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Top Vegan Food Stores on Shopify

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It's estimated that in the US alone, there are now as many as 2.5 million vegans. And according to some estimates, that number is rapidly growing. Vegan food products are generally dairy-free or meat-free food products that are derived or processed from plant-based sources.

There has been a rise in the number of health-conscious consumers that are adopting veganism, as well as lactose intolerance. There is also an increasing demand for vegan food products from strict vegans and the lactose-intolerant populations.

Many restaurants have gone either fully or partially vegan recently and have seen a rise in sales due to customer demand for vegan products. The healthy food market is set for high growth in the coming years due to rising awareness about the benefits of eating healthily.. If you're considering joining the vegan food market, here are the Top 30 best performing vegan food companies on Shopify.

  1. Veestro

Veetro is a plant-based meal plan that makes it easy for busy people to get more plants in their everyday diet.

Their chef-crafted dishes are delivered straight to customers, making it super easy for them to get healthy and delicious meals. This way they can also eat more plants no matter how hectic their schedule is.

  1. Lemonkind

LemonKind is a producer of natural botanically-infused juices, cleanses, and teas, all of which are non-GMO Project Verified, vegan, and Certified Gluten-Free.

They are a clean-label innovative vegan superfood brand offering metabolism-boosting juice cleanses and adaptogen fat-burning tea-infused lattes. With LemonKind's products, customers can drink their way to a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Mamasezz

Mama Sess is the easiest way to eat plant-based meals. They provide fresh vegan meals staples delivered to your door, no cooking required - just heat and eat.

Their meal plans include companion meal plans and product pairings. They take care of everything, so you can reach your plant-based goals and gain more energy, lose weight, and improve your health without all the work!

  1. Bobo’s

Bobo's Oat Bars are a delicious and simple way to get your protein fix or shake off hunger. Made with simple, gluten-free ingredients and packed with irresistible flavor, Bobo's Oat Bars are the perfect snack for anyone on the go.

Whether you're looking for a post-workout snack, or just want something to keep hunger at bay, these high-protein oat bars are sure to satisfy. 

  1. Very Good Butchers

The Very Good Butchers are on a mission to make plant-based meats as delicious and nutritious as possible.

They hate how processed most of the meat alternatives are, so its founders set out to create some of the most delicious and nutritious plant-based meats one can find. In short, they're not just trying to make healthy food—they want to make it taste good too!

  1. Smart Pressed Juice

Smart Pressed Juices is all about plants, and how they can heal us. Their powdered juices are made from superfood fruits and veggies that are freshly pressed and bioactively dehydrated immediately after harvest—so you know they'll be packed with nutrients at their peak when they reach your kitchen table!

Everything is clean label, which means USDA certified organic, non-GMO, Kosher, no added sugar, no artificial ingredients—and yes: we have gluten/soy-free options too! So whether you're looking for a quick snack or something to keep around your office as an afternoon pick-me-up, Smart Pressed Juices has got it covered.

  1. Pan's Mushroom Jerky

Pan's Mushroom Jerky is a company that makes jerky made of shiitake mushrooms with a delicious umami taste and satisfying meaty texture. Shiitake mushrooms are known for their dense, fibrous texture and their savory umami flavor, which is why the Pan family has been using them in their jerky recipe for decades.

As the only producer of mushroom jerky in America, Pan's Mushroom Jerky stands out from other brands.

  1. Biena Snacks

We're all about snacking, but we know that potato chips aren't always the healthiest choice. Biena Snacks give you the crunchy and delicious taste of a chip, but they're made from chickpeas, which have a higher protein and fiber content than potatoes.

That means you can get your snack fix without hurting your health! They even offer a variety of flavors so everyone can find something they love. Plus, the snacks are certified vegan and gluten-free.

  1. Pulp Pantry

We know what you're thinking: "Veggie chips? That sounds boring." You're not wrong. Veggie chips are boring. But perhaps they shouldn’t be.

Pulp Pantry has taken the pulp from cold-pressed juice and turned it into fun, crunchy, flavorful veggie snacks that are a lot more satisfying than the kind you get in a bag at the store. And here's the thing: The pulp from cold-pressed juice contains 95% of the fiber from whole veggies. These are chips that are really good for you.

  1. Keto Bars

If you're on a keto diet, you know that it can be hard to feel satisfied. That's why there's KetoBars.

KetoBar’s founders wanted to make sure that people could have access to high-fat, all-natural snacks that are packed with flavor, so they can get the satisfaction of eating a real meal without any extra carbs or sugar. 

  1. Birch Benders

Birch Benders is dedicated to creating products that are free from the things you don't want in your food—like refined sugars and artificial flavors.

The company is committed to crafting the highest quality, best tasting, and most convenient products for all to enjoy, no matter their diet or lifestyle. They have pancake, brownie, and waffle mixes that aren't full of sugar, have fewer carbs, and aren't filled with processed ingredients.

  1. Fit Food Club

Fit Food Club is here to help you get your life in check. They are a meal delivery plan around providing healthy, delicious, vegan food that's easy enough for anyone to make.

The menu comes with nutrition facts so those who are strict about their macros can ensure they're getting what they need without doing any of the dirty work.

  1. Rise Bar

Rise Bar believes in a simple formula: put good things into your body and they'll come back out as good things. That's why the company is committed to making the simplest protein bar you can find—just real, clean ingredients that fuel workouts, adventures, or everyday lifestyle.

This is the perfect pocket-on-the-go solution for when you need a little extra energy to get through whatever you're doing.

  1. Elements Truffles

Element Truffles is a chocolate company founded by two women who wanted to create tasty, ethically-sourced chocolates that would give back to the community.

They are committed to using only the highest quality ingredients—including ethically sourced fair-trade cacao and Ayurvedic herbs—and creating additive-free chocolates. Element Truffles donates 25% of their profits to children in India with every purchase.

  1. Goldelucks

Goldeluck’s Doughnuts is a small business that started out as a small bakery. Since then, it has grown into a thriving doughnut brand that serves more than 350,000 customers each year and regularly appears on lists of the best doughnut shops in Melbourne.

  1. Brami

The traditional Italian pasta just got a modern makeover. Brami makes lupini-based pasta, using the nutrient-packed lupini bean to create a clean, healthy power source with authentic Italian taste.

The founders of Brami reimagined their Italian family’s traditional pasta recipe with the nutrient-packed lupini bean, so it can suit modern lifestyles. Now you can enjoy your favorite dishes while still being mindful of your health and well-being.

  1. Spudsy

Spudsy is a company that believes in taking the waste of the world and turning it into something delicious. Every sweet potato they use in their snacks is upcycled—meaning that each of the 150 million lbs of sweet potatoes that end up in landfills each year because they are deemed imperfect due to minor ‘flaws’ like shape, size, and color.

Instead of throwing them away, Spudsy turns them into sweet potato flour used in its products. This way they are able to create delicious and sustainable snacks.

  1. Snow Monkey

Snow Monkey is on a mission to reinvent staple favorite desserts as delicious fuel for a healthy, active life. Founded by female athletes, Snow Monkey is made for those who want to get their sweat on and still enjoy a sweet treat after their workout.

With no iffy ingredients and no dairy or refined sugar, Snow Monkey's plant-based ice cream is good for everyone—and even better for athletes!

  1. Eat Soco

SoCo Tahini is delicious, nutritious and creamy. Whether you're spreading it on toast, subbing it for peanut butter, using it to strengthen a sauce or eating it straight out of the's something to enjoy. SoCo Tahini is made by native Israeli natives who grew up eating different kinds of tahini.

By partnering with a Palestinian tahini expert, they're able to provide the tastiest, creamiest and most diverse selection of tahinis available anywhere.

  1. Bedrock Bakers

Bedrock Bakers is a company that creates healthy, plant-based products that are free of gluten, dairy, and soy. Their main product is a Pagel aka a vegan bagel that is meant to be a healthier option for those who choose to live a plant-based lifestyle.

Their vegan bagels are made with all-natural ingredients and no fillers—so anyone can enjoy their crunchy texture without worrying about the calories. 70% of the ingredients used are Resistant Starch that goes undigested. They pass directly through the stomach and go on to the colon, where they act as a prebiotic and aid in digestion.

  1. Good Food for Good

Good Food for Good makes it easy to add flavor to your favorite food with their organic, sugar-free, and vegan sauces. Their products will make any customer feel good about what they're eating especially when they’re also able to give back with every purchase. Through Good Food for Good’s Buy One, Feed One program, the company is able to donate a meal to a person in need with every order.

  1. Alma Superfoods

Hailing from Peru, Guiliana Glassman is the founder and brains behind Alma Superfoods, a brand she created to honor the cherished memories of her time with her mother.

Alma Nut Butters are created with love, flavor, and the authentic Peruvian ingredients that mean so much to Guili and her family.

  1. Drink Nooma

Nooma makes organic and plant-based sports drinks with absolutely no artificials, preservatives, or compromises. Their well-balanced sports drinks can provide the right nutrients without sacrificing taste or health. Their products are gluten-free and vegan-friendly while also being low in sugar content so that they're perfect for those on special diets like keto or paleo diets—or just anyone looking for an alternative to traditional sports drinks!

  1. Bohana

Bohana offers plant-based, non-gmo, paleo, vegan, low calorie popped snacks that are made with real ingredients—and none of the junk you find in other snack foods today. They use popped water lily seeds which have been used as a superfood in Ayurveda for centuries. The seeds are alkaline in nature, which makes them beneficial for all body types. 

They're high in fiber, which helps your digestive system keep moving and cholesterol levels lower. And they're low-calorie, so you can snack on them guilt-free!

  1. Coracao Confections

Coracao's chocolate is not only delicious, but it also has a positive impact on your health and well-being. Every Coracao product is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, peanut-free, and refined sugar-free for individuals with dietary sensitivity. From truffles to drinks, everything. The company's goal is to create chocolate that is not only tasty, but also good for you and the environment.

  1. Creation Nation

Since 2014, Creation Nation has been at the forefront of the DIY protein bar and bite mix phenomenon. They make no-bake, easy as a protein shake, protein bars that allow YOU to control the sugars. These healthy treats taste like homemade cookies but are really good for you. Each component is carefully chosen for its flavor, purity, and nutritional benefits. Everything is organic, rich in protein, non-GMO, gluten-free, and soy-free.

  1. Rule Breaker Snacks

Rule Breaker Snacks are the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth without actually breaking any rules. They're vegan, gluten-free, and made from chickpeas—that's right, beans! But don't let that scare you off. These soft-baked treats are so chewy, you'd never know they aren't made from flour or eggs. 

  1. Wildway

Based in San Antonio, Wildway is an American CPG company that specializes in healthier breakfast and snack foods. At its core, the company's mission is to empower people to live their best lives by nourishing them with 100% authentic food. They create grain-free granolas, grain-free hot cereals, and smoothie bowl starting mixes that have no added sugar and are high in nutrients to help you #livewild. Their snacks are ideal for those who are on the go or seeking healthy alternatives at home and are looking for something pleasant and nutritious.

  1. Rawnice

Rawnice is a company that makes Rainbow Superfood Powders, which are colorful and flavorful powders made from a variety of vegetables, fruits and spices. It was founded by a woman who was sick of feeling like she had to eat and live a certain way in order to be considered healthy. 

She wanted to make products that were delicious, fun and creative, but also nutrient-rich. The majority of "health brands" only target a small group of people, for whom candy, beer and cheat days are taboo. Rawnice is for everyone else who can't relate to that perfect healthy lifestyle. 

  1. Organic Real Bar

Organic RealBar believes that healthy living should be easy for the entire family. They have made it their goal to deliver healthy organic alternatives to diet spoiling snack bars. Its mission is to provide people with an alternative snack that's made from all-natural ingredients and contains no artificial flavors or colors. These bars are also gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and vegan so the only thing you'll find in these bars is natural goodness!


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