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Top 20 Awesome Shopify Stores Selling Children's Toys & Games

Looking for some inspiration for your next Shopify store? Well, you're in the right place. We've searched through hundreds of successful eCommerce sites to find the most inspiring and highest converting Shopify stores selling toys.

With over three billion online shoppers, Shopify is regarded as one of the best E-commerce platforms to kickstart and grow your business. Used by half a million merchants, you can find everything from clothing, shoes, and accessories up to furniture and technology. 

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The toy industry is an amazing industry and one of the business sectors that have largely remained unaffected by the onslaught of technology mainly because toys are meant to improve a child's cognitive, social and emotional well-being. 

Now here are 20 amazing examples of Shopify stores selling toys, games, and other kids' products. 

  1. Yoto

Yoto Player is a carefully connected speaker for kids and their imaginations, controlled with physical cards. It's made for families, connecting to a free app where parents can make playlists of their kid's favorite audiobooks and music to play. Yoto will inspire tiny listeners of all ages to crawl into a story or join in with familiar songs. Kids will fall in love with stories and music over and over again.

  1. Tubelox

Tubelox is a building toy that uses colorful plastic tubing, connectors, and child-safe magnets to help kids build animals and geometric figures. With over 100 different parts, children can make almost anything they can imagine. They can use the pre-defined designs included with every kit or draw their own. All of the parts are easy to snap together, so whether the kid is 7 or 17, they will have great fun building with Tubelox.

  1. Bebemoss

Bebemoss is an online toy store that offers a unique collection of specialty toys from Turkey. Products are handmade by stay-at-home working mothers, earning below the living wage in Turkey. Their products are all natural and organic, with a Turkish origin that add to their uniqueness and appeal. 

  1. Bannor Toys

Bannor Toys was founded in 2011 with the goal of modernizing the wooden toys discovered in a grandparents' household. Their goal is to allow children's imaginations and creativity to flourish in a manner that today's battery-operated toys can't. Bannor Toys are handcrafted from renewable hardwoods, rubberwood and oak with natural dyes and strong wooden construction. The attention to detail allows for these toys to last generations of imaginative play.

  1. Little Wonder & Co.

Little Wonder & Co. believes that children are the true gift of life and only deserves to have good quality toys and clothes made from sustainable materials. They source high quality, sustainable products and accessories for children, keeping their safety as a priority. With their own children in mind, Little Wonder & Co. strives to create a better world for generations to come.

  1. Slime fantasies

What's better than an ice cream sundae you can play with? How about a doughnut? A milkshake? Slime Fantasies fulfill a need for incredibly realistic edible and savory squishy slimes. They put a lot of effort into making them look, smell and taste just like their real-life counterparts.

  1. Kol Kid

With a loyalty to local artisans and push towards unique cultural toys, Kol Kid is an intriguing shop for parents and children alike. Focusing on products that aid in developing critical thinking, creativity, and imagination, it makes for a fun shopping experience for kids between the ages of 0-9 years old.

  1. Milton & Goose

Milton and Goose founder Shari Raymond couldn’t find a toy kitchen that hit all three criteria, so she started Milton & Goose. Today, each kitchen is completed by a local artisan. The result is a high-quality toy kids will love to play with every day. The play kitchens are gorgeous and have amazing craftsmanship that even parents will appreciate.

  1. Little Learners

From toddlers to preschoolers, adventurous big kids to calm quiet ones, finding toys that make a child excited and engaged can seem like a daunting task. That's why The Little Learner's Corner is here to give you the best play experience possible. They are out to inspire creativity and spark your childrens' curiosity while putting into action the company's core philosophy: "A Smarter Way to Play."

  1. Tangle

Tangle is an irresistible, twisty-turn-y, fidgety art toy that leaves kids mesmerized. Tangle is a visual stimulant that helps promote a sense of focus and peace. From kids to adults-anyone can enjoy the fun, frustration-free sensory experience.

  1. Cabbage Patch Kids

Cabbage Patch Kids are the OG toy from the '70s. These lovable babies can be adopted by a girl or boy – ready to rock and roll and play, creating adventures for little ones. There are more than 100 Cabbage Patch Kids and Babies to choose from. They come in many sizes, color combinations, and adoption fees so kids can choose the features they want or resonate with them (including hair color, eye color, skin tone, hair and eye style, and much more).

  1. Merci Milo

Merci Milo was formed in Mount Washington, Los Angeles in 2009. Originally it was conceived as a small online boutique that would showcase unique handmade pieces from the area's emerging artists and local small businesses. While that original vision still exists, this plush toy shop quickly grew into a neighborhood staple helping introduce babies to the joys of imaginative play with their collection of baby toys, fun stuff for kids, and games that encourage big imaginations.

  1. Jungle Jumparoo

Tired of kids just playing video games? Curious about how to get your child to play outside without you hovering over them? Jungle Jumparoo is an award-winning tool that is being used worldwide to help our differently-abled and sensory communities. The Jungle Jumparoo is a fun toy, which is one of the best ways you can engage in physical play with your children. The Jungle Jumparoo has been endorsed by many different organizations like Good Morning America, Parenting Magazine, Smart Money Magazine and so much more.

  1. Wood Wood Toys

Wooden toys are a great addition to any kid's room, and Wood Wood Toys has a large selection of beautiful and high-quality pieces. Their toys are hand-crafted and gorgeous with unique designs.

  1. Uncle Goose

Uncle Goose handcrafts wooden toys and home décor. It all started when William Bultman was surprised and disappointed to learn that no one in America seemed to be manufacturing woodblocks. Bultman begins hand-crafting traditional wood letter blocks in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Uncle Goose's traditional wooden letter blocks are intended to stimulate a child's imagination and aid in the development of creativity, dexterity, and memory.

  1. MODU

MODU is a tactile construction toy designed to inspire and support your child's evolving physical and imaginative abilities. MODU comes in kits that snap together with building blocks in tactile foam, connector pegs & wheels — all working together in collaboration to develop fine motor skills, color recognition, sequence learning, spatial awareness, and creative expression.

  1. Picasso Tiles

Picasso Tiles is a fun “Shape Building” set that immerses kids in the creativity of crafting 2d and 3d art with embedded magnets. Children will be drawn to the creative possibilities mixed with a healthy dose of interactive play. The magnetic shapes will help give children early exposure to the basics of magnetism and shapes.

  1. Waytoplay

Waytoplay consists of a series of flexible roads, walls and ramps. The flexible design makes it possible for the road to be molded into many different shapes to create different challenges as kids play. Made from the best materials, the Waytoplay set is fully weatherproof. It lets kids (or adults) play indoors or out. It helps to stimulate the senses and creative skills.

  1. Cate and Levi

Cate and Levi offer one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, and eco-friendly puppets, stuffed animals, and more, all with you and your family in mind. All of the toys are made by hand in their California office and then sent directly to customers. They strive to create toys that encourage social interaction, playfulness, and of course fun! 

  1. Pop It Pal

There's been a rash of pimple-popping videos on YouTube, and it's weird but people have found it really satisfying. Now you or your kids can grab hold of the Pop It Pal and pop those zits on your own! Receive 15 pimples with each Pop It Pal – just like in the video! The feeling is similar to popping a huge zit with the feeling of your skin stretching as you pick, then being left with relief afterward. Each Pop It Pal comes with fifteen (15) pimples already attached; however, because everyone has their own unique obsession, you may find yourself wanting more.


To sum up, selling toys on Shopify is turning out to be a really profitable venture. With the growing trend of online shopping, many entrepreneurs are entering this business space to sell their products online. This is not surprising considering just how lucrative this market can be.

From eCommerce to drop shipping and C2C selling, Shopify is feature-rich and can accommodate all kinds of businesses. It's up to the creativity of an entrepreneur to determine what kind of business he or she can start or run on Shopify.

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