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The 20 Best Alcohol & Liquor Stores On Shopify To Inspire You

The world is a better place when we’re all a little buzzed. Sure, it sounds juvenile, but we don’t make the rules, we just follow them and make sure to always drink responsibly!

Now if you love gin, whiskey, wine, and other types of liquor but don't necessarily want a full-time job as a bartender or distiller, opening your own online alcohol store could be the best option for you. 

We at Webinopoly have been lucky enough to work with some of the top wine & spirits stores on Shopify over the past few years. We’ve learned a ton about the rules and requirements around setting up a Shopify store for all kinds of businesses and we’d love to share some of our top learning and tips.

If you want to launch your own Alcohol and Liquor store on Shopify, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

To inspire you, we’ll share with you the Top 20 Alcohol and Liquor stores on Shopify. Hopefully, it helps you see what it takes to make a Shopify store successful and learn from these stores. We made sure to include companies that sell their brand, liquor shops that house a variety of types, and even a few non-alcoholic drinks (for those with target markets looking for healthier alternatives).

  1. The Bottle Haus

The Bottle Haus is your friend who helps you get your booze without the hassle. The Bottle Haus is America's premier source for quality spirits of all kinds. You can search through their online catalog to find the perfect blend of spirit and mixer to fit any occasion. Need something in a pinch? They'll deliver right to your doorstep. You can find all your favorite wines, cocktails, and spirits here at The Bottle Haus, from the biggest brands and stores to the finest local distillers, craft beers, and growler fills.

  1. Sip Whiskey

Sip Whiskey caters to connoisseurs of quality whiskey, beer, wine, and spirits. If you're looking for a great gift or something to add to your own shelf, Sip Whiskey's selections are sure to impress even the most discerning drinker. And be sure to check out their blog while you're there; it's packed with helpful tips from expert bartenders and mixologists on how to get the most out of your cocktail experience.

  1. Reserve Bar

ReserveBar specializes in discovery, customization, and convenient access to the world’s finest spirits, champagnes, and wines for self-consumption, collecting, innovative gifting, and provisioning of an outstanding bar. They are a one-stop-shop for the world's finest spirits. They also carry liqueurs from around the world such as cognac, Armagnac, calvados brandy and port wine.

  1. Ritual

Ritual is a non-alcoholic, calorie-free, liquor alternative. It is the perfect way to unwind after a long day or even prepare for an evening out. It's great for designated drivers, pregnant women, people who are trying to cut back on drinking, or anyone who wants to enjoy the flavors of their favorite drinks without the alcohol. The company says that its goal wasn't to replace liquor but to add a new tool to the cocktail kit. They're made with all-natural ingredients and contain 0.0% alcohol by volume (ABV). They taste just like liquors without any alcohol!

  1. Dry Farm Wines

Ever heard of pure, natural wines? That's what Dry Farm Wines offers. It's a wine company that offers natural wines but also wants to make a difference. The company sources from over 600 small family growers, all of whom make their wine by hand, empowering them to avoid machinery and focus on regenerative farming. Dry Farm Wines also only source from growers who do not irrigate ('dry farming'). This saves about 16,000 gallons of water per acre annually. Plus, dry-farmed vines are stronger and produce better healthier fruit. The company also offers events and virtual wine tastings to foster a sense of community with its target market.

  1. Winona Wine

Winona is not your typical wine bar. Winona is a natural wine shop that seeks out wines made with naturally grown grapes, only. They are proud to be purveyors of living wines and always strive to educate bottle shop visitors on the meaning of natural wine, as well as some surprising ways that winemakers can use their terroir in their wines.

  1. Boozy

Boozy is an online liquor store that makes shopping for one's favorite spirits and alcohol so easy that it borders on effortless. The online stores give customers the ability to choose from an extensive list of products, search by brand, price, or rating, and even find recipes to help them make the most of everything they buy.

  1. Bottle Buzz

Have a buzz. Or two. Or three. With an accommodating selection of wine, liquor and beer from top-of-the-line brands, Bottle Buzz has all you need for the party or gathering of your choice. Customers can browse through their website for the latest selection and remember why drinking is so much more appealing than working.

  1. Haus

Not to be confused with Bottle Haus, Haus apéritif is a new take on an old classic. It's as unique as the simple ingredients that go into crafting it, and just as rich and complex. Haus is made only with real ingredients so you can really taste the difference. Plus, the company sources all of its ingredients from trusted farms and top purveyors who supply Michelin-Starred restaurants. This makes Haus a pleasant drink, with just the right hint of everything that makes it perfect for any time, any place.

  1. Recess

Recess is the antidote to modern times. Recess was founded on the belief that modern culture can tax our minds and bodies, leaving us feeling stressed and out of balance. Think of Recess as your antidote: a creative, calm, and confident drink to enjoy at the end of the day. It's a line of sparkling water infused with hemp extract and adaptogen herbs for vitality and balance.

  1. Sunwink

Sunwink makes super clean plant-powered beverages and powders for everyday wellness. Every tonic and superfood powder is made with functional superfoods. From the moment you land on the Sunwink homepage, you feel like you’re chatting with a friend over a glass of wine. The witty copy gives you a glimpse of what it would be like to hang out with the founders for an afternoon, and the minimalist design lets the product speak for itself. The brand story is there, but it’s not overwhelming or in your face.

  1. Usual

If you’re as obsessed with gorgeous packaging as we are, you’ve probably seen Usual Wines on Instagram. This wine brand has become a favorite among millennial wine drinkers because of its visually appealing bottles and simply delicious wines. Unlike some brands that add sugars and chemicals to their bottles to turn many heads and make a few extra bucks, Usual stays true to what it calls “the artful approach to making real wine.” The product selection is limited but curated and carefully selected: One red, two rosés, a brut, and a few fruity canned spritzes. Its USP seems to be convenient and easy-to-select products, a very interesting strat that appeals to millennials.

  1. Gruvi

In the last decade, there has been a noticeable shift in the way people perceive alcohol-free beverages. With an increasing number of people adopting a healthy lifestyle and making conscious choices, non-alcoholic beverages are no longer limited to pregnant women and youngsters. In fact, it has become a viable alternative for all those who want to stay alcohol-free at social gatherings and parties. Here comes Grüvi, a brand created to dispel the common notion that non-alcoholic beer tastes bad. The company saw a gap in the market and set out to fulfill it. In fact, some of their best-sold products are- non-alcoholic pale ale, non-alcoholic peach ale, alcohol-free mocha Nitro scout, and more.

  1. Primal Wine

Thanks to the internet, you can now have access to the best handmade, artisanal wine from all around the world without leaving home. Primal Wine as a company seeks to change what people think wine is or should be encouraging wine drinkers to explore new styles and winemaking practices. They offer natural, biodynamic, organic, vegan, and low-sulfites wines.

  1. Spritz Society

Spritz Society was founded by a group of Spritz lovers who wanted to be able to take their favorite cocktail with them wherever they went.  The brand was born out of the desire to bring elevated cocktails everywhere with you, without the hassle and effort that goes into making your own. Spritz Society offers a modern twist on the classic Spritz, using only 100% real sparkling wine as its base and infusing it with natural fruit flavors.  Each 8.4 oz. can contain 120 calories and 6% ABV, making them an ideal choice for any occasion — morning, noon, or night!  

  1. Top Shelf Wine and Spirits

Top Shelf Wine and Spirits is a family-owned business located in San Diego, California. It's the perfect place to find all your alcohol: from the daily enjoyables to your hard-to-finds. Top Shelf Wine and Spirits will help you celebrate life. Our experts are here to help you find exactly what you're looking for, whether it's a specific wine, spirit, or craft beer. The store selection is extensive so customers are able to choose based on their preferences and budget. 

  1. The Wine Collective

The Wine Collective likes to think of itself as your typical neighborhood wine club, with the added luxury of being able to have access to incredible deals via a digital platform. And with the recent merge of The Wine Collective into the Online Liquor Group, Australia’s largest independent online retailer, customers can now enjoy all things fermented and boozy all year round.

  1. Vinebox

Wine can be overwhelming, especially for newbie drinkers. That's why Vinebox is here to help wine newbies cut through the noise and discover what they like best. At Vinebox, they'll be able to choose from dozens of themes, each focused on a specific variety of grape, including whites and reds from California, France, Italy, Spain, and more. They also have a service where they will choose the wines for customers based on their tastes. From there, customers can just sit back and enjoy nine curated wines (one bottle each) delivered to their door.

  1. FitVine

Designed to be a better fit for your lifestyle, FitVine wines have lower sulfites, tannins, and colors, thanks to a filtering process that includes micron pads and diatomaceous earth. FitVine's wines are also substantially lower in sugar thanks to dry fermentation techniques. Their wines are vegan-friendly and gluten-free. FitVine is proud to offer wines that are healthier and friendlier on the waistline.

  1. DrinkWell

It's no secret that most alcohol is packed full of calories. There are many drinks on the market today with less calories than the usual suspects, but nothing out there that can compete with Drinkwell Liquor Store—the home of reduced-calorie favorites like lower-calorie beer, lower-calorie cider, low calorie wine, and low-calorie spirits. Their selection includes reduced-calorie wine, including prosecco, lower-calorie beer, and cider, as well as spirits, including whisky, rum, and vodka. 


We're big fans of Shopify around here. It's a great way to get your online store up and running in no time. But it can also be really helpful to look at what other companies are doing on their Shopify stores, especially when it comes to design and conversions.

We hope that this list provides you with inspiration and learnings. Here are a few takeaways we think would help you get to the next step:

  • Provide high-resolution photos of the products as well as some lifestyle shots. Help people see themselves use your product in their day-to-day lives.
  • When it's relevant, share cocktail recipes on how to best use your products.
  • Try to incorporate animation into your site where it makes sense.
  • Choose a theme that best represents your product and brand. Get creative with it.
  • Make sure that everything is consistent at every touchpoint.
  • Add relevant FAQs to product pages to make them easier for website visitors to find.
  • Incorporate CTAs whenever possible.
  • Make it easy to add a product to your cart no matter where you scroll on a product page.

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