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Top 20 Best Fitness Shopify Stores (2021)

Working out is a lot of work. We'd all be in terrific condition if it were easy, but we all know that's not the case. That is why individuals seek out fitness and health products such as supplements and even home training equipment such as weights and stationery bicycles. 

The online fitness and health sector is a booming segment and one of the fastest-growing ecommerce markets today, with those who already have a customer base taking advantage of this opportunity.

The fitness industry is one of the most lucrative these days especially in a pandemic where everyone is striving to be healthy. Fitness brands are in high demand in North America, alongside athleisure, numerous charities, and health & wellness enterprises. According to Deloitte Global Technology, online sales of fitness brands in the United States were over $2.7 billion in 2017 (around $1 billion in the UK in the same year). With recent acquisitions such as Under Armour - MyFitnessPal ($475M), Orangetheory - Fitness Master ($20M), and Sweatcoin - Fitnesscoin ($20M), it's reasonable to predict that the fitness business will only expand in size over time.

Though the fitness market is teeming with successful Shopify sites, we have 20 here that stand out. Exploring what each shop does well and how they cater to their customers may teach you a lot.

It’s also good to note that an excellent online store theme and website design is essential in the success of your eCommerce business. It can also help you stand out from the crowd.

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  1. Gymshark

At the very top of our list is Gym Shark, a leading brand of fitness apparel and accessories that was created in a garage in the United Kingdom in 2012. Initially, Gym Shark opted to use Magento to sell their items online, but they quickly regretted their decision.

The brand had already doubled in size and outgrown the old Magento store by the time the new Magento store was done.  To make matters worse, the Gym Shark website fell down during their Black Friday sale, costing them an estimated $100,000.

Since then, the company has replatformed using Shopify Plus in order to expand internationally while still maintaining a good online store for clients. After migrating to Shopify Plus, the Gymshark team can focus exclusively on building the business and developing new items like energy-boosting exercise clothing and next-generation wearables that may prevent injuries.

The company maintains its position as a top brand and continues to improve its products to meet their consumers' evolving demands. Even the website has been designed to provide customers with the best shopping experience possible. Small features such as "quick add" make buying more convenient.

  1. Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga is a popular fitness apparel brand whose purpose is to promote yoga to the world by selling high-quality, sustainable clothes that can be worn both on and off the yoga mat.

There is a lot to learn from Alo Yoga. Customers can focus on the amazing products thanks to the clean, uncomplicated web design and the simple navigation bar. There are a few splashes of color here and there, but everything is consistent and works well together.

Alo Yoga's website also includes several images of the products in use, allowing buyers to see how it stretches and get a sense of the material. This is especially important when purchasing online because shoppers are more inclined to inspect photographs from online retailers. Aside from the high-resolution photographs, the descriptions are quite thorough. Customers will also see 'related items' and user-generated material below, which may persuade them to buy.

  1. Women’s Best

Women's Best is a premium women's sportswear and nutrition company. They sell leggings, sports bras, as well as hair supplements and collagen drinks.

Women's Best rose to prominence via collaborations with fitness celebrities such as Krissy Cela, Tammy Hembrow, Brittne Jackson, and Vicky Justiz. Forbes, Cosmopolitan, and Women's Health have all highlighted Women's Best.

Women's Best has established a global reputation as a company that specializes in supplements and vitamins for women by localizing itself to whichever country they’re serving. Each country has its own online store front as well as its own Instagram profile which links to its respective online store. Each store automatically applies the currency and language of that country.

  1. Xenith

The athlete comes first at Xenith. The manufacturer creates some of the most innovative football gear on the market and sought a brand identity that would set them apart in the eyes of their ultimate users: athletes.

Customers may modify almost every element of their equipment with the help of the equipment company. Aside from the color of your helmet, you may also customize the design of the facemask as well as the colors of the chin straps, cups, and sleeves.

Beyond colors and forms, Xenith is changing the way (American) football players are protected. By allowing players to choose their optimal helmet, they are guaranteeing that they receive the necessary protection.

  1. Huel

Julian Hearn founded Huel (Human + Fuel) in 2015 with a simple mission: "to provide nutritionally balanced, accessible, and economical food" with a low impact on animals and the environment. Huel is becoming a household brand in the diet and fitness sectors as a provider of nutritionally balanced meals and supplements. 

When you visit Huel's homepage, you'll instantly feel certain that you've discovered a winner, with promises such as "the world's #1 complete food" and "over 150 million meals sold." The target audience is captivated by concise, straightforward, and compelling text.

Additional information about how Huel can assist you in reaching your fitness objectives strengthens the USP (Unique Selling Point), while Huel's Trustpilot score (Trustscore 4.6 | 8,000+ reviews) is clearly shown to instill confidence in the product and brand.

  1. 310 Nutrition

Since 2012, 310 Nutrition has been one of the fastest growing companies in the health and nutrition industry. The goal of the company is to provide consumers with tried-and-true solutions that promote healthy behaviors, as well as the encouragement of a supportive community to accompany them on their path.

They've got over a million social-media followers, 223K of whom are part of their secret Facebook group. 310 Nutrition has developed a flourishing online community to encourage and support their members through fitness journey.

The website and campaigns of 310 Nutrition make extensive use of user-generated material, including anecdotes, testimonials, and before-and-after images to illustrate their narrative. It shows how involved they are with their community which is how they keep the customer and brand relationship strong.

  1. SweetLegs

Leggings from SweetLegs are available to ladies of all sizes and shapes.  Every month, they offer an interesting range of new unique prints, ensuring that customers are never bored.

Website and social media campaigns are dripping with corporate identity. They make sure that it's inclusive and empowering - from the images used to the copy. The use of unfiltered images is excellent and refreshing to see from a fitness apparel company. It shows consistency for the brand and proves that they are authentic through and through.

  1. Altitude Sports distributes its items all over the world. It is the first online outdoor business in Canada at a time when e-commerce has barely taken off. The website gets well-known as a result of customers looking for particularly specialized things that are sometimes difficult to locate in brick-and-mortar businesses. The majority of the company is made up of large sizes, specialized climbing equipment, and colors that retailers are afraid to stock.

In 2008, a new version of was introduced. One year after establishing the new website, it is outselling the brick-and-mortar business.

They also developed which has become a reference point for anything outdoors in Canada. Product evaluations, vacation experiences, cuisine tips for camping excursions, and overall good times are the basis for this social channel.

Today, the company continues to develop and work with companies like The North Face, and Quartz Co. to stay up with current needs and changes in taste.

  1. Splits59

Splits59's soft, elastic sportswear is made with innovative design and eco-friendliness in mind, making it perfect for any activity. Since its inception in 2008, the Los Angeles-based sportswear company has aimed to provide women with clothes that are both stylish and functional.

They offer comfortable yet stylish leggings, sports bras, tanks and more that you can go workout in and live in at the same time.

With the development of eco-friendly and repurposed capsules, Splits59 is working to reduce their carbon impact towards greater sustainability.

Overall, this is a sportswear brand with an edge that’s perfect for younger, chic audiences. The website focuses on their designs and unique silhouettes. The typeface used to the styling of the photos is reminiscent of LA from which the brand is from.

  1. Doyoueven

An ambitious lawyer in his final year of university realized his true calling in life in October 2012. Doyoueven was founded by Eddy Ozturk, who got interested with understanding the unique thinking of athletes as a result of his own passion of all things health and fitness.

Doyoueven began by producing bespoke apparel aimed to evoke passion within the gym and fitness world's tight-knit community. Almost instantly, the Doyoueven brand became a mainstay in the local Australian gymgoer community, and within a few short years, it had grown to become a globally recognized fitness brand that helped launch the global sportswear trend to what it is today.

What’s amazing about the website is how convenient it is for the shopper. You can shop right off the homepage and add items to cart without even leaving. It has functional buttons that lets you choose your size as well.

  1. Jawrsize

The primary product of Jawrsize is a fitness gadget that claims to redefine your jawline. Yes, it is one-of-a-kind. It boasts to be the best hands-free gadget for exercising your neck and face.

The brand also has an eye-catching website design. Rather than having a normal product page and product category pages, like 99 percent of all other online retailers do, Jawrsize has structured their whole store around its product.

Their product answers a problem, but before people buy it, they need to understand how it works. As a result, they established a dedicated page to explain how the product works to its visitors, complete with a self-made YouTube movie. They even have a special "Where To Begin?" website that explains the many levels they provide. And even a review page that displays their customers' outcomes after using their goods.

  1. Fabletics

Working out has never looked so good, or been so inexpensive, thanks to Fabletics. The brand, co-founded by actress Kate Hudson, sells workout apparel for both men and women. 

They do a great job of making their online store interesting and entertaining for their customers. For new visitors, they even include an interactive lifestyle quiz in their shop design. 

When a new user visits the site, they are asked a series of questions about their lifestyle and preferences in clothing. Fabletics is able to tailor VIP offers based on the responses given by members of their VIP program.

Over 2 million people are part of the company's VIP membership program, which is largely responsible for its success. VIP clients receive a variety of perks, including 50% savings, a more lenient return and exchange policy, and 24-hour member support.

  1. Mava Sports

After searching for the ultimate training glove and compression clothes, two people decided to create their own and Mava Sports was born. Since then, Mava Sports has become an essential training and recovery aid for athletes throughout the world.

It's all designed and engineered to meet the needs of the most elite athletes in the world. This company makes significant investments in cutting-edge materials like Bamboo Charcoal Fiber and the latest knitting technology, which utilizes specialist circular looms, in order to provide complete comfort to every professional athlete and fitness enthusiast, regardless of their expertise or performance level.

The company has also made significant investments in its online store, as evidenced by the lightning-fast loading speed of the site. In the words of Mava Sports' founder Vali Vetan: "You can have the best advertising, but if the people don’t wait for the page to load, it’s useless."

They eliminated unnecessary programs and plug-ins and built a LazyLoad script to improve the user experience. The end result? A website that loads 5 times faster than ever before.

  1. Kinobody

Ever wanted to have the body of Chris Hemsworth? Or any other superhero? Greg O'Gallagher dropped out of a college marketing program he deemed "useless" and created his multimillion-dollar Kinobody company through the promotion of a fitness, diet and lifestyle brand on YouTube and Instagram.

Kinobody promises consumers a "Hollywood physique" like a Marvel superhero by following a minimalist approach to nutrition and exercising. In 2018, the company's entire revenue amounted to $8 million.

The website greets you with an impressive video of the founder himself promoting  one of their core products, the KINO Collagen Protein. They are able to highlight the products and all its features and benefits. If that’s not enough to convince potential customers, there are many reviews from previous buyers throughout the website.

  1. Jed North

All of Jed North's clothing is designed to maximize performance, comfort and style in the gym or on the street. Their pieces are very stylish, ones that you can wear outside the gym. 

At one point in time, working for large corporations was no longer inspirational to Jed Jim, and the thought of owning his own business had always appealed to him.

Today, Jed North is a well-known sports brand with a significant following on social media. After beginning with just men's gym tanks, the band has grown to include a wide range of athletic apparel and accessories for both genders.

They simplify the purchasing process for customers by providing a simple menu layout and a straightforward layout. The best feature is that the website has user reviews and allows customers to upload images. New customers are often concerned about the fit of their purchases, especially when it comes to clothing so having this available helps alleviate any anxieties.

  1. FitTrack

Everyone now has the ability to obtain thorough understanding into their bodies in a matter of seconds by simply taking a step or glancing at their wrist. FitTrack's smart scale, watch, and app work together to provide you a complete picture of your health. It’s a whole ecosystem that lets you keep track of your health.

Formed in late 2018, FitTrack's exclusive focus has been on health-related technologies, starting with the most accurate Wi-Fi smart scale Dara and the fitness wristwatch Atria.

Today, The Dara Smart Scale and Atria Fitness Tracker from FitTrack are the world's most accurate and complete health trackers.

The company’s website is equipped with data and extensive information on each of their devices. They provide a lot of information that first time customers or even repeat customers might ask such as, “how does this work”, “what’s this for?” 

  1. P.Volve

P. volve is a digital full-body fitness routine that, similar to Pilates, incorporates resistance-based, high-intensity, low-impact motions to develop, shape, and invigorate your muscles.

P.volve promotes a function-first approach that will help individuals enhance their body's performance, minimize daily pain, and look amazing. 

P.volve promotes a function-first approach that will help individuals enhance their body's performance, minimize daily pain, and look amazing  Throughout the website, you'll find several informative videos showing the workout in action, as well as facts about all of the P.volve benefits. Those who are new to the approach may find the information extremely valuable since it covers the issues that they experience and how the workout might help them. The company is essentially an on-demand training regimen, but the website contains everything users might possibly need, from clothing to equipment.

  1. Oats Overnight

Overnight oats may be just the thing you're looking for if you're looking for a hearty, convenient meal that's also good for you. You may now reap the advantages of a healthy breakfast without having to put in any effort. Oats overnight is a brand of overnight oats packed with nutrients such as flax, chia, maca root, and real fruit.

Oats Overnight, based in Arizona, USA, claims to be the only oatmeal drink on the market that provides a 'nutritious and easy' on-the-go breakfast.

The company's website is well-designed, with a clean, minimalist style with pops of color from the typography and products. The copy is wonderfully witty and engaging, and the photos are supplemented with factual information.

If customers don’t want to stress about ever preparing breakfast again or even ordering, then they can subscribe to Oats Overnight’s subscription plan.This allows users to customize flavors, save money, and even try out new flavors before they're available to the general public.

  1. Sunny Health Fitness

Ever wanted to build your home gym? Sunny Health Fitness has almost everything you need to get started. The company specializes in fitness equipment. They have treadmills, bikes, and everything in between. Their extensive line of exercise items can accommodate both home users and fitness elite professionals.

Unlike the others on this list, this store has an unique navigation menu. When you hover over a menu choice, you can see a preview of the available equipment. It also helps beginners who are unfamiliar with the correct terminology or the usage of the equipment they’re looking for.

Sunny also has a lot of content that can support its community of fitness enthusiasts. Workout programs, podcasts and an informative blog are just a few of the numerous options on the website that can help users keep motivated and on track. It demonstrates that this isn't your typical online store, but rather one with credibility and competence that knows precisely what they're offering.

  1. Alphalete

Alphalete creates high-quality fitness and lifestyle apparel to help its customers become the greatest versions of themselves.

It all started with Christian Guzman's YouTube channel in 2012. He was motivated by a desire to help others by offering fitness and diet ideas. What began as a pastime of creating screen printed shirts became manufacturing custom fitted shirts, and evolved into Alphalete today.

Today the brand has beautiful, unique silhouettes that make them standout from other fitness apparel. Another plus is their website which features a minimalistic and futuristic design. Overall, the brand makes a statement. It’s fresh, new and a cut above the rest.


We have covered some of the most successful fitness Shopify stores in this article. Besides displaying stunning visuals of their products, these stores have highlighted the technical strengths of Shopify, for example, its support for multiple shopping carts and paying options. The lesson is this: if you focus more on your customers' needs, then you can channel that into your marketing strategy better. You might even end up with more sales!

There’s a myriad of ways to do well in the fitness niche. What we can learn from these top 20 stores is that they execute their strategies and provide a great experience for potential customers and existing users very well. When building your store it’s key to focus on:

  1. providing an effective UI,
  2. offering relevant products that perform well on Shopify, and
  3. effectively using marketing channels such as Instagram to help grow your brand name.

We hope this list is helpful to you and motivates you to start your own Fitness Shopify store.

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