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Top 25 Shopify Baby & Toddler Clothing

Despite being such a tiny humans early in life, babies are able to generate big sales as parents are always searching for the most convenient ways to feed and keep them and their babies happy. 

By far, baby clothes are the most popular among all kinds of baby products, accounting for more than 30% of the sales. In addition, the demand for foreign-designed and branded baby clothes is increasing fast. According to “Foreign Baby Clothes Market Report” by TARU Media Limited, in 2016, more than 70% of women will buy foreign-branded clothes for their babies, which helps boost the amount of foreign brands' baby clothes sales in 2017 to continue to grow.

To help you get a gist of what it takes to establish your own Shopify Baby and Toddler Clothing brand, we give you the Top 25 Shopify Baby & Toddler Clothing brands in 2021. These are our top picks, and they are chosen based on their popularity, design, quality, and customer experience.

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  1. Organic Zoo

Organic Zoo was born out of a love for all things simple, classic, and designed with kids in mind. Their long-lasting, durable, and colorful clothes are created with organic cotton and age-appropriate designs to make playtime more enjoyable and downtime even moreso. The goal at Organic Zoo is to create simple yet beautiful clothes for children. They follow a minimal approach, so customers spend less time figuring out what their little one should wear and enjoy more time exploring with them.

  1. Mini Ruby

It’s a struggle, trying to find time to shop for children. It’s a chore, finding new clothing styles. It’s a challenge outfitting active children of varying sizes with new clothes they will wear. But you can make it easier on yourself and take the hassle out of fashion with Mini Ruby by your side. What more could you want? Mini Ruby offers premium brands of girls, boys, and baby clothes worldwide, including kids’ shoes, accessories, four-season activewear, and baby gift items. Mini Ruby is your guide through the maze of contemporary childrenswear.

  1. The Natural Baby Co

Attention, natural parents! Whether you are looking for the perfect cloth diaper, baby wash, baby food, or skincare and bath products, The Natural Baby Co. is your one-stop-shop for all your parenting needs. This online retailer offers a wide selection of organic clothing, toys, and bedding to assist today’s natural parents with their parenting journey. The Natural Baby Company brings you extensive lines of high-quality, eco-friendly products that cater to every stage of a baby’s development.

  1. 7amenfant

Just because your child is a baby doesn’t mean they can’t be trendy. You don’t have to sacrifice fashion when you shop at 7am Enfant. Their urban and modern outerwear, baby accessories, and more allow your child to express their unique personality. Plus, their collection is artfully designed to meet the style of today’s fashion, but still well-made and functional. No two children are alike, so why should they wear the same baby clothing accessories? For all those on a mission to keep their baby stylish, happy, and protected while letting them roam free in their natural habitat, 7AM Enfant is a brand to watch.

  1. Rags

Rags rompers, onesies, and pajamas are known for being super cozy and easy to get on and off. Rags is a children's wear brand that combines fashion with function. Their main product is a kid’s romper that’s as comfortable as it is adorable. Since 2007, they've been filling closets with their soft and comfortable rompers, onesies, and pajamas. Kids go nuts for their colorful rompers with fun prints and adorable matching animal hoodies. Or they'll look like a little fashionista in one of their cute tees, leggings, and joggers. 

  1. Little Me

Take a moment and think about the time when your baby becomes a toddler. Envision that special time when your little one becomes curious, independent, and accepting of their role in the household. At Little Me, they believe clothing should be in this stop-and-smell-the-roses stage that celebrates these fleeting years of discovery. They also make sure to use fabric that is “not for grownups,” always comfortable and safe for babies.

  1. Goumi

Goumi is the green, natural and stylish baby brand you've been waiting for. They make cozy, organic, sustainable, and functional essentials for your baby, toddler, big kid, and even parents. Goumi has a mission. To make the whole world giggle, get dressed, and go out into the sun in the kindest way possible. From winter booties that keep toes warm & toasty to thin baby tees for summer lounging, Goumi is here to make sure your baby is cozy in multicolored joy.

  1. Tealbee

Finding clothes that are both safe and comfortable for your baby can be a challenge, but Tealbee makes it fun! Tealbee uses premium bamboo/cotton fabric that is OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified, and GOTS certified organic cotton to make baby clothes that not only look good but feel good too. If it’s not obvious enough, Tealbee products are fun and sophisticated, with a hint of happy colors!

  1. Bien Bien

Bien Bien means well-made in French, and our goal is to curate the finest apparel, accessories, and home goods for our online boutique. Who is Bien Bien? Bien Bien is a family of like-minded designers and friends who create beautiful things for children with style, love, and attention to detail.  Each item is hand-selected from artisans around the world. From soft French baby terry, Italian knits, and playful Danish prints, Bien Bien offers sophisticated, elegant pieces that are sure to become your little one’s staples.

  1. Knuckleheads


Knuckleheads is the clothing line for boys that you wish you had when you were their age. With style designed by kids, for kids, Knuckleheads has been breaking fashion rules since 2004. With in-house design teams, inspired by kids and made to fit family life, Knuckleheads is the go-to brand for boys who are cool without trying too hard.

  1. Zutano

Zutano was created when Uli Belenky’s baby was born with a wardrobe problem. She wanted the perfect pairs of designer booties to go with Sophia’s newborn outfits, but everything was sold separately in pink and blue patterns. There had to be a better way. And so Zutano Baby Bootie Company was created. Zutano is a community of like-minded parents who have found a better way to clothe their children. By providing soft, practical, and cute clothing, they offer parents products that are fun, safe, and best of all, they stay on their feet!

  1. Ele Ella

You want to do right by your baby, and that means dressing your little ones in the best. Ele Ella understands this and so presents parents with a curated line of their favorite designers handpicked with care and attention to style. 

Your little fashionista will look cute as can be in Ele Ella's haute couture collection specially curated for the parents who want to dress their babies in the best attire. 

  1. Posh Peanut

Every mommy knows too well the struggle of finding baby clothes that look stylish and are also comfortable. While it’s difficult for your baby to judge, Posh Peanut ensures that stylish, comfortable baby clothing gets its due. Their boutique store includes a range of styles of baby clothes to suit any mom’s taste. Today the brand doesn't just sell cute onesies for babies but for parents too. Posh Peanut offers a variety of matching outfits for the whole family. 

  1. Hux Baby

Are you tired of seeing your kids decked out in clothes with cheap and tacky logos? This is where Hux baby comes in. Hux Baby has a real passion for making great-looking clothes that feel good on the skin, as well as for the planet. And in doing so, they've curated an incredible range of clothing that allows you to buy only once and buy well - no more 'destroy in weeks, bin by years.’ Welcome to the home of minimalist organic fashion for little people!

  1. Rock Your Baby

Rock Your Baby’s designers have a unique ability to capture the essence of youth in their collections and make clothes that kids actually want to wear (not just put on for special occasions)! RYB is a one-stop-shop for everything to do with your baby (and even little sisters and brothers!), including shoes, sippy cups, toys, clothing, and even furniture! Rock Your Baby believes that the products you put into a baby’s hands and mouth influence their creativity, intellectual development, and self-esteem earlier than any other time in their lives. Therefore we ensure the products they make are of the highest quality.

  1. Magnolia Baby

Magnolia Baby offers beautifully crafted, quality-driven products for your little one. The brand’s recognizable baby blue hue and signature embroidered fabrics, prints, and embellishments appear in all products, including their sleepwear and swimwear collections, layette range, and the Magnolia Kids clothing line. They are designed to delicately flatter your little one, feel so soft against their skin, and capture the eye of every parent.

  1. Oobi

Oobi designs and produces a fashion, homewares, and lifestyle collection for girls between newborn and twelve years old. They’ve got tops, playsuits, tunics, raglans, and reversible playsuits and vests to mix and match, made from the highest quality cotton fabrics from India. Each outfit is a unique piece of wearable art that your child would be incredibly proud to wear! 

  1. Mini Moche

Are you looking for the perfect basic apparel to dress up your little one? Mini Moche has got you covered with their collection of cozy, soft, and one-of-a-kind basics. All their pieces are easy-to-wear, easy-to-wash, durable, and versatile. Not to mention, the designs are stylish and sophisticated. Furthermore, it is all made ethically, locally, and sustainably – kind to people and the planet.

  1. Urban Baby Co

This isn't just a baby brand. It's a movement. And here are only a few reasons why: 1) Their philosophy is simple. 2) The impact is undeniable. 3) The kids approve.

Urban Baby Co. started with just a few stencils, t-shirts, fabric paint, some creativity, and a strong passion for helping others make their little ones more cute and cuddly. They’ve now grown into a thriving, woman-owned business that provides premium products for parents with kids 0 – 5. One of the best things about the brand is that they’re committed to being green in all facets of their business— from using sustainably sourced fabrics to using compostable packaging.

  1. Bubs Ware House


The market is constantly evolving, and it will be interesting to see how brands in the baby and toddler clothing niche develop over the coming years. These 25 brands would be a good place to start your research, helping you gauge what’s popular and needed currently. By doing so, you can tap into the current zeitgeist and provide customers with products that they actually want.

If you are looking to make some new cash in baby and toddler clothing domains, then setting up a Shopify store may be the best approach for you.

For you to make your customers' shopping experiences an unforgettable one, we suggest that you come up with a captivating brand name and strong design for your store. Once you have these aspects created, it is time for you to focus on building highly valuable and rich content such as blog posts and product descriptions to help them enjoy every bit of their time in your shop. With these features in place, we are sure that your business will continue to grow and reach new heights.

If you're inspired by the success of these successful Shopify stores, why not start your own? When it comes to making your eCommerce store, Shopify is the best platform to do it, and Webinopoly is one of the most experienced and well-versed teams. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’ve got big ambitions and want a professionally made custom Shopify website that can generate a strong web presence and help with conversions. 

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