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Top 10 Best Car Parts and Automotive Stores on Shopify

More sales continue to take place online, and one industry benefiting from these online sales is the auto parts and accessories category. According to Hedges & Co., online sales of car parts and accessories will exceed $16.1 billion this year and $19 billion by 2022. Also, due to the current situation, a lot more merchandise is being sold online due to the fact that people are still maintaining and taking care of their vehicles despite having stay-at-home orders.

Merchants in this category cater to both consumers and businesses by selling car parts, accessories, and even services. We spotted some of the best car parts and automotive stores on Shopify and we’d like to share them with you as we look at what makes them work. If you’re looking to break into this eCommerce space, you can take a look at the following websites to serve as an inspiration and guideline before you start your own car parts and automotive Shopify store.

  1. Titan MotorSports

Titan Motorsports is a retail store selling performance parts and accessories for high performance vehicles based in Orlando, Florida. They are able to supply big brands like Bosch, Nitrous Express, and Ferrea while also developing their own racing and performance parts. 


Why we think it’s great:

  • The menu is easy to navigate because of the categories like car specific and engine specific
  • High-quality product photos show customers what they’ll get
  • Complete product description
  • Related products are shown below which can make potential customers browse more
  • You can easily change which country or currency you will be purchasing in


  1. Lord’s Town Motors

Lord’s Town Motors is an electric vehicle manufacturer and designer based in Ohio. Their website reflects the brand because of its sleek and clean design, much like its products. It is also able to showcase the features of their vehicle stylishly and also inform the potential buyers about why electric is better, and why their electric car is better. The website itself garners 6.3k daily visitors.



Why we think it’s great:

  • Sleek and clean website design
  • Informative content about the brand and products
  • Interactive product photos
  • Easy to navigate through


  1. Car Supplies Warehouse

Car Supplies Warehouse is a detailing shop that was founded in 2019 by a team of professional detailers. The website itself does a great job of helping build a community around the brand. They are able to feature events, tips, and videos that their customers can find helpful. This website gets 4.4k page visitors daily.


Why we think it’s great:

  • Simple but effective layout and design
  • The menu is easy to navigate
  • Customers can easily see what currency and language they are using on top
  • There is a lot of video content on the site
  • Product reviews are enabled which are beneficial for customers and the brand


  1. Relations Race Wheels


RRW is a consumer truck wheels store that designs and manufactures its own wheels. They have wheels for truck brands like Chevy, Subaru, and Jeep. The website is simple and direct to the point. Their website has 6.46 daily visitors so they get a lot of traffic for this specific niche.


Why we think it’s great:

  • Impactful car photography
  • Product shots show the wheels by themselves and in use
  • It’s easy to check out and they are able to offer installment and other payment methods on their check out page
  • Blogs are informative about the products being sold


  1. Kies Motorsports


Kies Motorsports is a car parts and automotive store focused on retrofits and BMW performance and modifications. 

Why we think it’s great:

  • Extensive product descriptions that explain what the product is for and what its features are
  • Customers can add items to their cart quickly or add them to their wishlist
  • Products are categorized by purpose for easy navigation



  1. Dip Your Car


Dip Your Car is known for it’s peelable auto paint. The brand itself has created a community they call “DYC Community” where loyal fans and family of the brand share their thoughts and provide support to one another. Apart from their DYC kits, they also sell accessories and tools that can make “dipping” your car easier and more efficient. The website gets 7k daily visitors.



Why we think it’s great:


  • The website shows their love for the community by dedicating a page to customer photos
  • There are videos and photos that can give potential “dippers” a look at what they’ll need to do and what results they may get
  • The website design is simple but easy for customers to move through
  • Product reviews are enabled and accessible
  • Multiple product photos show what the end result can be which is good for building trust with customers


  1. Phoenix Automotive

Phoenix Automotive Inc is a car parts and automotive retailer selling products at competitive prices. Though the website design can be improved, it looks like it works for them. It gets them the social media followers and reach they need which in turn gets potential customers clicking on their product pages.


Why we think it’s great:

  • The brand is engaged with their social media audience
  • Prices and reviews are easily seen
  • Customers can also see how much they “save” on deals per product
  • You can refine your product search by filters like vehicle, model, style.


  1. Nonda

Nonda sell connected smart car devices with the goal of improving the lives of car drivers. These products include items like smart car charger, smart tire safety monitor, wireless smart backup camera and car key finders. 


Why we think it’s great:

  • The website is easy to use which is reflective of the brand’s purpose of improving its customer’s lives
  • Product description includes details all the features and unique selling points of each device
  • They are able to integrate influencers’ videos on their product pages which can affect a buyer’s decision
  • They also feature customer reviews and media mentions
  • The website is very informative which builds customer trust


  1. Lasfit


Lasfit aims to be a market leader in the automotive parts and accessories industry. Their main product is LED bulbs. The website is simple but clean which highlights the products right away. Customers will find it easy to navigate through their menu as it can be categorized by vehicle or types of bulbs among other things. 


Why we think it’s great:

  • The website makes it easy for customers to figure out which bulb sizes will best fit their car
  • The product pages are complete with all of the necessary descriptions, highlight secure payments, showcase deals and discounts, and feature many user reviews
  • There is a Q&A portion for each product which will be helpful for unsure customers
  • Chatbot is easy to find


  1. Obsessed Garage

Obsessed Garage mainly sells products for detailing, garage accessories and tools. The copy on the website is very communicative and makes it seem more personal, like the owner is talking to you. Even the product descriptions are written this way, which can be helpful in convincing a customer to purchase as opposed to a more informative approach.


Why we think it’s great:

  • For those who like reading and researching before they buy, this is a good store to look at
  • Videos are included in the product descriptions making it easier for customers to know what to expect
  • Simple and easy design for customers to navigate




As more consumers are purchasing online, this particular niche is expected to keep growing as more and more car models are made, and more consumers are able to afford cars. From our list we were also able to spot some eCommerce essentials you should have when you start your own Shopify car parts and automotive store such as:


  • Complete product descriptions, features and specifications
  • Impactful car photography
  • High-resolution product photos
  • A menu that is easy to navigate
  • Videos and photos that show the product in use or its effect
  • Visible and accessible user reviews
  • Social media integration


We hope you learned something from this article and are ready to go on your journey in the automotive eCommerce space. Just by integrating a few of these essentials, you may improve your website’s performance and perhaps gain more conversions.


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