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Top 25 US Baby Stores on Shopify

In the US alone, a baby is born every 8 seconds and that should show you how big the baby industry is especially as there are many categories you could tap into from apparel, accessories, food, to furniture.

If you’ve been a parent yourself, you’ll know how fast babies and children are growing and developing. You will also know how many items or products are needed to support newborns up until they are toddlers. If you haven’t been a parent, you might already have an idea of how much this target audience spends on their babies.

According to 2015 data, a typical middle income American family will spend $12,980 annually on a single child.

Of course, as one of the biggest markets out there, the baby industry is also one of the most popular categories on Shopify. 

Merchants in this category primarily target new parents and pregnant moms. Next to that, they may also target friends and family of parents with babies.

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Now if you’re looking into getting into this market, we’ve compiled some of the best baby stores on Shopify that are from the US. We hope this gets you inspired, gives you some ideas and lets you learn more about the market and competitors.

  1. Solly Baby

Named “Best Wrap” by New York Time's Wirecutter Magazine, Solly Baby was selected as the top gift pick for moms by Vogue, and was featured all over the web and in print from Parents magazine, Martha Stewart, and the Today show. It started as a small idea when founder, Elle, was pregnant back in 2010. She had made one simple wrap for herself and a friend. After having her son, they found that the wrap provided such a good experience.

  1. Saranoni Luxury Blankets

Made out of the highest quality yarn, Saranoni knits all of their own fabric to their own specifications and then cuts and sews each blanket by hand. They claim to never buy bolts of pre-made, mass-produced fabric or cut corners on quality. Each Saranoni blanket is sewn by a master sewer to ensure a top quality blanket that lasts for years. They offer a variety of products apart from baby blankets such as swaddles, bibs, and adult blankets.

  1. Favorfully

A unique store that offers events and party favors for special occasions not only limited to baby showers but weddings, children’s parties, graduations and more. Most of the products are custom seed packets and envelopes that can be given away on such special occasions. Favorfully offers a variety of options for each party favor and allows customers to customize names, dates and even quotes.

  1. Serenity Kids

A unique, nutrient dense, baby food company, Serenity Kids wants to make children healthier by offering nutrient-dense foods that taste great to kids and are convenient for parents. They create delicious, pureed meals that pack in the most nutrition per bite. According to their website, their recipes mimic the macronutrients of breast milk, offering the right balance of fat, protein and carbohydrates for babies over six months old.

  1. Bebemoss

Primarily a toy company, Bebemoss offers a unique take on children’s toys. Their designs are original, handmade, fair trade and organic. Each toy uses locally sourced and GOTS certified organic cotton yarn and uses earth friendly products. They also employ women from Syrian refugees and pay them fair wages while also offering a safe space for their children. They offer customers a chance to “empower a mother” as each purchase helps provide jobs that pay a living wage to more than 100 Mothers in Istanbul, Turkey. 

  1. Pipette

Pipette is basically skincare for babies. It is a solution for babies with sensitive skin that doesn’t compromise on safety or sustainability by using gentle, 100% clean, and completely non toxic ingredients. They make use of Squalane, a replica of squalene created by their own scientists. It’s a moisturizing ingredient derived from renewable sugarcane and is safe for the baby's delicate skin.

  1. Goumi

Goumi offers sustainable, smart and functional baby wear such as mitts and booties. It all started when one of the owners, Lili and the other owner, Linsey, both mothers realized that the small essentials available on the market were ill-fitting, unattractive, and bad for the environment. They then developed mitts and booties for their kids and discovered that it was exactly what mothers needed. Now they’ve expanded to more than mitts and booties, offering items such as blankets, beddings and apparel.

  1. Frida

Frida calls itself a solution based brand. They offer products that mothers  can use for when their babies won’t stop screaming. They offer tools and items for new parents such as the NoseFrida, a smart, safe and hygienic snot-free relief for babies with stuffy noses. A lot of their items are made to relieve both the baby and the parents as they go about their new journey.

  1. Wonderfold Wagon

A baby wagon company, WonderFold offers an innovative take on the usual baby wagon to make parents' lives easier and bring their families closer together. Their designs are made with important safety features that will allow parents to rest easier knowing that their children are safe. Another thing is that their products can be used as a mobile playground, utility wagon, and more.

  1. Little Me

Little Me is a newborn and toddler clothing company that lets babies do whatever babies do from crawling, exploring, napping and eating while looking stylish. They make sure to use only comfortable materials that allow babies to move freely but still be safe and snug.

  1. Copper Pearl

Copper Pearl started out as an idea that blossomed into a line of premium, trendy, and unique baby accessories and clothing. Now they have a wide line of products from apparel, bibs, covers, blankets, bath time and burp clothes.

  1. Ready.Set.Food!

Ready, Set, Food! is a daily all-natural supplement that gently introduces babies to peanut, egg, and milk. These three are known as the most common childhood food allergens. Parents can add a packet of Ready, Set, Food into the baby’s breast milk, formula or food between 4-11 months of age and continue until the baby is able to eat such food regularly.

  1. Boba

Boba is a baby carrier brand that offers soft, cozy, comfortable baby carriers for parents, and even kids. They have a variety of products from breathable, soft baby wraps to more structured but still soft baby carriers. 

  1. Knuckleheads

Knuckleheads Clothing caters to parents who want something different than the usual sweaters, tees, and pants found in the boys’ clothing market. They feature more modern, stylish, apparel that attract fashion forward parents.

  1. Zutano

Zutano is best known for their baby booties that are designed to stay on a baby’s feet while providing warmth, comfort, and adorable styles. Because there are so many colors, fabrics and patterns, they are able to attract different kinds of parents who can buy booties that match their baby’s personality. They also offer a collection of baby accessories and unique baby clothes including hats, blankets, dresses, one-piece suits, shirts, pants, and more.

  1. Mini Ruby

Mini Ruby is a trendy children’s apparel brand that offers contemporary wear for babies, toddlers and kids. Their styles are more artistic, designer and urban. By offering more styles, they are able to give kids an individuality and think creatively.

  1. California Baby

California Baby is a plant-based skincare brand for babies. They use natural ingredients like calendula and aloe vera to soothe, nourish and smoothen babies’ skin. 

  1. Ever Eden

Ever Eden offers a niche skincare line that’s targeted towards pregnant moms (pregnancy skincare) and new moms (postpartum skincare). They have products that pregnant moms can use on their belly, on their babies and on themselves after having  a baby. Products include belly serums, belly masks, stretch mark creams, and moisturizers.

  1. The Natural Baby Co

A one stop shop for all baby needs, The Natural Baby Co, sells everything from apparel, diapers, toys to gear. It has a wide assortment of products so parents can get everything they need.

  1.  7amenfant

The company offers a variety of cutting-edge, versatile, urban and stylish outerwear baby accessories that combine clever designs, quality materials, and fashion-forward fabrics. The styles are trendy and contemporary, perfect for fashionista parents and babies.

  1. Rags

Rags is a children's wear brand that combines fashion with function. They offer playful styles, prints, and colors that are perfect for kids. Their main product is a kid’s romper that’s as comfortable as it is adorable.

  1. Sleeping Baby

Sleeping Baby is a baby swaddle company that started when the owners’ baby would keep them up all night from all the crying. Soon they themselves could not sleep as well. By doing a bit of research, the new parents tried a weaning method by using a swaddle and soon they were creating and selling it to other parents.

  1. Miamily

MiaMily offers high-end, quality, ergonomic products, to provide smart solutions for smart babies. The company mainly sells baby carriers without sacrificing design and aesthetics.

  1. Dreamland Baby Co

Dreamland is weighted blankets for babies. The company was featured in the hit show, Shark Tank which catapulted them to success. Weighted blankets are known to calm one’s nerves and the owner noticed this when she added a bit of weight to her baby’s blanket when he was crying hard at night. The weight had calmed him immediately, and he slept for 12 hours. Word spread and soon the new parents launched Dreamland Baby Co.

  1. Babyletto


Babyletto is a children’s furniture brand offering safe, affordable, and eco-friendly products to modern families. Their furniture is contemporary and stylish to match current trends and aesthetics. 

We hope this article has inspired you to move forward your new journey in the baby space. There are many shops mentioned here that follow a certain formula: friendly layouts, user-friendly navigation, and a lot of playful lifestyle and product photos. Just by integrating a few of these essentials, you may get started with your new baby Shopify store.

If you need help building, developing, designing or marketing your Shopify store, don’t hesitate to contact us, your Shopify Experts at Webinopoly.

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