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Top 20 Men's Fashion and Clothing Shopify Stores

How cool is it to see what others have done and how they’re utilizing Shopify? Seeing other people’s success stories can definitely be inspiring, especially when you start to feel like your business just isn’t able to get off the ground. Following in their footsteps can sometimes help you learn a thing or two in order to get yourself out of some ruts and onto the next stage.

Most men dislike shopping for clothes online. But these businesses have made it their mission to make it a pleasant and fuss-free experience. Plus, there’s been an incomparable gap between the number of brands and fashion lines there are for women and men. Men’s fashion has often been overlooked, but these Shopify brands show it shouldn’t be.

Let’s take a look.

  1. Todd Synder

Gentlemen, welcome to a tailored take on modern American style. Since 2011, Todd Snyder has redefined menswear for the modern man who seeks both affordable and elegant, statement and surprising looks. Their signature menswear brand is designed, crafted, and tested in New York and manufactured in Italy under strict quality standards.

From custom suiting to timeless everyday basics and accessories, there's a little bit of everything here at Todd Snyder. Todd Snyder shows that good style can be affordable and even playful.

  1. Marc Wenn

Men's luxury biker denim, Chelsea boots, and handmade backpacks are the core of Marc Wenn's Shopify business. Since its inception, Marc Wenn has catered to men with a discerning eye for quality pieces that reflect their individual styles.

Their collections are ever-evolving and modern, characterized by attention to detail, meticulous craftsmanship, and emphasis on unique styles and perspectives. 

  1. Minaal

Digital nomads and frequent travelers need reliable, long-lasting gear that won’t break the bank. The founders of this brand realized that there was a gap in the market for high-quality, travel-friendly gear and decided to fill it. Minaal’s been designed by digital nomads and frequent travelers to be reliable, lightweight and functional.

  1. Bee Inspired

Bee Inspired Clothing allows customers to discover streetwear trends that are taking the globe by storm. From t-shirts to sweatshirts to shorts, Bee Inspired Clothing caters to the fashion needs of men everywhere. To ensure that they never run out of fresh stocks, they keep a constant supply on hand.

With their fully hassle-free approach, customers can just explore their large collection of streetwear and pick out their favorite items.

  1. Buck Mason

Buck Mason was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Buck Mason is a digitally native and vertically integrated men’s brand with four retail locations, an e-commerce website and a collection of over 90 unique pieces of apparel.

Each product is handmade from start to finish in small batches; each pair is crafted using old school manufacturing techniques combined with modern technology. The products are intended to reflect the optimism of California lifestyle and culture.

  1. The Union Project

Curated with a purpose, Union Project is a beautifully designed online store and brick-and-mortar space in 6 Queens Circus, Cheltenam. The Union Project is home to carefully selected independent brands - from clothing and accessories to apothecary and homeware.

As time went on, what started out as a concept store for men's fashion turned into so much more. With the addition of a women's flagship store and an online shopping destination, the lifestyle brand The Union Project shows how consumerism can bring people together.

  1. Roden Gray

Roden Gray is a resource for the ever-evolving character and diversity of brands from across the world. As the premier menswear resource, they bring together a unique mix of brands, both new and old, that celebrate culture and diversity, value quality design, and show off the beautiful and functional details in everything they offer.

They welcome you to embrace and embody their stories, education, and perspectives so that you can change how you think about menswear.

  1. Canoe Club

Canoe Club is a collection of clothes for people who love clothes. Everything you see on Canoe Club is hand-selected especially for a unique lifestyle, and has a story to tell. Sometimes it's just about what looks good, but more importantly than that Canoe Club thinks it's about how it makes you feel.

They are dedicated to bringing you the best brands in the industry – as they should be – and they’re so darn good at it, they’ll make you feel like you belong to something really extraordinary. 

  1. Lost & Found

Lost and Found is a men's retail store in Toronto at Queen and Ossington. With a specialty in men's quality clothing, they carry core brands such as Adidas, Alden, Arpenteur, Battenwear, CT70, Diemme, Filson, Gitman Vintage, LVC, Norse Projects, The Real McCoy's, Viberg and many more. The store believes in quality over quantity, something that has and will last more than a season.

  1. ORTTU

Orttu was born in 2012 out of the desire to create a unique brand for men who don't really like the mainstream fashion industry, but rather something edgier, more authentic, and where individuality is what counts. Orttu can be worn by men of any age, versatile and sophisticated at the same time. A major aspect of the brand is experimentation and breaking norms. 

  1. Daily Paper

Fueled by a rich heritage of African culture wrapped in contemporary designs, Daily Paper has truly become one of the fastest growing fashion brands in Europe. Daily Paper started in 2012 with 3 blog-loving friends from Amsterdam and a passion for music, art, fashion and culture.

Now, they are a global brand known for our contemporary designs, strong beliefs and rich heritage. 

  1. Form&Thread

Form&Thread is a men’s clothing essentials collection that dares to defy seasonal trends and stand the test of time. Focusing on modern staples and cas suave essentials, they develop clothes that aren't trendy or fad-driven, but rather made with the highest quality materials at a price point below other "high-end" brands. Their core values reflect their brand vision: to produce sophisticated, premium designs that are accessible to all men.

  1. Percival

Percival is a London-based brand that blends British understated style with rare fabrics and materials from around the world to make clothes that are both unique and stylish. Their collection of cashmere, merino wool, and linen works effortlessly together to create timeless wardrobe staples that provide a unique twist to your clothing hangers. Each item is designed in their studio in London and photographed to look as good on your computer screen as it does in life. 

Imagine your classic outfit elevated by the attention to detail and craftsmanship you would expect from the best tailors and cut from beautifully understated clothes, that’s Percival.

  1. Reese Cooper

Reese Cooper is a Los Angeles based menswear brand that prides itself on Americana in the “wilderness”. An emphasis on education, sustainability, and community guides the design process. Signature details include equestrian-inspired appliques, intricate embroideries, an eco-friendly fabric selection, and innovative production techniques. Womenswear debuted in Spring/Summer 20.

  1. Save Khaki United (S.K.U.)

At Save Khaki United, they believe that simple, high quality products are more durable and create a feel of effortless style. Every piece is meant to be worn as is, and when you feel like showing off (maybe with a pink oxford shirt) then go ahead. Because S.K.U.'s goal is to create a wardrobe that remains constant yet constantly changing. 

Save Khaki United was founded on the belief that clothing should adapt to life, not the other way around. S.K.U.'s classic khakis are designed to be worn every day by any guy – from quiet weekends at home with friends to nights out on the town – and feel like you've always owned them.

  1. Luca Faloni

Pure cashmere, silk, and linen from Italy, brushed cotton from Veneto, and fine leather from Tuscany are some of the things that come from Italy. That's what Luca Faloni is all about. A brand that has been around for a long time and has a lot of Italian style and sensibility; a brand that says that elegance should be understated and that Italian haute couture should be respected.

  1. Southern Gents

Armed with style and eloquence, Southern Gents is all about a greater purpose, to bring back the gentleman. Southern Gents is a brand that offers you the opportunity to transform your closet into the wardrobe of a man of style. It is important to them that they bring the best hand-made products to their customers, but they also pay tribute to tradition and history.

The Southern Gents brand offers products that are tasteful, and unique, and make every man feel like he is a better person just for having them. 

  1. Manready

Manready Mercantile offers high-quality, American-made products for the discerning gentleman. Proudly made in America, their products include candle waxes and containers, leather goods, kitchen accessories, and a variety of other items men love.

They know customers already have a choice of the brands they buy, and that's why they work hard to bring you something different. In fact, you can't help but discover a hidden gem or two when you browse their inventory.

  1. Nifty Genius

Nifty Genius is the online brand that helps men take their style from clothing enthusiast to trendsetter with ease while offering the highest quality materials available at an affordable price.

Started by Jared Cook, a Los Angeles based menswear lover, Nifty Genius provides an affordable yet high-quality collection of ready-to-wear shirts, chinos, accessories, and more. Jared wanted guys to have the opportunity to outfit themselves with items that they love without the added time and hassle required to find them. With Nifty's service and unique brands, it's never been easier to pick up great clothes and elevate your look.

  1. ONS

O.N.S Clothing is a brand that has been founded by New York City natives. The brand is all about making quality menswear and clothing that can be worn in many different ways by people who live busy lifestyles. O.N.S Clothing provides outfits for all seasons, which consists of high-quality clothes that are perfect for any activity, including lounging around the house. 

O.N.S Clothing offers high-quality menswear that can be worn on all occasions, meaning people who live in the city don't need to think about what to wear, as it takes the stress out of dressing for them.


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