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Top 23 Mobile Accessories Shopify Stores

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The market for mobile accessories is lucrative and there is a high demand for products in this niche. The fact that there are so many types of products within it also makes it a great candidate for anyone who wants to start an online business with low startup costs. Mobile phone accessories come in different varieties, which means that you can see different combinations of products being sold. This also means that your Shopify store can be built around these different products. 

If you're interested in getting into eCommerce and are creating your first Shopify store, there's no doubt you've thought about creating a mobile accessories Shopify store. It’s one of the most lucrative product categories today.

But before you make your own, check out our list of the Top 23 Mobile Accessories Shopify stores to serve as inspiration. Make note of their design and layout, website performance, product line, customer service, and other special features or offerings. Learning from these top-performing stores can help you discover what your own store should have and what you should avoid.

  1. Skinnydip London

Skinnydip London designs, manufactures, and retails a range of fashion accessories from the world's most iconic brands. With 90% of traffic coming from mobile, Skinnydip London focused on offering customers affordable products that are fun to buy.

  1. Rhinoshield

What makes Rhinoshield different from the other guys? Their cases are made to withstand real-life falls and collisions. Rhinoshield cases are made from a material called ShockSpread which isnʼt your normal run-of-the-mill TPU. According to Evolutive Labs, their material is slim and tough. This means that their cases will be smaller and lighter than similar cases like the Catalyst Impact Protection and Mous Limitless.

  1. Xouxou

XOUXOU is in a class of its own: a fashion tech brand that’s not afraid to explore new ways to use technology to make your life easier – and more stylish. XOUXOU has created a line of phone necklaces so people can live hands-free.

  1. Spigen

Spigen Inc. is a South Korean mobile phone accessory maker that makes cases, screen protectors, and other accessories for popular smartphone models. Their cases are designed to provide maximum protection without adding bulk to the handset. Most Spigen case buyers state that their case is a good blend of protection and style.

  1. Mous

Mous is an innovative company known for their tech accessories are designed for maximum protection, functionality, and style. They create protective phone cases and wireless chargers. Mous wireless chargers are reliable and efficient, providing people with a simple way to recharge in minimal time. The sleek, compact design makes them easy to use whether at home or on the go.

  1. Burga

Burga's focus is on creating a product that offers more than just your average phone case. Burga believes that it's not enough to make a phone cover that protects one's device, but rather one that actually looks good while doing so.

  1. Oh Snap

Oh Snap is a company that helps you integrate your phone into every aspect of your daily life. They make mobile accessories that don’t suck: beautiful grips, stands, and chargers that make life with a phone less of a hassle and a whole lot more awesome. Oh Snap has successfully launched several crowdfunding campaigns, the most recent of which raised $1.75M+ from 27,493 awesome backers. They met their funding goal in 30 minutes and finished as one of the most backed phone accessory campaigns.

  1. Chaos

The Chaos collection is a luxury accessory and lifestyle brand inspired by fashion's modern obsessions—customization, technology, and a light-hearted sense of fun. Created with fashion and function in mind, Chaos products are designed to make you stand out from the crowd while keeping your essentials safe. Each product combines sleek design with innovative technology to ensure you look stylish and feel comfortable wherever your day takes you.

  1. Palm

Palm is a tiny square phone that does just about everything your big smartphone can but in a tiny, wallet-sized package. It's perfect for minimalists, athletes, and families. It's got an amazing camera, it's waterproof and lightweight so it's great for people on the go.

  1. Peel

Peel is a slim and low-profile smart case for your phone or tablet. It's a perfect mix of form and function, protection and style. Peel is designed to withstand the wear of daily use while providing unobtrusive protection against light drops and scratches.

  1. Velvet Caviar

Velvet Caviar offers a range of beautiful and high-quality phone cases in many different patterns, textures, and types. Their cases are made of durable hardened rubber that is scratch resistant and impacts absorbent, so you can rest easy knowing their phone will remain safe. With so many different designs to choose from, we're sure there is something for everyone!

  1. Phone Soap

 PhoneSoap creates UV phone sanitizers and chargers that kill 99.99% of the bacteria and viruses that thrive on your phone and other small gear. Backed by 10 years in UV technology, PhoneSoap is a bestseller for a good reason. Their portable phone sanitizing solutions are second-to-none – they're convenient, simple to use, and cost-effective. UV technology is the only solution that kills ALL germs, including some viruses and spores (Ebola).

  1. MagBak

 From the office to the car, MagBak has developed a collection of magnetic phone accessories to simplify your life. The mission behind these products is to save time and space, provide easy access and convenient viewing, and ultimately improve your overall experience with your device.

  1. Carved

 Carved is a one-of-a-kind company that offers unique, handcrafted wooden and epoxy resin phone cases, bracelets, wallets, and rings. Each case is made from natural materials and will provide extra protection for phones.

  1. Loopy Cases

 All phones fall. The question is inevitable - will yours survive? Phones are designed to break, and screen repair can cost upwards of $200! But with a Loopy Case for your phone, you can protect against the inevitable by looping your finger through our phone case. According to customer reviews, the loop actually feels intuitive and comfortable. It helps users feel more secure when handling their phone, even in situations where it would have otherwise fallen to the floor.

  1. Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity has been creating one-of-a-kind, custom-designed iPhone and iPad cases for urbanites since 2010. They pride themselves on creating an exclusive product that you can feel proud to own. Each case features beautiful embroidered designs which add a bit of color and flair while simultaneously serving as an easy way to identify your phone. Their products are a reflection of innovation, individuality, and dedication to technological craftsmanship.

  1. LuminAID

LuminAID is a solar lantern that can also charge your phone. This versatile, portable light is great for camping and emergency preparedness. When there’s no power socket in sight, LuminAID can be a lifesaver.

  1. The Dairy

 If you've got a phone, you need a case. And if you want that case to be as unique and special as you are, it should be from The Dairy. Every week they launch new designs from up-and-coming designers and artists from around the world. You'll find everything from photography and art to exceptional typography – all lovingly printed onto their bespoke cases for an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy.

  1. Clutch Charger

Clutch Charger is the latest in portable charger technology. It's a lightweight, ultra-portable, and extremely thin design, especially when compared to other power banks on the market! With its 3000mAh capacity, you'll be able to charge your phone up to three times before needing to plug it in again. This will make your trips less inconvenient and allow you to focus more on important things like having fun while traveling!

  1. Loops

Your phone is now with you wherever you go, so why not keep it as close to you as possible? Phone Loops offers a new and dynamic way of using your phone with stylish designs and the most innovative technology available. Their main product are stylish phone straps that let people securely hold their phone. It allows people to use their phone exactly the way they want to and not be limited by the case they have on it. They have also expanded their line to include other innovative phone and tech accessories like phone leashes, phone slings, and phone charms.

  1. Koala

Adventure calls for adventure gear, and Koala is the ultimate outdoor phone clamp harness. Designed for adventure, it's super grip rubber makes your phone impossible to drop or slip out of your hand. The tether ensures that you never lose your valuable device again, while the clamp can be easily attached to any size backpack strap or belt strap.

  1. Courant

Courant's wireless charging dock and wireless charger line is the perfect blend of style and practicality. Your phone will be charged without a cable thanks to their wireless charging pad, which is made with bamboo wood that makes for a beautiful addition to any home.

  1. Grip2u

The Grip2U combines comfort, protection, and style in one premium iPhone case. Designed to keep your phone secure and in hand, the Grip2U is crafted with a flexible silicone band that cradles your device without impeding functionality. Just slip your finger through the adjustable band and you'll be able to securely text and scroll, type and swipe, all while holding onto a bag or carrying something.

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