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Top 25 Coffee and Equipment Shopify Stores

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Coffee is basically the fuel of our daily lives. We rely on it to get us going every day. It makes our work more enjoyable and less stressful. And we can't get anything done without our coffee. That being said, we always need more coffee! 

Coffee is everyone's favorite drink. This is why a business selling coffee and coffee equipment will always have a market, even in the current healthcare-system-driven and economy-conscious society.

If you have a coffee Shopify business and want to sell, grow or start an online store, you've come to the right place. Here are the top 25 websites that are already doing it in 2022. 

  1. Ratio Coffee

Ratio is simple, intuitive, and smart. Every Ratio machine is inspired by manual pour-over but without all of the difficult parts. The Ratio removes variables like water temperature, extraction time, and pour-over pattern so you can worry less about making your coffee and more about drinking it. Just press start and watch as Ratio perfectly measures each dose, blooming your grinds in just the right water temperature before extracting a consistent shot that you can trust every time.

  1. Mudwtr

 The perfect solution to the daily work grind, MUD\WTR is a coffee alternative made with organic ingredients that are known for their amazing health and performance benefits. It contains 1/7th of the caffeine as a cup of coffee, so you get focus and energy without the jitters, crashes, and dependency.

  1. Fellow

Discover Fellow, a store for all things coffee! You'll find a large selection of high-quality coffee beans, accessories, and gadgets. All designed to complement your daily cup of coffee. The brand's philosophy is simple: design cool stuff using fine materials and simple functions to create products that look as good as they perform.

  1. Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee is the world's strongest coffee. The finest Arabica beans are hand-selected, meticulously roasted, and expertly crafted to deliver the smoothest, most flavorful cup of Joe you've ever had. This is coffee that packs a punch.

  1. Super Coffee

Super Coffee knows that people are looking for something different than the traditional sugary drinks out there like frappuccinos or other iced coffee drinks. The brand claims to provide customers loads of energy without the bad stuff. Instead of sugar, monk fruit serves as its natural sweetener. Super Coffee's blend also includes a proprietary combination of MCT oil, coffee, and protein, guaranteeing no jitters or crashes.

  1. Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club offers a way to taste the world's most delicious coffees. Each month, their subscription provides you with a different micro-lot artisan coffee, giving you detailed information on how to brew it and more! With the Atlas Coffee Club, you'll get more than just coffee, you'll get a journey exploring the best coffees from around the world.

  1. Ember

Ember’s patented temperature control technology allows you to set the precise temperature of your hot beverage, so you can enjoy your drink from the first sip to the last drop. With Ember, there is no more guessing or second-guessing whether your drink will be “just right.”

  1. Laird

Laird Superfood is based on the idea that nourishing, plant-based foods can help fuel you from sunrise to sunset. They've got unique creamers and coffees made from superfoods like mushrooms, coconut, turmeric, and cacao. Their new line of Organic Superfood Coffees is an organic take on a morning tradition.

  1. Chamberlain Coffee

Emma Chamberlain is a personal style guru known for her thrift shopping prowess. Now she's taking on coffee. Everything from green beans to roasted beans and even espresso beans is sold under Chamberlain's name. Despite the narrow focus on selling coffee products, the company has done well for itself and is doing better every year. 

  1. Copper Cow Coffee

Copper Cow Coffee is a premium, single-origin Vietnamese coffee, expertly roasted and packaged to bring the best tasting Vietnamese coffee possible. They use beans from single plantations in Vietnam for the most delicious, high-quality coffee that you can make in just 3 minutes. Copper Cow wants you to experience the world’s best cup of coffee that’s made from 100% real ingredients.

  1. Wacaco

Whether you are in the great outdoors, staying at a hotel, or at home, Wacaco’s range of portable coffee makers makes it easy to enjoy freshly ground coffee. Their hand-powered, manual machines are portable and easy to use. Pop one in your backpack and head out on a hike or camping trip, take one with you to the office, or keep one at home so you can enjoy great coffee anywhere at any time!

  1.  Rise Brewing Co.

The goal of RISE is not to create just another line of premium coffees. It is to bring the same quality, taste, and health benefits of cold brew coffee to everyone with their unique nitro-infusion process. In addition, they want to use their platform for social good – working with organizations that help veterans, children’s hospitals, animal welfare groups, and more. It's good coffee with a mission.

  1. Bones Coffee

If you’re looking for coffee that offers a unique experience, this is the place. Bones Coffee Company carefully roasts their beans to perfection in small batches to ensure that people get the freshest coffee delivered straight to their door. The care given to each of those small batches is evidenced by the rich, full-bodied, and exceptionally smooth taste you’ll get out of every cup you drink. They even have unique, out-of-the-box flavors like Mint, Peaches, and Scream, and Carrot Cake.

  1. VitaCup

VitaCup helps you perform at your best; it's the ultimate coffee upgrade. VitaCup contains no artificial ingredients, chemicals, or preservatives and is made using a proprietary process to extract only the most valuable nutrients as a superfood supplement. It's your daily morning coffee plus vitamins -– a perfect way to start each day.

  1. Coffeify

When you invest in a mug from Coffeify, you are also investing in quality. All of their porcelain mugs are made using the finest ingredients and feature high-quality finishes that complement both your drink and your kitchen décor. In addition, Coffeify offers incredible value for these products that can’t be found elsewhere.

  1. Union Roasted Coffee

Union is here to help you drink better coffee. The company roasts exciting, hard-to-find specialty coffee from 14 countries with over 42 producer partners to bring the market an ever-changing selection of delicious coffees, from our house blends to single origins and exciting micro-lots. The company is very proud of ethically sourcing their coffee by working closely with their producers from the farm level up through where it's brewed and enjoyed in your cup.

  1. RASA

Rasa Koffee is a delicious, healthy coffee alternative that delivers adaptogenic energy. Made from traditional Chinese herbs, this mix of ashwagandha, codonopsis, Eleuthera, he shou we, reishi, and more kicks off your day with calm and nourishing benefits. Whether you drink it hot or cold, Rasa Koffee should help you feel relaxed and recharged.

  1. Dose & Co


Founded by a qualified nutritionist and naturopath Libby Matthews, Dose & Co is a range of high-dose collagen coffee creamers made with natural ingredients. Sustainably sourced and sustainably packaged, Dose & Co products are created with high-quality natural ingredients without the nasties. With unique blends of collagen peptides, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins B5 and C, these delicious drinks take your beauty regime to the next level.

  1. Steeped Coffee

Welcome to next-level coffee. Steeped Coffee is the easiest way to make a perfect cup of coffee anytime, anywhere, in minutes. Each proprietary Steeped Coffee Pack contains 100% artisan roasted specialty coffee that is crafted for quality, convenience, and sustainability. Every Guilt-Free Packaging is fully compostable and each cup is ethically sourced, sustainable, and delicious.

  1. Kruve

The KRUVE Sifter is a patented grinder accessory that increases control and repeatability over your coffee's grind size. The sifter allows baristas to precisely set their grind size, calibrate as needed, and refine their brew as they iterate through recipes. Today, everyone from coffee enthusiasts to World Champion Baristas are using it to improve how they brew coffee.

  1.  Joy Resolve

Joy Resolve’s signature product, the Barisieur, is a beautiful and innovative way to start your day. The Automatic Brewing alarm clock wakes you gently at the desired time with hot water bubbling beneath your pre-ground coffee or tea, which can be set via timer or app (Android or Apple). You awake to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee or tea and a cup waiting by your bedside; no more cold mornings and rushing to catch trains! With its sleek design, it looks good on any worktop in any home.

  1. Kuju Coffee

Kuju Coffee is a portable, no-mess coffee brewer that makes the perfect cup of coffee wherever you are. Their patented design is compatible with any size cup and its lightweight design allows you to brew anywhere. The filter basket is also designed to be dishwasher safe and our filter pack is 100% recyclable, making it easier than ever to enjoy delicious Kuju Coffee anywhere.

  1. Waka Coffee and Tea

Forget about that old nasty instant coffee from college. Waka was founded on the idea of crafting the best instant coffee on the market. They are proud to use only the highest quality Arabica beans and craft them into a delicious taste that is sure to keep you coming back for more.

  1. Coffee Gator

Coffee Gator is bringing you a better way to brew. Whether you are making cold brew, pour-over, or stove-top espresso, their tools are built to last and deliver the perfect coffee every time so that your days of settling for mediocre coffee (and instant!) will be long gone.

  1. Milksta

There’s nothing more satisfying than a cup of coffee. Except when you’re pregnant, in which case coffee is a no-no due to its high caffeine content. Milksta is your lactation solution to pregnancy cravings. It’s decaf and vegan, with a smooth creamy taste that resembles coffee.

Wrapping up

The coffee shop niche is booming and is continuously on. While starting a coffee shop online might seem like an easy idea, it's a lot harder than it seems. Start by thinking of a brand name and strategy. Research your competitors, but also lookout for new ideas that are unique in the market. Choose your niche carefully and include all the necessary features in your site such as promotions, events, and social media connections to make it visible to potential customers.

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