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20 Best Tactical & Hunting Apparel Shopify Stores to Inspire You

The outdoor industry is booming and there are strong opportunities for merchants to set up their stores as a hunting store, fishing store, or hunting apparel shop. 

Hunting and tactical apparel are typically more durable and weather resistant than everyday clothing; designed with special features for the field, such as scent-masking fabrics, extra pockets for gear, etc., fitted to provide more flexibility and freedom of movement. At the moment, there are hundreds of eCommerce stores on Shopify selling hunting and tactical apparel such as coats, jackets, t-shirts, pants, and many other accessories. 

Retailing hunting and tactical apparel online is a challenging prospect. This is a very competitive market with hundreds of established outdoor apparel companies competing for customers. These businesses span from big to small, local to national, spanning dozens of different industries.

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The key to success in this niche is standing out from the crowd and setting yourself apart. Below are some best tactical and hunting apparel Shopify stores worth checking out.

  1. Trew

Founded by a group of North American ski mountaineers exploring the Canadian Rockies’ high ridges and deep valleys, Trew Gear is driven by a passion for adventure. Each product in their line was designed to improve and enhance your experience in the mountains. They’ve found that attention to detail matters, no matter how remote or urban the adventure. 

  1. KETL

At KETL, they don't just want to make cool-looking activewear; they want to make it better. Their designers are constantly looking for the most innovative technologies from around the world to combine in unique ways & then develop their own style trademark and see how these new fabrics function in the real world. KETL stands behind its craftsmanship with a lifetime guarantee & has created a thorough repair / replace program to ensure that you'll always have clothing that lasts.

  1. Wild Rye

Wild Rye is one of the only companies committed to serving women and anyone who identifies as a woman or anyone who is trying to learn how to fit into the idea of being an adventurous woman. All of their pieces are athletically tactical but also stylish and sexy. Rye’s mission is to inspire confidence in every type of woman who finds their way outside. Every piece is designed and constructed for each woman’s needs, whether on a weekend backpacking trip or going to the office. It’s refreshing to find outdoor gear that holds up to rigorous demands while also including fashion-forward cuts and styles.

  1. Foehn Clothing

Foehn is a tactical apparel company with modern style and exceptional function. Combining performance and style, Foehn provides advanced clothing that is timeless and durable, allowing the user to go further, faster. A contemporary clothing line revolutionizing and challenging the status quo of what is seen as tactical clothing, Foehn creates garments that combine function with a modern aesthetic, form with comfort in timeless styles that withstands use.

  1. Greyson Clothiers

GREYSON CLOTHIERS began in 2009 when Founder & Chief Creative Officer Charlie Schaefer decided to apply his own perspective to his two greatest loves: sports and fashion. The brand’s ultimate goal is to create clothing that supports performance at the highest level while also incorporating superior tailoring and construction. Today GREYSON CLOTHIERS is more than just clothing; it is a state of mind reflected in a community built around strength, loyalty, spirit, and community. 

  1. First Lite

First Lite is about hunting, the people and places surrounding it, and most importantly, the conservation of the wild. PrBy producing-proven apparel for those with an insatiable appetite for experiencing the outdoors, First Lite's innovative designs has earned them a reputation for creating the most revolutionary and effective hunting apparel on the market. Their commitment to quality materials and superior design reflects on every piece.

  1. Duck Camp

Whether you're cruising the swamps in a duck boat or watching the dog days of summer in a camp chair, Duck Camp is your source for premium outdoor goods. They specialize in high-quality hunting and fishing apparel that will withstand the test of time in the field, on the bow of a boat, or out on the town.

  1. Ruff Wear

Ruffwear dog gear was born when a friend challenged Patrick Kruse to create a durable, comfortable harness for him to use with his dog on mountain biking excursions. The more Patrick studied the sport, the more he realized that dogs don’t move like humans and that traditional dog gear simply doesn’t fit the bill for serious outdoor play. Kruse made it his mission to design, build and test products, and create items that performed well on the trail and in the living room. And so, the Ruffwear brand was born, and the adventure continues.

  1. Klymit

Klymit is a brand that’s constantly on the trail ad, evolving, seeking out new materials, and developing new technologies. This dedication to innovation has helped them create a range of products and features designed for comfort and ease of use, making Klymit the brand of choice for those who are passionate about spending time in their backyard, at camp, or on the trail.

  1. Club Ride Apparel

Club Ride Apparel is known in the industry for its flannels. Maybe it's because they're first to market, or they're just that good. One thing is sure, if you are looking for a warm, stylish flannel that is built for adventure and has an uncompromising function, you'll find them here. The fabrics that resist odor to performance enhancements and fashionable details.

  1. EXO MTN Gear

Exo Mountain Gear is a Colorado-based startup that combines the best features of internal frame backpacking packs and external frame load haulers to create a unique, ultra-rugged, ultralight backpack system. They were founded by two outdoor enthusiasts Steve Speck and Lenny Nelson, who wanted to build the pack they wished existed. Exo Mtn Gear is committed to building the best backcountry hunting packs on the planet and creating industry-leading quality products made right here in the USA. 

  1. CANIS

CANIS is the brainchild of mountaineers who found themselves in situations where their gear let them down. CANIS spent two and a half years developing cutting-edge equipment based on firsthand experience and results from the most extreme environments on earth. The end result is a line of clothing and accessories that are built to last a lifetime. They offer specialized mountaineering equipment for hardcore hunters who remain brutally honest about what will work, what won't work, and what they need in order to pursue their passion.

  1. Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices — often just referred to as OV — is an active lifestyle brand that makes tactical apparel for recreation. The brand, which launched in 2013, and is now headquartered in Austin. OV works to make products that are stylish, functional, and great for the outdoors. The brand recently launched its first golf apparel line that includes a golf-ready polo dress comparable to the Exercise Dress. OV also released a golf shirt for men with a similar fabrication that is sporty-yet-sophisticated and great for summer golf.

  1. Pladra

Combining the durability and utility of outdoor flannels with the style of a fashion brand shirt, Pladra is the perfect flannel for trendy outdoorsmen or women. They use high-quality yarns and fibers to create epic flannel shirts that are cozy and warm but lightweight enough to withstand all your adventuring needs.

  1. FHF Gear

HF Gear is a small company on a mission: To ensure that you have the right gear to survive in any situation. FHF Gear pairs the functionality of the hunting and fishing industry with the utility and durability of tactical gear to produce unique and high-quality outdoor gear.

  1. Stone Glacier

Stone Glacier was built to last, with an eye towards craftsmanship and a focus on performance. They’ve designed their gear and apparel to withstand the demands of serious hunters who are looking for the lightest, toughest, and most packable gear possible.  

  1. Showers Pass

Showers Pass takes a simple approach: create gear that allows people to do what they love in comfort. A leader in the outdoor and cycling industries, Showers Pass clothing and accessories let people enjoy the outdoors no matter what Mother Nature throws their way. From mountain biking, road biking, and trail running to skiing, mountaineering and other cold-weather pursuits, Showers Pass uses high-performance waterproof and breathable fabric to protect wearers from harsh elements. 

  1. 686

The 686 Paradox is a modern take on the classic ski parka, reinventing the fit and function for the way we live today. From heavyweight cold-weather shells to tactical base layers, 686 has gear with fabrics and fits that will keep customers warm and comfortable on any adventure. Whether one is exploring the backcountry on a long skin or high traversing off a BC tree line, 686 offers gear for all shapes and sizes so you can move fast and enjoy your time in the mountains.

  1. Mission Workshop

Mission Workshop is one of the most respected and well-known makers of bags, luggage, and other travel gear in the country. From their San Francisco Bay Area location, they create real gear for those who ride bikes, travel, and don’t mind getting a little dirty. They have manufactured everything from tents to travel accessories. Their products are made with very keen attention to detail, and in general, their products are functional and durable.

  1. King’s Camo

King's Camo is an innovative company that fills the gap between traditional and contemporary outdoor and hunting gear. They created a line of camo gear that’s quickly adaptable to changes in terrain and environment - camo that works both in shallow puddles or a dry mud bed. This multi-dimensional system provides the ability to be blended within your surroundings regardless of the situation.


Some of the eCommerce stores are a clear improvement over others. In our opinion, these 20 stores have done an excellent job at setting themselves apart from their competition by focusing on branding and UX/UI design. There is still work to be done regarding increasing retargeting capabilities, but this can be easily achieved with a little bit of additional effort and an understanding of how critical retargeting is to the success of an eCommerce store.

We hope that you’ll find some inspiration in the stores above and take your store to the next level. Experiment with colors, read articles about how to popularize products, collect feedbacks and do everything possible to make each customer try to come back again and again to your store.

If you’re inspired by the success of these successful Shopify stores, why not start your own? Webinopoly offers advanced services and support to clients looking to create a professional, advanced eCommerce website on Shopify.

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