. But fortunately, you're also lucky because Shopify has many tools that can take some of the most complicated and time-consuming tasks off your hands. Today we'll be looking at t...

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What is Shopify Flow and How to Use It

  If you've been using Shopify for a while and are thinking of upgrading to Shopify Plus, one of the first questions you'll have is what are the new features that come with Shopify Plus? Is it worth upgrading? Well, there's an entire suite of apps and features that come with this package, but today we're going to focus on one: Flow. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to understand...

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How To Add Products on Shopify: A Basic Tutorial

  So you have decided to do something new and exciting: To open an eCommerce store on Shopify. It might be a bit overwhelming for those who are not technologically savvy or do not know where to start. But that’s okay! Shopify understands this and actually helps to make the experience easier on those who aren’t too keen on tech.  But the first big step toward managing your new eCommerce store is...

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How To Use Linkpop by Shopify

If you've been using social media to promote your business, you may have noticed that you can't share links with your followers. The only area you may put links is in your bio, whether on Instagram or Tiktok. Customers would need to visit your profile and click the link in your bio, which would take them to a page you linked to or an interface with many links. Because of these arbitrary restri...

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Shopify's 11 Most Underused Features

Shopify is one of the most popular e-commerce systems used by companies who want to create an online shop and conduct their retail operations through the internet. Over 1.7 million different businesses all over the world use this platform to handle their transactions. It is imperative that all available tactics and Shopify features be completely leveraged in order to improve Shopify sales. Even...

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Top 23 Luxury Brands and Retailers on Shopify

Luxury brands have changed over the years. These days, it's not enough to have just an attractive store and a great product. Luxury brands are moving towards more innovative digital experiences, stronger engagement, and unique stories that connect with their customers on various online channels. The consumer landscape is different now, and they want a shopping experience that will capture thei...

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5 Most Common Reasons for Abandoned Carts And How to Fix It

What is the one thing you hate when shopping online? What do you expect after having spent hours finding the right product? It’s probably a fast, convenient and easy checkout process. Now if that’s too complicated and frustrating, you’ll probably give up and leave. And many online shoppers do just that. A study conducted by Baymard institute analysis showed that 67.91% of online shoppers aband...

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Shopify Guide: What is Order Fulfillment?

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto: It doesn't matter if you're a brand-new eCommerce retailer or a 100-year-old brick and mortar store, order fulfillment is one of the most important parts of your business. But what exactly is order fulfillment? Is it different from shipping? How should you get started with it? And once you ...

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A Guide on How to Sell Wholesale on Shopify

  Photo by Tiger Lily: Selling wholesale is the way to go if you want to boost your eCommerce business. You’ll be able to ask for bigger orders, bigger margins, and better sales. And the best part is, that you don’t need huge start-up capital. All you need is a relatively small investment on your end. We’ve seen some eCommerc...

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DIY on Shopify: Top 15 Things to Make Yourself and Sell For Profit

Photo by Teona Swift: eCommerce is booming, with a record-breaking $4.8 trillion spent globally each year. While the internet has made it easier for anyone to start a business and sell products in their own store, it also makes it easier to get lost in the shuffle. So how do you make sure that you s...

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Guide: How to Start a Shopify Lifestyle Business in 9 Steps

  Photo by Karolina Grabowska: A lifestyle business is a small, low-risk, low-cost business that can provide a comfortable living for the owner and their family. It’s usually an online business but can also be offline. A lifestyle business is different from traditional startups in that you don't need to raise any money from investors, you ...

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