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20 Best US Automotive and Car Parts Sites on Shopify (2022)

With the new normal dawning upon us, how are traditional businesses dealing with the situation? We found that last year, there was indeed a spike in the number of eCommerce websites launched and a spike in the number of consumers shopping online. A few categories were able to reap the benefits of this spike and no stranger to that is the automotive industry.

The 13th annual Hedges & Co. eCommerce market shared a forecast for the U.S. automotive aftermarket which showed that the online revenue reached $16 billion in 2020. This includes an incremental $1.9 billion in revenue due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’ve come up with a list of car parts and auto stores to inspire those who are second guessing joining the digital world and to inspire those who want to enter this industry. There are different niches in this category so there is a lot of opportunity for new entrepreneurs and traditional merchants. Shops in this category sell automotive parts, accessories, and services online for vehicles like cars, trucks, and motorcycles.

Keep reading to see our list the top best car parts and auto stores on Shopify that are based in the United States.

(This list is in no particular order and is meant to inspire future Shopify store owners)

  1. Auto Motion

A good old car dealership store, Auto Motion, offers a catalog of their use and restored cars as well as their auto services such as detailing, paint job, restoration, rust repair and body work. The website is filled with impactful photos that really lure you in. We think it’s great that they’ve provided photos not only of the products but of the garage and location where you can find their cars. There are also engaging descriptions provided for the products and services.

  1. Cars Wiz

Cars Wiz Co is a small, independent car detailing company that offers detailing services and products. They sell convenient items to keep cars in the best condition such as polishing sets, detailing sets, and car wash kits.

  1. Runge Cars

Runge Cars is a car manufacturing company that offers beautiful handcrafted, bespoke automobiles and furniture. They allow customers to specify and customize their vehicles to suit their taste while still maintaining traditional coachbuilding techniques and handcrafted bodywork. 

  1. Tommy Owens Used Cars

Used cars on Shopify? Why yes. Tommy Owens shows that you can utilize your online space to make an online catalog for potential customers. The brand shows multiple photos of each truck they’re offering so users can inspect and zoom without having to leave the house.

  1. Utz Motorcycle Store

UTZ is a one stop shop for motorcycle riders in the US. The company sells curated items that are fit to the motor riding lifestyle. They offer items such as riding gear (gloves, jackets, neck gaiters), mobile phone accessories (to hold and support your phone while on the road), and camping gear (for those long rides and trips).

  1. Bumpr

Bumpr offers car owners an added sense of security with their bumper device which provides real-time notifications to quickly inform you if anything happens on the surface of your car. It’s main goal is to make customers feel safe whenever they park, and to be able to focus on other more important matters.

  1. Muse Auto

Muse Auto is basically a small Bluetooth device that brings your reliable smartphone assistant, Alexa with you for added convenience. You can plug it in, pair with your smartphone and call “Alexa”. What it really does is lessen the hassle of you having to hold your phone, open it and find Alexa. This device immediately cuts that process and lets you keep your eyes on the road.

  1. DriSeats

Tired of messing with towels on his car seat after runs and workouts, Dri Seat founder Mike, found that it was a hassle to keep placing and finding towels especially since it didn't really stop sweat from getting on to the seats. While trying to figure out how to avoid getting his car from smelling like sweat or having it stained, he created DriSeats. These are waterproof, non-slip, washable covers at an affordable price.

  1. JDM Car Parts

Sleek and classy, JDM Car Parts offers car parts and accessories for vintage Japanese cars like Nissan S30, Datsun, Toyota Corolla, Daihatsu and more. The store is organized by brand and car model so it’s easy for users to find what they need. There’s also a good amount of photos for prospective customers to view.

  1. Do You Even Boost?

The store is owned and operated by two brothers-in-law, both car enthusiasts, both named Brian. Together they put together a website and start selling car parts and accessories. What started as a small company to help people get access to the best products so they can modify their cars and trucks. The brothers claim that they buy and use their own products to attest for the quality. They aim to sell products with the best quality at an affordable price.

  1. Auto Parts Lab

A top eBay seller and a DMV licensed store, Auto Parts Lab, boasts having over 10,000 auto parts available in their store and more than 4,000 customer feedback. The company specializes mostly in European auto parts and aftermarket 4x4 parts.

  1.   Lasfit

Lasfit aims to be a market leader in the automotive parts and accessories industry. Their main product is LED bulbs. The website is simple but clean which highlights the products right away. Customers will find it easy to navigate through their menu as it can be categorized by vehicle or types of bulbs among other things. 

  1. Legion Tires

Legion tires promotes tried and tested diesel tires that are built to stand towing, off-roads and the daily grind. Their tires have aggressive buttress lugs for additional off-road traction, abrasion resistance and puncture prevention.

  1. Ack Auto

ackauto is an automotive parts & accessories company that has been aroundsince 2003. It offers aftermarket parts for all kinds of four wheelers (SUV Cars) located in outskirt of Los Angeles. They are able to ship directly from the manufacturer, saving on costs which enables them to offer products at competitive prices. Among their products are DIY kits for vehicles such as Blowers, Car Covers, Cooling Fans, Door Handles, Floor Mats, Headlights, Hubcaps, Side Mirrors, Radiators, Signal Lights, Tail Lights, Window Regulators and other replacement parts of your choice.

  1. Car Supplies Warehouse

Car Supplies Warehouse is a detailing shop founded in 2019 by a team of professional detailers. They offer a wide array of items to help customers get the products they need for every detailing process. The website is very organized and the product photos are well taken. They are also able to feature events, tips, and videos that their customers can find helpful. 

  1.  Dip Your Car

Ever wanted to change the look of your car? Of course you have. Dip Your Car is a company that offers peelable auto paint so you can change the look of your car with less commitment. Apart from their DYC kits, they also sell accessories and tools that can make “dipping” your car easier and more efficient. The brand has fostered its own community called the “DYC Community'' where customers, fans and owners of the brand can interact with each other.

  1. Titan MotorSports

Titan Motorsports is a retail store in Florida that sells performance parts and accessories for high performance vehicles. They offer big brands like Bosch, Nitrous Express, and Ferrea but have also developed their own racing and performance parts. 

  1.  Lord’s Town Motors

Lord’s Town Motors designs and manufactures electric vehicles that revolutionize the way work gets done. They are an electric vehicle manufacturer and designer based in Ohio. Their website is very dynamic and engaging as it is able to showcase the features of their vehicle stylishly through videos, photos and copy.

  1. Relations Race Wheels

Created to provide beautiful big wheels for trucks, RRW is a consumer truck wheels company that designs and manufactures its own wheels to enhance the look and functionality of your truck. Some of their wheel brands include Chevy, Subaru, and Jeep. 

  1.   Kies Motorsports

Kies Motorsports is a car parts and automotive store focused on retrofits and BMW performance and modifications. 


Across North America, trends in online shopping for new auto parts and accessories are accelerating. North American automotive parts eCommerce is growing and is projected to reach US$20.6 billion in 2020. That includes CA$4.9 billion/US$3.7 billion in Canada and just under US$1 billion in Mexico.

So if you are planning to start your own Shopify store in this industry here are a few tips to help you:

  • Provide complete product descriptions, features and specifications
  • Invest in impactful car photography with high-resolution product photos
  • Have a menu that is intuitive and easy to navigate
  • Include videos and photos that show the product in use or its effect
  • Allow users to leave product reviews to build trust

We hope you learned something from this article and are ready to go on your journey in the automotive eCommerce space. Just by integrating a few of these essentials, you may improve your website’s performance and perhaps gain more conversions.

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