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The 20 Best Gift and Curated Box Stores On Shopify

The gift-giving industry underwent a major shift following the widespread outbreak of the Covid-19 virus which resulted in lockdowns all over the world. However, like all other industries, people have discovered incredibly effective ways to work around this new paradigm, and it is that creativity that has led to the boom of online gifting. 

Today, gifting is fast becoming a trend online as consumers are attracted by the unique and personalized gifts that are convenient to send and are typically unavailable in physical outlets. Meanwhile, e-retailers offer their customers a huge variety of products, including thousands of gift options, and have an easy-to-use interface.

Having the best gift store isn't just about having amazing products — it's also about having a great design, solid branding, and converting traffic into sales. Today, we're going to look at 20 of the Best Gift and Curated Box Stores on Shopify. Hopefully, it will show you how they have created a successful gifting and party supplies business with their creativity, innovation, and branding know-how.

  1. Knack

At Knack, they believe that gift-giving should be a satisfying experience, every time. They build everything around experience: they are able on-demand to create gifts; they can help record videos of people around the world; they personalize the buyer's journey down to the finest detail. Because they’re able to customize based on what the customer wants, the experience is more authentic and memorable for the receiver. It also helps that the company supports small businesses so the gifts on their catalog come from businesses around the area.

The Build-Your-Own-Gift page from Knack is an easy way to find a perfect gift for any occasion. This Mother's Day, the site gives customers recommendations for buying gifts based on what type of mom they are shopping for. And since Knack also prides itself as a socially conscious company, they encourage customers to give back with every purchase.

  1. Box Fox

Introducing BOXFOX. A smarter, more thoughtful way to send a gift. BOXFOX makes it easy to create and send thoughtful gifts everywhere around the world. Whether you want to give a gift to someone special or to reward yourself for making it through another week, BOXFOX has got you covered.

Boxfox lets customers either pick a thematic, expertly curated option or build the perfect gift box for any occasion through their proprietary BUILD A BOXFOX platform. Whether personal or corporate, each gift comes with a handwritten note that makes it more personalized and from the heart.

  1. iGourmet

Picture this, it's the holiday season and it's time to start thinking about what you will give as gifts. If you want to gift something special, then iGourmet is worth checking out. They have a delicious assortment of food gifts that are perfect for your friends and family. iGourmet carries the largest assortment of high-quality specialty foods, including over 900 cheeses, you'll find anywhere. 

They've got gorgeous gift boxes from breakfast boards to holiday cheeses, French and Italian cheeses, and more. iGourmet also has a wide selection of gourmet meats like Kobe beef, salami, and prosciutto; European-style breads; pastas; olives; sauces; desserts; wine accessories; kitchen tools; books on cheese and gourmet cooking; and much more.

  1. Succulents Box

For the past 4 years, Succulents Box has been helping people across the world discover and appreciate the beauty of succulents. Their goal is to make buying and caring for succulents accessible to anyone, anywhere in the country. They currently offer 5 types of monthly subscriptions, custom orders for events and corporate gifting, and growing gift options such as terrariums, air planters, and garden markers.

  1. Firebox

If you're stuck for a creative gift, search no more. At Firebox, you'll find all the themed gifts, original presents, and quirky gadgets you could want, including personalized gifts for every occasion. For any home decor or desk accessory, you can think of a tech kit that's second to none. Browse Firebox's extensive range of unusual gifts and presents, right now, with over 300 gifts to choose from. It's the perfect place to find an original present for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Christmas.

  1. Yellow Octopus

Whether you're searching for stocking fillers, birthday party favors or fun gifts to make someone's day, Yellow Octopus is your destination.

It’s your one-stop shop for all gifting needs. Whether you're after a cheeky room decoration, a funky piece of kitchenware or some cool accessories take a peek at our huge range of gifts and homewares. Yellow Octopus has got thousands of fun, wacky and unique gift ideas for every age bracket and price point, so whether it's Christmas, Mother's Day or Valentine's Day you can find your perfect gift right here.

  1. Potato Parcel

Potato Parcel was first made on Shark Tank when duo, Riad Bekhit and Alex Craig, pitched their company's premise of sending notes anonymously on potatoes. They raised an investment of $100,000 for a 10% stake in the rapidly growing business!

Potato Parcel effectively combines the awesome power of fresh potatoes with minimalistic eCommerce. They've sold over 70,000 parcels and made over $7 million in sales as of early 2020.

  1. Birthdate Co.

Birthday Co. candles are the perfect gift for every birthday. Each candle is scented with a fragrance carefully designed for each recipient.

Customers start with their birth date and then choose their fragrance, color, and number of hours burn time. Birthday Co. then delivers fresh candles to their door all throughout the year, allowing them to celebrate any occasion, whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or graduation.

They’ve also got a birthdate book for those who want a made-to-order book that illustrates their unique astrological birth chart.

  1. Mouth

Mouth lets customs discover a unique selection of gourmet gift baskets filled with the best specialty foods available from American artisans. Mouth not only sources incredible, authentic artisanal food from small-batch makers across the U.S., but also carefully curates it all together into one specially beautiful box. Gourmet coffee and tea, hot sauces, jams and jellies, condiments and more can be delivered straight to your door for a completely unique gift idea for your friends or loved ones.

It's a great place to find unusual items for foodies and also makes a great gift for foodies if you have no idea what to get them. They offer gifts for every budget with options at $40 plus they make it really convenient to shop by dietary requirement and taste preference, though, so it's still easy to find a gift the recipient will enjoy.

  1. Happy Box Store

Happy Box Store was made to make gifting easier. Don't know what to get your husband for his birthday? Don't want to waste precious hours walking the streets of NYC trying to find gifts for a work conference? What if you could just access an online store that has all of those items, in one place, ready to ship? That’s what Happy Box is. 

Gift senders can easily buy custom-branded products using the website and ship those boxes directly to the receivers. Gift senders can also buy a custom-branded box designed by the store, with pre-filled boxes of products branded specifically for that company. The process is simple and can be completed any time of day.

  1. The Million Roses

No matter the occasion, roses are the gift that everyone loves to receive. At Million Roses, that isn't just a cliché. Founded in 2009, Million Roses offers premium long-lasting rose flower arrangements that make for an exceptional gift – no matter the occasion. As eternal symbols of love and affection, roses always make for unique gifts. Million Roses makes sure they remain that way.

What makes them unique is their roses endure the test of time. These unique rose displays will last for an incredible three years, a promise no other flower company can deliver.

  1. Mint & Lily

Mint & Lily is a boutique jewelry company that designs simple, elegant bracelets. Each bracelet comes with a touch of delicate polish and an uplifting message, mantra, or sentiment. With the item's customizable aspect, they are more meaningful and make the wearer feel proud to wear them.

The website is as elegant as the jewelry pieces, and are designed to make them stand out. The use of actual photos and designs are great because it helps potential customers visualize what they might get.

  1. Monkey Pen

For the child that loves to be in the center of things, the Monkey Pen harnesses their imagination by putting them inside the story. 

Monkey Pen is an innovative children's book that allows the child to be a part of the story by putting a personalized character based on them in the book. With a monkey head cap and two embroidered patches, every child is instantly transformed into their own hero.

With vibrant illustrations and funny adventures, this interactive book puts children inside the story so that they can experience the creative process firsthand.

  1. Fuego Box

Can't pick a flavor? Fuego Box is an awesome way to sample products from some of the best hot sauce makers in the country. You never get a full product, or the same product twice. Instead, you'll receive themed boxes of hot sauce from various makers each month. The best part is: it will be a sauce that you've probably never heard of! Hot sauce lovers can now sample new sauces they may never have heard of while remaining loyal to those tried-and-true staples from the local store. Of course they also offer gifting services so you can add some spice to a friend, a colleague, or a loved one’s life.

  1. Breo Box

Breo Box is a thoughtful surprise for her or him. Customers can choose the plan they want, and Breo Box will send a curated box of essentials, fitness/health, and tech to her/him every 3 months.

The recipient will open each box, discover new items and brands she or he may have never known about, from candle holders to USB hubs, fitness trackers to fitness books - making this not just the perfect gift for any occasion and any time of the year, but also the best box for getting inspired or discovering something new.

It’s great for customers because they won’t have to worry about what to give the recipient, Breo Box helps with the curation.

  1. Crimson and Clover

Need a funny and wild wedding day gift? Crimson and Clover has you covered. From statement tote bags and bath bombs to candles, everything is lil risque! All of your friends will be talking about your gifts. This brand is not afraid to get wild and dirty.

Whether it's a gift for a bride you know or just a pick-me-up for yourself, Crimson and Clover products will help make each moment one to remember.

  1. Hey milestone

Hey Milestone is a company that offers sample boxes for different ages and stages, including pregnancy, newborn, babies, toddlers, big kids, and mom, too. It's supposed to help expecting moms or parents, discover products they might find useful as they go about their journey to parenthood. Hey Milestone's boxes allow customers to try before they buy which is great because as parents, it doesn't hurt to be practical.

The Hey Milestone box includes a variety of items curated by the company for a specific age group. The boxes are meant to be given at special milestone periods such as at the baby shower or the birth of the child.

  1. Manly Man Co.

Wondering what to get your hard-to-please man? This company has the perfect solution for you. Send him a Manly Man Company Man Bouquet for his Birthday, Anniversary or just to let him know “I recognize and appreciate you”. 

A Manly Man Company man bouquet is just like flowers for men, except that they can enjoy its delightful taste, smell and visual appeal. The bouquet also makes superb decor for your home, office or maybe just a frat house.The beef jerky arrangements are presented in a reusable beer mug vase that any man is sure to appreciate.

They’ve also got bouquets made of bacon roses, and just flat out bacon. Talk about USP.

  1. Marigold and Grey

Marigold & Grey offers custom gift boxes for weddings, bridal showers, corporate events and personal gifts. They make gift giving seamless and easy, while still providing that special touch! With its four step process, Marigold & Grey will design a unique, thoughtfully curated gift box tailored to any event’s theme and color palette or unique occasion.

They don't just put pretty things inside a box but also promise customers with flawless execution and sound logistics. From start to finish, Marigold & Grey clients are completely stress-free knowing their gifting is not merely beautiful, but also safely off of their shoulders.

  1.  High Camp

Flowers are always nice but sometimes you want a gift that stands out from the crowd. High Camp elevates the typical bouquet or scented candle gift into something more beautiful, more upscale and more memorable. Today High Camp is the only company in the US to ship directly to consumer cut-to-order High Camp Gardenias quality vines and blooms year-round from its farm in the beautiful coastal valley of California. The packaging, the boxes, and the website are all gorgeous.

The High Camp Gardenias are cut fresh from the garden daily and shipped within just two days of harvest to ensure that they arrive at their destination full of life, fragrance and beauty. The brand also uses minimal packaging to ensure that the flowers arrive fresh and in perfect condition.


We've researched on your behalf and handpicked 20 stores that show innovative or unique products, exceptional web design, functionality and layout, ease of use, and a host of other features that ensure an excellent shopping experience for customers. We hope you’ve picked up a few things from the stores above.

You wouldn't know it by looking at their stores but many of the largest and most successful Shopify stores are not built in-house. They come from Shopify's App Store, or they were created by a third-party agency. You can benefit from this too by working with an experienced provider like Webinopoly. We do more than just create beautiful websites, we help businesses make money in their niche with e-commerce design and development.


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