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Top 20 Best Apparel Shopify Stores in the US

As ecommerce continues to grow, so does competition, making it difficult to stand out.

To attract your ideal audience — and more significantly, to transform them into passionate brand ambassadors — you need a unique website. A well-designed Shopify website can attract a large audience and serve as a complete marketing presentation.

Rather than using templates that have been used by thousands of other businesses,it’s in your best interest to hire a team of pros to create a well-designed Shopify website. Webinopoly puts brands on focus when creating custom themes and our team leverages our broad knowledge and experience to help brands like you succeed. Just let us know if you need a custom Shopify store!

Shopify makes starting an internet business simple and effective which is why it’s still one of the best platforms out there today. If you haven’t yet decided on the look and feel of your clothing company, then this article should help you.

The following list includes some of the most stunning clothes stores on Shopify in the US. Many of these examples are incredibly successful stores with beautiful designs to inspire you to create your own.

  1. SIR.

What started out as a situation in which two friends, Nikki Campbell and Sophie Coote, realized they had nothing to wear or that was authentically them, has developed into now a well-known clothing company. The two friends established SIR. (separates, intimates and ready-to-wear). in 2014, at the age of 24, after identifying a gap in the market.

The website is stunning and immediately appealing. To highlight their pieces, the company use a combination of short videos and images.

The materials they used are capable of demonstrating the quality of their products as well as how the fabric moves. Everything is beautiful and has a high quality feel to it. The designs are stunning, and the website design is able to reflect this.

  1. Cettire

Cettire is a Shopify clothing business established in the United States. In addition to clothing for men and women and accessories, this business offers footwear, handbags, wallets, and other items.

Cettire carries designer names such as Fendi, Dior, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Balenciaga, Givenchy, and Off-White, making it a popular shopping destination.

  1. Taylor Stitch

In 2010, Taylor Stitch opened a Shopify store to sell custom and customized menswear with the goal of making fashionable apparel available to everyone. In just 3 years after they launched, the brand was able to make $1.5 million in sales and their revenue has continued to grow since then.

The website design is simple but gorgeous. The photos used are warm and rustic which is reminiscent of the kind of lifestyle their target market is living or aspires to have. It also injects a little creativity, hovering your mouse over a product on Taylor Stitch's website brings up lifestyle photos such as an image of a model wearing the jacket while riding a motorcycle.

The brand is also about sustainability and thus, their environmental initiatives are prominently displayed on their website.


Fresh and vibrant visuals welcome you on's homepage. A range of products are available for purchase on the Shopify website, including graphic tees, activewear, swimsuits, and other swimwear essentials. They also have a good selection of tech, wellness, and work-related supplies.

There are a lot of things we like about's website, such as the use of brilliant colors, playful fonts, and simple navigation.

  1. Ardent

Ardent's objective is to make women look great and feel comfortable at work. Their vibrant blazers and floral coats are eye-catching, and the visuals on their website do the products justice. Our eye is instantly drawn to the gorgeous, vivid fabrics. Overall, Argent does a fantastic job of presenting a wide range of options for women who want to look professional at work and on the go.

  1. Dropdead

Dropdead is a clothing store for the misfit in you. With shirts that read "dropdead" and "IDC," it gives off an angsty energy that’s perfect for characters who want something different. Openning the website leads you to a flashy film and then to the main site where you may view the merchandise. The silhouettes and prints are one-of-a-kind, but the layout is simple and straightforward.

  1. Bombas

Bombas has given socks a breath of fresh air. Bombas Socks is a fun, tech-savvy, and compassionate company that has already donated over 50,000 socks to homeless shelters through their Buy One Give One initiative.

The website has a bright and playful overall feel to it. There are quirky patterns and prints throughout, as well as bright pops of color. We like how the homepage is simple yet engaging, and how it is straightforward enough to take you where you want to go.

  1. Thinx

Thinx, a modern feminine hygiene company, encourages women to abandon disposable goods in favor of a more eco-friendly alternative: "period undies."

This amazing women's company is gaining traction and turning a profit. This Shopify store launched in 2014 with a $130,000 crowdfunding effort and has multiplied 23x.

The company also developed Know Your Flow, a quiz-style app that analyzes user data (period days, tampon usage, and so on) and offers personalized recommendations, boosting the customer experience by integrating knowledge and product recommendations in a pleasant way that has exceeded conversion expectations.

  1. Kith

Kith is a fashion and lifestyle company by Ronnie Kieg that has been popular before it joined Shopify. It sources its clothing from a number of popular brands and online labels from all throughout the country. The online store allows customers to purchase with ease. They even have a mobile app to make the buying experience more convenient.


mnml is an online-only apparel company that sells high-quality, progressive designs at a fraction of the price of traditional retail stores.

Minimalist design elements like a bright white background and prominent product images and descriptions dominate their website.

  1. UgMonk

Designer Jeff Sheldon established Ugmonk with the goal of creating well-designed things with a minimal aesthetic. The UgMonk Shopify website is clean and uncluttered, and it showcases the brand's clothes, accessories, bags, and prints in the same contemporary aesthetic approach.

Sheldon took Ugmonk from a screen-printing side hustle to an eCommerce lifestyle company doing $5 million in revenue in his first two years by leveraging on the design and apparel community and business relationships he made.

  1. Genuine People

Genuine People is a two-year-old e-commerce company started by Sharona Cohen and Nave Avimor that’s been a forerunner in the "indie fast fashion" movement.

They started off successfully by keeping a constantly updated product line. Customers can see metallic midi skirts and satin bombers one day and pinstripe jumpsuits and velvet slip dresses the next. Customers can chose from a vibrant array of apparel, accessories, and other goods. Their designs are one-of-a-kind, and their craftsmanship is unrivaled.

Their Shopify store is stunning, fusing East and West elements. Plus, the website is clean and simple to use, offering a pleasant user experience.

  1. Modern Citizen

Many people believe that "minimal" equates to "boring." But in my opinion, having a "minimal" wardrobe just means investing in higher-quality items with better usefulness, and selecting pieces that can be mixed and matched easily which is probably why this brand has been a hit.

Minimalist fashion brand Modern Citizen sells directly to consumers and is popular among ladies who want stylish neutral clothing at an inexpensive price. Instead of having an overwhelming assortment that takes hours to look through, the site lets you shop based on the time of day, such as "work" and "lounge." Truly a useful feature for busy, working women.

  1. John Elliot

Californian designer John Elliot launched his own label to cover gaps in his own wardrobe. Beginning with denim, jersey, and French terry pieces in 2012, the label's collections have grown to include mesh totes, canvas caps, and suede chokers. Over the last decade, the athleisure brand has grown in popularity, attracting superstars like as Kanye West. With products designed to serve as wardrobe pillars, John Elliot delivers a minimalist, comfortable elegance.

This minimalist elegance is also reflected in the website design that puts a focus on visuals and clean aesthetics.

  1. The Acey

The Acey sells ethically made apparel for the modern woman. They represents high-quality, environmentally friendly products. Its designs are timeless, and it only uses natural textiles made of a single fiber. As a result, their clothing is more breathable, washes better, and does not damage our water systems with microplastics.

Their message is clear, and their product reflects their goal in a way that their target purchasers can appreciate. As a result, the company has overcome common challenges that morally concerned consumers have while shopping online.


NAADAM's knitwear collection is perfect for everyday wear. They sell durable knits that are made from fabrics like cashmere and come in a variety of colors and designs. NAADAM is known for its wearable and well-made knitwear. The label is dedicated to delivering things that are not only well-made but also stylish and utilitarian.

Not only do they sell quality knits, but the company places a high value on social and environmental responsibility. They never use harmful chemicals in their production operations and only use clean energy to power their machinery. In addition, they compensate nomadic herders 50% more than other brands. It's easy to see why people are captivated to this brand.

  1. AYR

The company AYR (All Year Round) was established as an alternative to fast fashion. Co-founders, Jac Cameron and Maggie Winter, aspired to create inexpensive, high-quality fashion staples. The pair saw a gap in the industry and wanted to offer clothing with a seasonless appeal at an affordable price point.

Like a new cotton shirt, the website design is crisp and clean. We like how they used whites, blues, and neutral colors, and how they used lifestyle images for their product catalog instead of boring plain shots.

  1. Quaker Marine Supply Co.

Quaker Marine Supply, the nautical heritage brand best known for its oysterman hats made famous by Ernest Hemingway in the 1960s, has swiftly become a staple lifestyle brand for fashionable New Englanders who enjoy the sea.

The website design is nautical and one-of-a-kind, evoking feelings of being at sea. They make good use of sunny, outdoor images as well as old photographs that highlight their heritage. Despite the fact that the design elements make it look new and fresh, it nevertheless reminds you that it is a classic brand.

  1. New Market Goods

New Market Goods is a fair trade clothing company situated in Brooklyn, NY. They partnered with Deshal, a local garment manufacturer community, to empower and improve the lives of factory workers. By making striking apparel and other products, they are able to emphasize the tales of the craftspeople who manufactured them.

The website itself is new, youthful, and straightforward. The photos highlight the many fabrics, and the product catalog is clean and centered on the products.


We collated these 20 stunning Shopify clothing companies along with descriptions of their unique selling points in the hopes of inspiring our readers. We included examples from a variety of niches, so you're sure to discover something that interests you. Even if you don't, we hope that the above website designs helped you learn more about your preferences.

If you need to build a Shopify store or want to develop a unique custom theme made just for your brand, look no further than your Shopify experts here at Webinopoly.

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