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Top 20 Best Health and Wellness Shopify Stores


If you’re interested in starting an eCommerce health and wellness business, learning from successful stores can be a great source of inspiration and ideas. We present 20 of the most excellent health & wellness shops on Shopify and highlight why they stand out. These shops have some of the best marketing tactics, product selection, and website design, which are critical for eCommerce success.

Most entrepreneurs today still choose Shopify as their eCommerce platform. Shopify makes it simple to build an eCommerce store and provides various tools to help you get started. 

Whether you're selling shoes through your own e-commerce store or drop shipping them to your customers, customers favorably to professionally designed websites and quality product photos. 

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  1. Youfoodz


With their revolutionary home delivery service of fresh and healthy meals, Youfoodz is devoted to ‘making mealtimes great again.’ They offer ready-to-eat meals prepared by skilled chefs using the freshest local ingredients. Their own weight loss movement called ‘Youfoodz 70/30' gives members a weekly meal plan and access to dietitian-approved recipes. Youfoodz is fast expanding in a very competitive field, with over 450,000 monthly visits.


  • Lets customers customize their orders/subscription upon checkout
  • The use of green in their website design connotes “fresh” and “health.”
  • Makes use of fantastic imagery to suggest their food is freshly made
  • It has a very sleek and professional website design with some animation and movement that brings life to the site
  • They make use of well thought out website copy that educates the audience about diet and lifestyle
  1. Flex


Flex is a disposable menstruation disc. FLEX, unlike standard tampons or menstruation cups, conforms to the contour of the user's body. The disc rests securely and is barely noticeable, making it a potentially life-changing substitute for tampons. In the first half of 2016, this Shopify store raised $4.6 million, and it's still going strong now.

To use Flex, women will need to adopt and switch to this new product, meaning they’ll have to forgo tampons and pads. To combat this, Flex publishes a plethora of instructive blog entries, FAQs, and client testimonials. Customers that were dubious about buying from you are now paying for your instructional stuff regularly.


  • It has a “Learn” tab that educates customers about the product: how to use, FAQs and blogs.
  • They have a quick quiz that lets customers get the best product match. This also enables them to get the customer’s emails.
  • The visuals are great and adequately represent the products and their usage.
  • It has a unique yet straightforward website that’s professionally made and easy to navigate.
  1. Nutriseed


Nutriseed is a nutrition-focused Shopify store. For those who want to incorporate seeds, powders, and other nutritious foods into their meals, Nutriseed is a good place to start. Nutriseed has grown from its humble origins in the countryside to a state-of-the-art British production plant. 


  • Creative marketing strategies to spread the word about their business
  • Encourage consumers to post selfies using their product to win a Nutriseed gift card
  • It has a very organized navigation menu so customers can find the right product for what they need
  • Highlights the benefits of each product without being too wordy or overwhelming
  1. SkinnyMe Tea


SkinnyMe Tea is the brand to check if you want to reduce weight and enhance your health. Gretta founded the world's first "Teatox" in 2021 at her house in Melbourne. Her products are created in Australia from the highest quality herbs and extracts as part of their well-known two-step approach, which includes a variety of dietary and exercise recommendations to assist individuals in achieving their goals.


  • Offers are widely available and highlighted on the banner 
  • Has very appealing visuals that cater to their target audience
  • It uses a well-balanced layout and muted, calming colors
  • Segments their top products: Detox Teas and Anytime Teas
  • There’s a lot of user-generated content, and they make sure potential customers can spot them
  1. Women’s Best


Women's Best is a premium women's apparel and fitness nutrition brand. They sell leggings, sports bras, and health products such as hair vitamins and collagen beverages. Women's Best has gained popularity over the years due to collaborations with well-known workout influencers like Krissy Cela, Tammy Hembrow, Brittne Jackson, and Vicky Justiz. They now have over 3 million Instagram followers and were featured in Forbes, Cosmopolitan, and Women's Health.


  • The brand set up different Shopify stores to cater to each market they sell to. This helps to localize the brand and cater their service, inventory, and content to that specific country, allowing them to target customers more effectively.
  • It has an immaculate, professional Shopify layout that’s able to highlight its different product categories.
  • They make use of powerful visuals of empowered women, which can be motivating to potential customers.
  • Makes use of user-generated content that helps give customers confidence in the brand
  1. Brio Geo


Briogeo was founded on a family legacy of developing effective products using clean, organically sourced ingredients. They use natural oils, vitamins, and antioxidants in their hair care products. The fact that they offer products for ALL hair types, allowing women to obtain the healthy, beautiful hair of their dreams, is probably one of the best things about their business.


  • Emphasizes hair problems and solutions on the homepage so customers can find the right products easily (i.e., Define curls, smooth curly hair, etc.)
  • Excellent visuals of their clean ingredients are seen on the homepage
  • Allows customers to customize the products to suit their hair routine
  • It has a hair type quiz to help customers find what they need, along with a discount code
  1. Alodia


Dr. Isfahan created Alodia in 2017, a complete line of treatments and hair kits meant to simplify the growth and maintenance process. Today, the company is a global brand that offers natural, scientific, and nutritional luxury hair care products and services. Hair products, hair product kits, and scalp consultations are the company’s three main focuses.


  • They highlight how their kits take the guesswork out of figuring out which products work best for their hair.
  • There are direct links to product pages on the homepage and a showcase of the best-selling products.
  • The homepage also directs people to Alodia's Instagram page, shown via an integrated Instagram feed.
  • The website also performs an excellent job of establishing credibility by recounting the narrative of its founder, Dr. Isfahan.
  • Allows customers to schedule a consultation with their founder
  1. Off Limits


OffLimits is a new, nutritious cereal brand for the health-conscious breakfast enthusiast. In 2020, it won the Shopify Commerce Awards for “Best Custom Storefront.” Each cereal box displays a unique character, and each figure has its tale. The flavor names are likewise based on characters invented by the founder, Emily Miller. She created these identities to humanize cereal branding, which typically yelled, eat this and be better and stronger! One of the characters, DASH, is also the cereal industry's first female cereal character.


  • Bright and inviting visuals that make visitors more curious about the brand
  • Unique animations all over the website make it stand out. It gives their website a lot of character.
  • Their flavors and characters are very unique. Even the product line is one-of-a-kind with items like “cereal glitter.”
  • Eye-catching graphics are placed all over the website, but it’s cohesive and not cluttered.
  • Overall, very original and one of the freshest takes on breakfast food.
  1. Batch Organics


Batch Organics delivers smoothies and breakfast bowls that are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. They use organic, flash-frozen ingredients prepared by chefs and balanced by nutritionists. 


  • Big pictures with bright pastel colors capture the viewer’s attention
  • They make purchasing easy for customers
  • Lets customers choose from a single box or a subscription type of service.
  1. Thinx


Thinx is a women-owned menstruation underwear company. Their main goal is to develop attractive and comfortable period underwear. It has increased 23 times its original worth since its creation and has become one of the most successful startups in the industry.


  • Their homepage instantly highlights how their product is a solution for women.
  • Includes a lot of content focused on user benefits to help with product adoption
  • Created a safe space for women to talk about all things period
  • It has beautiful visuals that help educate the audience and emphasize the product's benefits.
  1. Not Pot

Two years ago, Not Pot entered the CBD gummy bear market with a clear mission: to de-stigmatize cannabis and support individuals arrested for marijuana offenses. They sell gummies infused with CBD oil, dubbed as a new approach to wellness. It's a Gen Z brand first and foremost, and they make that very clear. The visuals, copy, and packaging all scream Gen Z, enabling them to engage with their target audience.


  • Exceptional branding that’s consistent with their mission, and appeals to their target market
  • Is able to address concerns and objections that certain customers may have before making a purchase
  • The product photos include not just the products but “anime” that feature the gummies. While it may be confusing for older audiences, it’s very apt for Gen Z.
  1. Happiness Abscissa


Happiness Abscissa (Ha) is a fragrance and candle brand established by Emilio, a neurologist, and Ann, a psychiatrist and artist.

The smells have been developed to make you feel good and happy. The Ha is a subjective scale that integrates neurobiological and sensory factors that may be improved to increase one's sense of well-being. According to the brand, Pleasant smells produce better memories and increased well-being (higher Ha), as assessed by physiological reactions. 


  • Hand-drawn artwork and watercolor motifs that are akin to their branding are used for the web design.
  • They make use of a whimsical parallax long-scrolling website to highlight their products.
  • It uses light, and happy colors of blue, yellow, and green
  • The product page is consistent with the style of the home page and does not follow the standard layout of other websites.
  1. Corpus Naturals


Consumers have always regarded Deodorant as clinical, up until Corpus Naturals was launched their line of 100 percent natural, premium, hyper-effective deodorants. J.P. Mastey, a specialist in natural skincare with over 15 years of expertise, created the company in 2018. 


  • Consistent and clean branding and packaging
  • A clean and well-crafted website with a muted color palette that gives it a luxurious vibe
  • To convey the fragrances digitally, they used high-quality pictures to conjure the aromas through recollection, tapping into the user's feeling of nostalgia.
  1. BYBI


The independent label's primary goal is to become one of the first carbon-neutral cosmetic businesses by the end of 2020. According to Zero Waste Week, the cosmetics industry alone produces 120 billion packing units every year, about 70% in landfills. Elsie Rutterford and Dominika Minarovic aspire to build a circular beauty company that reduces waste in other industries.


  • Emphasizes the product USPs, skin positive and pro-planet, on the homepage
  • Utilizes bright and captivating colors and visuals across the website
  • It has a very informative, Skin Blog that customers can check for skincare knowledge, ideas, and info
  1. Act+Acre


Act+Acre is a revolutionary hair wellness company that encourages users to rethink hair health and maintenance. Helen Reavey started her career as a hairdresser in Ireland before relocating to New York to work with the world's top hair care specialists. Reavey couldn't discover any items for scalp health. Seeing the damaging consequences of over-styling and substandard chemicals on the scalp, Reavey took matters into her own hands and developed the now trademarked Cold Processed approach with Stanford experts. Reavey launched Act+Acre in January 2019, urging people to treat their scalps like their skin.


  • Very clean, minimalist website layout and design
  • Immediately shows users when and how often the products need to be used without having to go to the product page
  • Has a dedicated Science page that can ease any doubts and concerns over the products
  • “Save with sets” is an excellent feature for upselling
  1. Eden’s Garden


The internet is buzzing over essential oils, a $1 billion industry. But to stand out, you need a marketing strategy that’s cut out from the rest. Companies like Edens Garden are responding by rewarding customers through loyalty programs. It was clear that Edens Garden had two types of customers: occasional and frequent. This prompted the company to design a two-tiered program that incentivizes both top and occasional customers.


  • Their website uses a clean, primarily white theme, which makes their products and the green decor stand out.
  • From their home page, one can already see what kind of products are available to explore
  • Their Aroma Notes loyalty program is free to join and lets customers get “noted” the more they engage with Edens Garden as a brand.
  1. Native Path


NativePath is a personalized health and nutrition company that best delivers on motivating, teaching, and providing individuals with resources to restore natural vitality via ancestral wisdom and cutting-edge science for health seekers.


  • Very clean and eye-catching visuals allow the products to shine
  • Informative copy is placed strategically to educate the audience
  • There’s a lot of content for customers to go through, including recipes they can use to aid in their journey to a healthier lifestyle
  1. Slate Milk


Slate Milk had increased 300% over the last year and now employs 30 people, up from three when it first opened its doors. Manny Lubin, the co-founder, argues that millennials love chocolate but want something healthier and more trendy, which is why Slate's high protein, zero sugar, and low-calorie chocolate milk exists. It's a product that's been warmly received by individuals looking to improve their health, as well as the fitness and sports communities. Their purchase rate had also increased due to greater flavor, more protein content, and lower sugar than when they first started.


  • Sleek, minimalist website design and icons
  • Well-written and engaging copy and content
  • The brand's products are well-marketed. They developed contexts where their products are best consumed, such as breakfast, a 3 p.m. pick-me-up, or post-workout fuel.
  • This is due to their intimate knowledge of their consumers and their attentiveness to their needs.
  1. Health Ade


Kombucha is a fermented tea rich in probiotics and organic acids. It is low in caffeine, sugar, and calories (35-40 per serving). In addition to cleansing, kombucha has been shown to help with weight loss, arthritis, and cancer prevention. Health-Ade makes its Kombucha with four essential ingredients: organic black and green tea, filtered water, organic evaporated cane juice, and SCOBY (the kombucha's culture).


  • A unique take on kombucha in terms of packaging and branding
  • Uses animated graphics to give life to the website
  • Shows off the products and people’s guts (in a good way) to highlight the product benefit
  1. The Nue Co


'The Nue Co.,' is an uncomplicated line of dietary supplements and health products by Londoner Jules Miller, who was inspired on vacation to Copenhagen. The company uses formulae that are devoid of possibly dangerous toxic additives and preservatives. Combining the finest of conventional and complementary medicine with evidence-based clinical research can improve absorption in the body and provide noticeable outcomes.


  • The brand philosophy is highlighted on the homepage, which shows customers exactly what the brand is about
  • Clean and big visuals are placed to show off the products and their benefits.
  • There’s an easy-to-use consultation page to allow customers to get a tailored plan fit to their needs.


When it comes to health and wellness, building trust and credibility is the priority. There are several ways to develop this, from having a professionally made website to an informative blog, keeping your processes and ingredients transparent, and engaging them through social media. The great thing about health and wellness is that it has supportive communities that you can tap into.

If you're inspired by the success of these large Shopify Health and Wellness stores, why not start your own? When it comes to making your eCommerce store, Shopify is the best platform to do it, and Webinopoly is one of the most experienced and well-versed teams. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you’ve got big ambitions and want a professionally made custom Shopify website that can generate a strong web presence and help with conversions. 

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