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Website Building and Web Hosting often invites a lot of queries, so find your way through the answers to the most Frequently Asked Question.

What is a Website?

It is a series of connected web pages on the World Wide Web which contains images, texts and other information.

What is meant by web address?

It is the identity that you use on the net. Like your residential address that is exactly the identity of your location on the World Wide Web. This identity is unique and no two people or parties can simultaneously hold a similar web address.

Do Web Addresses Change frequently?

No. Web Addresses do not have to change; you can use your existing web address for more than a single purpose.

What does Web Hosting imply?

An online identity needs a host or a name server, to allow other users to view or access your web site. This is called web hosting.  Webinopoly  offers economic web hosting solutions.

Where can I find reliable web hosting service providers?

Webinopoly  is one of the most trustworthy organizations that offer reliable web hosting services unlike several other VPS hosting services.

It is very difficult to find web address of my choice, what do I do?

This is understandable. Finding a domain name is rather a difficult task. However at Webinopoly  you do not have to worry. We help you find domain names and get registered.

What is the process to build a web site?

It is simple. Building a website requires a domain name hosting. Once you are registered there are thousands of designs to choose from and you can get these customized by our designers later on. It takes about 3-4 business days to build a website and go live on Web.

How can I make changes to my site content?

Webinopoly  designs will assist you in this. We offer routine maintenance and changes to your web site constructed by us.

How much does it cost to build a website?

Web site designing and building is unique for everybody. Individual tastes vary. While a client wants simple texts and basic information while other wants a funky look with graphics and images. Thus website designing and construction cost might vary. At Webinopoly  we have a comprehensive pricing structure with lowest possible rates for various tasks.

Do you accept Credit Cards?

Yes we accept Amex, Master cards, Visa cards, Paypal & Checks.

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