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Top 20 Streetwear Fashion Shopify Stores


Photo by cottonbro:

It's no secret that the fashion industry has been growing in a massive way in recent years. People all over the world are trying to find ways to stand out, and they're spending more money on clothing, shoes, and other items than ever before. This is a good thing for the people who sell these products—the brands. With so much competition, you'd think that creating a successful fashion brand would be hard, but thanks to online stores like Shopify, it's becoming easier than ever.

Streetwear is one of the fastest-growing and most powerful areas of the fashion industry. According to a survey by Hypebeast, 45% of consumers surveyed say they purchase an item of streetwear clothing at least once a month, and 62% said they think streetwear products are always in style.

What is streetwear?

Streetwear is rooted in rebellion. The youth founded it as a way to set themselves apart from the mainstream. What began as an underground movement has exploded over the past few years, becoming the latest trend in fashion today.

Today, the most basic definition of streetwear is simply clothing that's comfortable and casual. It's become popular with the younger generations for its focus on comfort, individuality, and its ability to be paired with almost anything. But it's more than just a style, it's a lifestyle. Streetwear has been responsible for changing how people approach fashion overall, from the clothes they wear to how they're marketed and sold.

Starting your own streetwear brand

Starting your own clothing business is one of the most difficult and rewarding things you will ever do. Starting a clothing brand takes dedication and hard work, just like any other successful business. If you want to succeed, you will need to think through every decision and plan everything out. It's hard to plan for every scenario, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't start now.

Here are the top 20 streetwear fashion stores on Shopify to pull inspiration from. What we love about streetwear brands is that, in their goal to avoid being mainstream, they are able to apply it to their website design. A lot of these brands below have stunning or unique landing pages that are absolutely noteworthy. There’s a lot of creativity here that one can really draw ideas from. 

Currently, Shopify has over 6,000+ fashion stores. It’s hard to narrow down the top ones, so we looked at a bunch of them and chose these based on popularity, engagement, and user experience.

  1. Lazy Oaf


Lazy Oaf is a London-based fashion brand that’s bold, imaginative, and fun. This is translated well into their Shopify store, which, as expected, is a standout among generic brands. Gemma Shiel, the creative mastermind behind Lazy Oaf clothing, started the company while working as an illustrator in her dad’s garage and hand-printing T-shirts in bold colors and crazy illustrations. The brand began in 2006 with products sold from a market stall in London’s Spitalfields neighborhood. In 2010, the brand had grown so large that it opened its first standalone boutique shop in Soho. Lazy Oaf has since expanded to include an online store selling worldwide.

For various reasons, the Lazy Oaf's store was previously on Magento, but the company chose to switch to Shopify. Magento's security was becoming increasingly problematic, and Lazy Oaf had outgrown it. Because Shopify is the most secure platform available, it addressed the security problems. It was also scalable, had unlimited bandwidth, and had 99.97% uptime. After evaluating alternative eCommerce platforms, Shopify Plus was the obvious winner. 

  1. Palace

Palace first gained notoriety for their unique skateboarding videos, which are released as a full skate-fantasy narrative. The brand's tongue-in-cheek combinations of "King Arthur" and skateboard culture have garnered a lot of attention worldwide. The brand offers a nod to the rebellious, anything-goes attitude that characterized the skating and street culture of the '90s. Worn by some of skateboarding's most iconic modern faces, like Ben Raybourn and Mark Gonzales, the brand's look is lean and utilitarian with a hardcore aesthetic.

The website is one-of-a-kind, clean, and minimalistic, allowing the products to take center stage. The jackets and hoodies in this collection are bright and graphic, emphasizing the designs. The navigation system is also quite user-friendly. The categories are all lined up for the buyer to choose from; there is no room for confusion here.

  1. HUF


HUF is a California-based skateboarding brand founded in 2004 by pro skater Keith Hufnagel. It started as a clothing brand, with footwear coming three years later. Today, their products are sold all over the world through a network of specialty stores and the company's Shopify website.

It is a brand founded on the idea that streetwear is more than just fashion – it's a culture. Every garment they craft is loaded with rich details, whether it's the stitching, the colorway, or the styling. Much like those who work in denim factories, HUF does not follow trends; they inspire them and create their own.

  1. Hype.

HYPE. has built a reputation for selling the world’s best-selling fashion clothing based on original prints. With over 35 collections being released every year, HYPE. has been considered one of the most influential British streetwear brands. Teaming up with some of the biggest celebrities, musicians, and athletes, HYPE. continues to be recognized as one of the driving forces behind fashion and street culture in recent years.

The HYPE flagship stores opened in London in the summer of 2013, and in Taiwan in 2016 and can now be found stocked in a huge number of stores worldwide.

  1. The Hundreds

The Hundreds is a streetwear brand and media platform with a global street culture focus. It was launched in 2003 by Bobby Kim (Bobby Hundreds) and Ben Shenassafar (Ben Hundreds). The company is inspired by Californian street culture and is considered a lifestyle project for Californian skateboarding, surfing, hip-hop, and punk culture.

The Hundreds is celebrated for collaborating with other brands on projects that tell the brand's story and give insight into its point-of-view. These collaborations have included teams with Adidas, Disney, the NBA, Batman, Garfield, and Jackson Pollock.

  1. Carhartt

From Carhartt's humble beginnings as a workwear company to its current status as a full lifestyle brand, Carhartt WIP lets its creativity shine through each season, dropping fresh takes on classic utility-inspired pieces along with the brand's own unique stamp.

The brand is known for its support of many different subcultures, from rap to skateboarding. For decades, the hip-hop community has worn Carhartt’s workwear. Today, it is impossible to walk around any major city, from Brooklyn to Los Angeles and Tokyo to London, without seeing the brand’s logo on coats and jackets. Carhartt says it sells about four million of its knit caps a year. In 2019, the brand generated $1 billion in revenue.

  1. Undefeated

The Undefeated was founded by James Bond and Eddie Cruz. In 2003, the duo opened a sneaker boutique in Los Angeles geared towards collectors of rare and unique sneakers, working with artists and like-minded individuals to create customized shoes and collaborative editions. Their early work had a huge influence on the evolution of sneaker culture in the years that followed. 

Today, Undefeated is one of the most recognized streetwear brands in the world. Undefeated frequently collaborates with brands such as A Bathing Ape, Champion, Neighborhood, wtaps, Adidas, ASICS, Converse, Nike, and Vans.

  1. KITH

Kith is a popular fashion and lifestyle company. It sources its clothing from a number of popular streetwear brands and online labels throughout the country. The brand Kith has been highly successful due to its careful branding choices. Although people were buying into their products, they also bought into their motto, "Just Us." The slogan spoke to the fact that everyone working at the store or walking through the shop was a part of something incredible.

The online store gives customers the opportunity to purchase with ease, and they even have a mobile app for a convenient experience.

  1. Obey


Obey is a popular streetwear brand created by American street artist Shepard Fairey. What started out as a street art campaign grew to be one of the most iconic streetwear brands today. It was a hit among skaters and streetwear kids and started to get stocked at big retailers. It became what the "cool kids" wore – even celebrities jumped on the trend, helping it grow into a huge success. 

Today, their Shopify site manifests its cool branding by using a no-nonsense, clean, and minimalist layout with big product photos that allow you to appreciate every detail of each piece.

  1. Diamond Supply Co.


Skateboarding has always been a big part of Diamond's history. As a result, it has become a household name in the hip-hop and rap communities while still being known as a skateboarding brand.

Nick Diamond started Diamond Supply Co. in 1998, selling skateboard parts out of his San Francisco one-bedroom apartment. He relocated to Los Angeles, expanding it to include bolts, bearings, t-shirts, fleece, and accessories. A company called Diamond Supply Co. quickly became popular in the skate and street fashion worlds because of its strong design and attention to quality.

Today, Diamond Supply Co. products are sold in over 1,000 stores nationwide and internationally.

  1. Minga


London-based, Minga, sells edgy and odd new wave women's fashion that is both edgy and bizarre. In addition to ASOS and Dolls Kill, Minga's style has been praised by celebrities in Bustle, Daily Mail, ELLE, and Glamour.

Of course, they're popular on social media, especially on Instagram, as evidenced by the fact that they're followed by more than 725,000 users. They're growing in popularity on TikTok, where they presently have 23k followers, and they have a good 15k fans on Facebook.

  1. Juice Store


Juicestore, an offspring brand of CLOT, is a multi-label store featuring the latest editions in streetwear fashion. The Juice Store creatively mixes iconic western brands with distinctive Asian streetwear to create the freshest looks across t-shirts, jeans, sneakers, and accessories.

The store's intriguing and alluring product range includes Hood by Air, Band of Outsiders, and BAPE, available at their physical entrance in Causeway Bay. It also has its own app, which offers a seamless shopping experience.

  1. Yoko Shop

Contemporary streetwear brand Yoko is inspired by Japanese aesthetics. Each season brings the birth of many limited-edition drops with storytelling at their core. Streetwear label, Yoko, fuses elements of contemporary design with traditional craftsmanship. With a quality-first approach, Yoko applies traditional techniques to contemporary garments in an attempt to fuse garments as an art medium.

The website, the designs, and the overall aesthetic are standouts. This is a brand that’s not afraid to be creative.

  1. Crooks n Castles

Hustle is the motivation behind each piece of Crooks & Castles clothing. Founded by two brothers from Los Angeles, Crooks & Castles is fueled by their common upbringing and cultural encounters. Their designs are informed by their younger realities and the premise that everyone in their world had to hustle to make it to the top.

The brand had been quiet for a while but has been making its comeback in recent years. After closing its store in Los Angeles in 2017, the brand is back with a robust e-commerce site and is turning its attention to wholesale. In an interview with MR, co-founder and creative director Dennis Calvero said, "We are being selective in who we are opening up to and paying way more attention to the details of our garments. We want to elevate our quality a bit and recognize who we are and who our core customer is."

  1. Married To The Mob


Married to the Mob, created by Leah McSweeney, has been in business for over 15 years. It was founded in 2004 and has since become a well-known online retailer. Girl strength, an independent spirit, and female empowerment are central to the brand's culture. Married to the Mob's feminine streetwear line includes "verbiage on sweatshirts, T-shirts, bathing suits, and bags," which was ahead of its time.

"The term streetwear didn’t exist back then, but it was bubbling," Leah recalled. It was a culture that people knew about, but it was very underground. It was very niche. Now, it’s a multibillion-dollar industry... It's blown up. "

  1. Dumbgood

No one does nostalgia better than Dumbgood Apparel, a keeper of pop culture and king of vintage fashion. In fact, Dumbgood's entire business is based on nostalgia. Each piece is a licensed throwback that invokes memories from one's childhood. A few of these licenses include SpongeBob SquarePants, Froot Loops, Nerf, Titanic, Cruel Intentions, Eggo, Blockbuster, Goosebumps, Nickelodeon Guts, VHS, Scream, Rugrats, The Breakfast Club, and Cowboy Beebop.

Dumbgood exclusively sells officially licensed apparel and accessories, which is significant for one reason. It values creatives. Using licensed photos and quotes means the original artists get paid.

  1. 8 and 9

The founders of streetwear brand, 8 and 9, see their designs coming from an honest place of experience—hustling, music, sneakers, skateboarding. Their brand is all about authenticity, with designs coming from real-life experiences. Their interpretation and execution are what make them different.

According to its founders, their line is constantly expanding and is now distributed in over 500 retail doors across the world, with tens of thousands of repeat customers on their web store.

  1. Crave Happy Clothing

Crave Happy was established in 2018. From the start, Mellisa T. Brown wanted to provide more than just graphics—she had the vision to bring together her love of art with streetwear for everyone. Crave Happy merchandise tells its wearer's story through design. It's created so you can wear it wherever your life takes you.

Crave Happy's product expansion includes packaging for breakfast cereals, ice cream, ice cream trucks, toys, and dolls; a collaboration with an amusement park; and the creation of its own skateboard team that will help build a skate park in the local community. A portion of all profits is set aside to reinvest in unmet needs in rural America.

  1. 10deep

10.Deep is a New York streetwear brand that was started in 1995 by Scott Sasso. The trendsetting brand's name is taken from a slang term that means "10 people together in a show of force," and it aspires to be a representation of personal strength and individuality.

It is a cornerstone streetwear brand that is propelled and inspired by the energy that permeates hip hop, skate, punk, and graffiti subcultures. A$AP Rocky and pro-skater Jamal Smith have both been spotted wearing the brand.

  1. Only NY

Only NY was founded in 2006 as an independent brand situated on Manhattan's west side. The company's flagship store is located at the center of the Lower East Side. Only New York aspires to produce high-quality American-made goods. The city, nature, fishing, skateboarding, graffiti, sports, art, and photography inspire their creations.

Wrapping up

We hope that this list has given you an idea of what it takes to launch a streetwear business by studying how these prominent streetwear brands achieved success. Here are some pointers to help you launch your streetwear company successfully:

  • Branding - If you don’t have any design experience then hiring someone to do your branding for you would be a great idea. It allows customers to emotionally connect with you. It transforms your brand from a commodity to something people can invest in and become devoted to.
    • Advertising and marketing - Advertising and marketing are vital for every startup, but they are critical for a new streetwear brand. In a sea of well-known brands, it's difficult for a newcomer to stand out. You need to get your name out there so people recognize it.
    • Quality - Streetwear is all about being true and unique, so make sure your brand feels genuine. The way to do that is by providing a quality product.

    If you can convey all of these qualities (and more) through your streetwear business, you should be on the way to success. In the world of streetwear brands, practically anything is conceivable. Clothes and fashion will always be important in our society since it allows us to express ourselves in unique ways.

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