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Top 25 Supplement Brands on Shopify

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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is increasingly becoming the norm. Due to a shift from monotonous diets, consumers are looking for effective dietary solutions that can help them meet their health and wellness goals. For example, people now prefer customized supplements that can facilitate achieving the desired results faster.

The industry for dietary supplements is seeing astonishing growth. Industry analysts predict that the health supplement market would nearly double in size between 2021 and 2028, from USD 140.3 billion to USD 272.4 billion.

Trends we’re seeing:

  • Gen-Z founders are entering the natural products industry at a young age, but they are also coming with innovative marketing expertise that older executives and founders can learn from. (Source: NewHope)
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has decimated sleep patterns. And by 2024, the sleep supplement market is expected to have doubled from 2018 levels. (Source: NewHope)

The majority of eCommerce sites, particularly those that use Shopify, are difficult to identify from one another because they all stick to the same themes, content, and apps.

Your Shopify store doesn't have to be like that. The Shopify store has a large selection of themes, as well as third-party widget apps. You can even customize your theme and website functions with the help of a developer or agency.

What Profitable Shopify Stores Have in Common

Building a successful eCommerce business is an art and not a science. There are no shortcuts or infallible formulas for building a successful business regardless of the eCommerce platform you’re using.

But, there are fundamental practices that your eCommerce business must nail first if you want your store to have the possibility to grow. Things like:

  • Investing in a premium custom theme. This will help you create a beautiful online store that is also easy to navigate and use. It also helps you stand out from the crowd because it is more akin to your brand. If you need an eCommerce website built on BigCommerce and Shopify, or any eCommerce solutions developed, please contact us at 713-805-5888, email us at [email protected], or leave us a message here.
  • Refining the customer experience. You want customers to have an amazing time while shopping on your website so they keep coming back for more. This means creating an intuitive checkout process and adding social media sharing buttons on every product page so customers can easily share what they’re buying. Don’t forget about site speed — it can mean the difference between someone spending $50 or $500 on your site!
  • Selling products that people are willing to buy. You need to offer products that solve real problems for people or provide them with pleasure when used — otherwise, no one will care about them enough to actually purchase them.

If you are selling supplements, then you should know which of your competitors in the dietary supplements business are doing well. 

In the world of supplements, visuals and information are key. If you want to persuade potential customers that your product is beneficial to their wellbeing, you need to elaborate on why it is. Here are a few of our favorite stores:

  1. Umzu

UMZU is a supplement company that delivers tailored nutrients and expert advice. By completing a brief questionnaire on the UMZU website, customers can determine their supplement regimen. This quiz asks about your sex, age, supplement knowledge, symptoms, and health objectives.

We really liked how the website was set up to make it easy to understand what UMZU does and how it works. It can make customers confident about using their product line because they have so many different options for people with different needs, like energy boosters for those who need help waking up or anxiety relief for those who struggle with anxiety attacks throughout the day.

  1. Biotrust

We were impressed by their eye-catching website design and how they were able to segment their product offerings so well. The colors are bold but don't hurt your eyes, and the font is easy to read without being too large or small.

They also have a great selection of products ranging from vitamins to supplements to nutrition. They make all of these products using high-quality ingredients in order to provide customers with all-natural solutions that are effective at improving their health.

  1. TransparentLabs

With supplements, you want to ensure that what you're putting into your body will help you reach your goals. But how do you know what's inside?

Transparent Labs offers a comprehensive line of sports supplements with 100% formula transparency and scientific backing. The website describes each product in detail so buyers know what they're getting. They also mention the advantages of using these supplements for improved results. It doesn't stop there, each mineral and vitamin is highlighted, and customers can delve deeper into what they do.

We love this concept since it gives customers peace of mind knowing their money is well spent.

  1. NativePath

NativePath is a personal health and nutrition company that's all about helping people restore their natural vitality through ancestral wisdom and cutting-edge science. Their supplements are made with the highest quality ingredients and carefully manufactured by a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility in Texas.

Their website is super helpful, providing gluten-free, dairy-free, and sugar-free recipes using their products as well as blog articles that are informative and engaging. There's also a community of like-minded individuals for overall support.

  1. GaiaHerbs

Gaia Herbs' mission is to connect people with nature — providing them with safe access to the purest ingredients in their organic herbs and supplements so they can live happier lives on their own terms. 

Their dedication to quality and integrity is unparalleled and meticulously proven by science. What we like about its website is that it offers the industry's first herb traceability platform, (, which allows the company to share complete transparency with its professional partners and with consumers. This herb traceability platform is extensive and very detailed, like an encyclopedia for herbs.

  1. Kaged

If you've ever been on the internet, you've probably noticed that the sports nutrition industry has gotten a little… questionable over the past decade or so. It's hard to find products you can trust, and even harder to find products that actually work.

That's why we're excited about Kaged: they're here to fix that problem by providing elite supplements customers can trust will help them achieve their goals in the gym—and in life.

The website is bold with its white and black design. We like how they showcase photos of models who are strong, someone customers can aspire to be or relate to. The website not only provides detailed information about their products, they also give their customers something of value: workout programs! This enables them to give customers a well-rounded experience.

  1. The Nue Co

The Nue Co. is a brand that blends science and natural innovation to deliver effective, yet gentle solutions. Their line of supplements includes skin hydrator, hair grower, and prebiotics among other things. The company works with clinically proven ingredients, as well as best practices from Ayurvedic and Chinese medicines. They Pride themselves on being a clean and sustainable brand, even donating 1% of their revenue to the Planet.

We love how the website is designed with dark browns, whites, and beige. It helps its product stand out against its competitors who tend to use bright colors like green or blue in their design schemes. The use of texture and skin in the images helps to show that the products are "natural" and also support natural beauty by showing off healthy skin rather than trying to cover it up with makeup or other products like concealers.

  1. Alani Nu

Alani Nu is a company that believes in the benefits of healthy living, but not at the expense of good taste. That's why they offer a range of delicious, convenient products that support one's goals while bringing bright, bold flavors to one's daily routine.

This can also be seen in how they designed their website. It's colorful without being harsh on the eyes. The colors also help them stand out against boring, minimalist layouts.

As for the customer experience, the website provides a rewards program that lets customers get more out of their purchases. There are also recipes available if customers want to mix up their workout drinks.

  1. LiquidIV

One of the most common causes of dehydration is drinking too much coffee, soda, or alcohol. But what if you could get the hydration benefits of water but with flavor?

Liquid I.V. has come up with a solution for this problem: a product called Hydration Multiplier. It's basically just a drink mix that contains essential vitamins and electrolytes, but it's powered by Cellular Transport Technology (CTT)®️ to deliver hydration to the bloodstream faster and more efficiently than water alone.

The website is great because it's informative without being overwhelmed with unnecessary information—it seems like they've thought through what information would be most useful for their target audience and included just that.

  1.  Super Coffee

Super Coffee knows that people are looking for something different than the traditional sugary drinks out there like frappuccinos or other iced coffee drinks--and they've got just what you need!

They use great-tasting, healthy ingredients that keep you full and energized.  The brand claims to provide customers loads of energy without the bad stuff. Instead of sugar, monk fruit serves as its natural sweetener. Super Coffee's blend also includes a proprietary combination of MCT oil, coffee, and protein, guaranteeing no jitters or crashes.

The Super Coffee website is pretty incredible, too. It's interactive and engaging, so even if there's a lot of whitespace (which tends to become boring), it's very engaging. The packaging of their products is labeled with bright colors as well so utilizing that against the white background helps them to stand out.

  1. Kencko

 We've all been there: you're hungry and want to eat something healthy, but it's not convenient. You don't have time to cook or make a meal that's both quick and good for you.

That's where Kencko comes in.

Kencko is a company that provides nutritious, delicious smoothies, meals, and treats that make healthy habits easy. They claim to use only organic plants—no colors, flavor enhancers, preservatives or fillers.

The website is minimalistic with gorgeous photos that give it a fresh vibe. The fruits and veggies stand out showcasing what is in the products. The website also offers every member a free 60-day coaching program with a Registered Dietitian which is pretty amazing!

  1. Olly

 When it comes to wellness, trends are always changing. And people are looking for supplements that will help them fit in with a healthy lifestyle.

This is where Olly comes in. Olly makes supplements digestible, fun and easy to understand. It's mainly targeted toward millennials who might not be too familiar with supplements and how they work. The brand makes it easy to determine which supplement is right for you, and packages it in beautiful, counter-worthy bottles.

The same goes for their website which is bright and playful. We also have to commend their copywriter because the landing page copies are witty as they are engaging. Once you scroll the website, you'll easily find the products and discover their uses and benefits.

  1. FLO

 PMS sucks. FLO helps make it not suck so much. FLO is a line of PMS gummy supplements with ingredients that have been traditionally used to help alleviate hormonal acne, mood swings, bloating, and cramps. It's plant-based too!

The strikingly pink website is surprisingly calming and indicates that the FLO website is a safe space. The graphics, the copy, and even the way the product is provided (in gummy form) give off a fun, friendly vibe. This perhaps is a reflection of the brand's founders who are siblings, a brother and sister.

They've also made sure to include scientific references for each ingredient on their site—a great touch for those who want to know more about what they're actually putting in their bodies!

  1. Sourse

Sourse is a company that crafts vitamin-infused chocolates with plant-based ingredients. They're proven to revitalize how you look and feel. Not only are the chocolates delicious and nutritious, but they are also prebiotics, supporting your microbiome and enhancing your body's ability to absorb nutrients.

As for the website, we love the use of purple which is not a common color people use for supplements. It's nice and calming. The product photos themselves aren't your typical, boring white background with a product on top. They're stylized and gorgeous. We think that Sourse makes chocolate not only healthy but fashionable too!

  1. Hiya

 Hiya is reimagining the daily children's vitamin.

They've created a vitamin that's formulated by leading nutritionists, pediatricians, and parents who care. This vitamin is supercharged with 15 essential vitamins—and no added sugar or gummy junk.

We love how bright and fun this website feels. It still feels professionally made, but it's definitely kid (and parent!) friendly. We like how they have a chart that shows why Hiya is better than other brands available on the market. They also have a page dedicated to ingredients, providing transparency for parents so they know what they're giving their children.

  1. Inhale Health

Inhale Health is redefining inhalation for good with smoke-free Caffeine, Melatonin, Vitamin B12 & Nicotine-Free diffusers for energy, sleep and vitamins. They are a biotechnology company that apply inhalation aerosol technology for wellness applications. Doing so provides higher efficiency, rapid onset & bioavailability than traditional forms of consumption. 

They saw an opportunity to help people make better decisions about their health: by making a product that makes it easier for people to get the vitamins they need without having to take pills or eat food.

The website is pretty straightforward. It's simple enough to navigate but enticing enough so you keep scrolling. One notable feature is the bundle builder which allows customers to put together only the inhalers that they want.

  1. Neuro

The world is a busy place. It's hard to keep up with what's going on around us, and it's even harder to stay focused enough to perform at our best.

Neuro is a brand of functional gum and mints you can use whenever you need extra energy or focus. The products contain boosters that help one perform as necessary, whether it's getting through an exam or meeting a deadline. Different products have different benefits, but whatever it is, it's supposed to help one be the best version of themselves.

The website design makes use of a muted color palette—nothing sticks out; everything is seamlessly in place. The copy is well-written too and easy to understand. All these things make it easy to swallow (and not intimidating).

  1. KOS

KOS Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder is a fully plant-based protein supplement product that is organic and vegan-friendly. 

The brand is pretty cool too. Not only does it offer high-quality products that are made from ingredients you can pronounce (in addition to being 100% plant-based) but it also has a really cool story behind it! We love how much thought has gone into their branding strategy and how they've been able to create such a strong brand identity from scratch.

The website uses a muted green and brown color palette that's soothing on the eyes. We especially like the use of "drawings". This creates a unique design overall. There are also animations on the website which make it engaging and interactive. It's all quite playful and fun, inviting the customer not to be intimidated and try out the brand.

  1. Wellbel

Wellbel has a great selection of supplements for hair growth, skincare, and nail care—and they're formulated with fewer ingredients than most brands use. 

The website is beautiful—and quite possibly the best-looking supplement website I've ever seen. It's not just pretty; it's also functional. The colors in the palette match those of the product packaging (a combination of shades of brown), which gives it an air of luxury. But if you're looking for evidence that these products actually work (which is what I was), you'll have plenty of it—each product page includes a page full of testimonials from users who have seen great results from using Wellbel's products, as well as a page explaining all the scientific studies that support their claims.

  1. Holos

 HOLOS has created a new kind of meal that's both delicious and healthy.

It's loaded with organic superfoods, and it packs the perfect ratio of nutrients that will keep you fueled for hours on end. It's an easy-to-prepare meal that you can enjoy anywhere. It's packed with 20g of protein, 12g of fiber, and a chock load of vitamins and nutrients. This is indeed a super breakfast—you can feel good about what you eat!

Over to the website, the brand provides easy-to-understand copy that allow new customers to better understand what the product is, its benefits, and how to use it. Once you choose a flavor from their product page, you are immediately taken to a bundle maker which we find is such a unique approach because it allows users to customize their purchase based on their personal preferences.

  1. Wholier

Wholier is a brand of plant-based nutrition that aims to help you optimize your health. They believe that most supplements are filled with a lot of not-so-good stuff, so they set out to create something different. Their products are made with real substance and thoughtfulness, using plant-based ingredients, effective formulations supported by science, honest sourcing, and eco-friendly packaging.

Their website is very informative yet you won't get bored or lost. They are able to easily explain each product's benefits, the ingredients, and how to use them without making it too scientific that it's hard to understand.

  1. The Patch Brand

 We all know that taking vitamins is good for us—but it's not always easy to do. Sometimes, we just want to swallow a pill or eat a gummy, but other times, we'd rather not have to deal with those things at all. That's where The Patch Brand comes in!

They believe that vitamin supplements contain bad stuff your body doesn't need. So they took out pills (and gummies) out of the equation and came out with pure vitamin wellness patches. These are  absorbed through the skin and into the bloodstream which means a smaller dose, yet the same efficacy as capsules or gummies. 

With a fresh and new concept such as this, it's only fitting that their website is too. And The Patch Brand doesn't disappoint. It's friendly and welcoming while also being well-made. Customers will find it easy to navigate and will like the use of videos and animations.

  1. Needed

Needed's plans are created to meet the nourishment needs of moms and moms-to-be from preconception through the parenting years. A quick quiz on their website will allow customers to discover what the best plan is for them. There is also a dedicated page explaining the science behind their products. We're all for transparency over here! They don't just provide a text of all their claims and evidence, they also show it with graphs and images for better understanding.

We love the fact that they provide an entire nutrition plan instead of just individual supplements like most other companies do these days! This makes it easy to remember what to take on any given day without having to constantly check labels or read directions before taking each pill yourself every single day!

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