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Top 25 Shopify Stores for Pet Supplies & Goods

We shop online for almost everything these days, and there should be no reason why purchasing pet supplies cannot be done in the same manner as other popular eCommerce products such as sporting goods, home essentials, apparel, and accessories. With ease and convenience, it’s really no wonder that the industry is booming today.

It’s no secret too that everybody loves their pets. Though they aren’t human, they are treated as family. But in order to keep a pet happy and healthy, it will require a variety of things, such as toys, leashes, carriers, and sometimes even clothing.

Thanks to the growing demand from pet owners for high-quality and innovative products, pet supply eCommerce websites are growing.

For those who want to start their own pet supply online store, this article is the place to start. We've compiled a list of the top 25 Shopify pet supply stores for you to explore and get inspiration from.

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  1. Fable Pets

Quality items for pets are what Fable is all about. When they discovered that there were no regulations in place for pet products, they decided to make their own. These requirements demand that things be made of safe, long-lasting materials so that they don't fall apart and keeps your pets safe always. They design products from the ground up to ensure that pet owners receive nothing but the best from their product lines. You'll find anything from handcrafted wooden boxes to tailored collars, plush mattresses, and elegant bowls.

The website of Fable is evocative of a premium brand and represents the company's vision. You'd be forgiven for thinking you were purchasing a high-end product based on the quality of the writing and the photographs. They use high-quality images and graphics to enhance the website and bring it to life. From the home page to the product detail pages, the brand's personality shines through nicely.

  1. Modkat

Brooklyn-based startup Modko seeks to ease some of the challenges presented to cat owners with its sleek, modern design. They have aesthetically appealing litterboxes and scratchers that work well in contemporary home layouts.

To begin with, they make it easy for pet owners to use their website, which is very user-friendly and simple to navigate. Additionally, Modkat provides high-resolution photos of their designs. In order to make it easier for potential customers to find exactly what they're searching for, each collection offers products that are detailed in great depth. The checkout procedure is also incredibly user-friendly. Overall, it's an excellent pet supplies shop for sophisticated and stylish pet owner.

  1. Zee.Dog

Zee.Dog is a sleek, contemporary pet store for dog owners that specializes in leashes, harnesses, collars, and toys. They also offer a few cat accessories.

Their product category is outstanding, and the widget they've implemented provides customers with a sizing chart as well as the option to chat with an agent. Customers will appreciate this. They can even go to the shopping basket with ease. We also appreciate how they use clear and concise website copy, as well as crisp typography, across the site. Everything on the website screams clean, which mirrors the sophisticated and stylish products they sell.

  1. Pupnaps

It's hardly a secret that dogs are our best friends, and they deserve the best sleep possible. Research has found that dogs may feel anxiety at some time in their lives and that a lack of restful sleep can cause a variety of physical and mental health issues in dogs.

The Pupnaps Calming Dog Bed is revolutionizing how much significance we put on our pets' resting patterns, as well as helping to battle the growth of anxiety symptoms in dogs. Our furry friends, just like us, require a good night's sleep in order to thrive.

  1. Zesty Paws

For almost a decade, Zesty Paws® products have been crafted with a dedication to quality, creativity, and an unwavering belief in the importance of pet health. They also work with some of the best ingredient companies in the business to provide you with the most innovative pet functional products on the market today. Pet owners may depend on Zesty Paws for tasty morsels that help alleviate their dogs' allergy or stress concerns or provide the nourishment they need.

The overall look and feel of the website is friendly and warm. It's wonderful to see how they play around with various fun pet-like elements and scatter them across the site. It gives the brand a lot of personality. In addition, the intuitive design shows that the company really cared about its customers.

  1. Spark Paws

Paw Parents who are weary of the same old accessories may head to Spark Paws to dress up their paw pals in the swaggiest pieces. There are a lot of paw parents who adore dressing up their fur kids and the founders of Spark Paws are one of them. Since introducing their debut collection in 2017, they have gotten incredible support from all around the globe and developed their community to 100K+ admirers.

We really like how they enlisted gorgeous dogs and pups to be their models. It's nearly like your normal apparel store but instead, you get these gorgeous canines in sweatshirts and chains. Pet owners may even purchase matching sweatshirts to wear with their dogs. The website is quite straightforward, placing a strong emphasis on the items and it's okay. It works.

  1. Crown and Paw

Crown and Paw, a shop for the pet obsessed, offers original, one-of-a-kind prints that represent their pet's distinct personality and facial features. Get a custom pet portrait painted by a team of professional artists to display in your house. Want to put your pet's adorable face on a sweater? A pillow? Crown and Paw will take care of it.

There is an overall sense of fun and color to the website, which is consistent with the type of business they are. It's also easy to use, so potential buyers can quickly locate the themes and things they're looking for (from Christmas-themed canvasses to Renaissance-themed sweaters). In addition to product ratings and reviews, customers may also refer to the may sample photos provided with each item to make an informed decision.

  1. West and Willow

West & Willow, like the previous store, offers custom prints of your furry friend. This one, on the other hand, is in a different style, much more refined and simple. They make use of gallery-quality paper, high-quality frames, and modern illustrations. There are other options for those who don't want a print, such as a greeting card or a custom phone case.

A noteworthy element is the use of video in their banners, which allows you to see the products in use. In addition, each product page includes attractive, high-quality photographs of the objects in use, as well as well-written product descriptions. As a result, shoppers might feel a little more at ease while making purchases online.

  1. Frenchie Bulldog

Frenchie Bulldog offers a colorful range of dog harnesses, bandanas, and leashes in vibrant designs and colors, making them ideal for paw parents who enjoy fun, quirky accessories. They also have one-of-a-kind toys that dogs will undoubtedly like.

The website screams "fun" and "joy" all over it. The layout of the website emphasizes Frenchie Bulldog's unique designs and fun-loving attitude. The photos are excellent; you get to see the fit on a real dog, and sometimes there's even a video.

  1. Whistle

Having a pet is almost like having a child. Except it can't truly communicate or tell you how they're feeling. Whistle, smart gadgets that interpret your pet's health data, can help you learn everything your pet can't say. Whistle smart collars and gadgets can track your pet's health, activity, behavior, location, and more, allowing you to better understand their condition and provide them with more comprehensive care.

Each product's characteristics and benefits are clearly laid out on the company's website. Customers will find it easy to locate what they need because the overall design is clean and intuitive. They’ll also feel more at ease since the product descriptions are thorough and well-written. Plus, there's even a chart to assist you to compare gadgets and choose which gadget is best for you. The required subscription plan for pet owners that allows for real-time monitoring and video chat with veterinarians is also laid out clearly.

  1. Open Farm Pet

For Jacqueline Prehogan, finding a natural, nutritious pet food that would help her dog grow healthy and strong while connecting to her personal beliefs was a challenge. It seemed like every alternative at the time included elements that seemed to undermine animal welfare, sustainability, and transparency standards. As a pet owner, you probably want to give your pet the best food possible, but you also want to be sure that it was produced ethically. After years of research and hard work, Jacqueline launched Open Farm with the objective of not just changing the content of our pet food, but fundamentally rethinking the process of making it.

Customers will find their website very easy to navigate with its straightforward and simple layout. Just on their homepage alone, you’ll be able to select their bestsellers and the size you want thanks to the intuitive buttons. A few animations here and there put life into the website, accompanied by warm and cozy photos of furry friends.

  1. Happy and Polly

Happy and Polly are a great option for cat owners who are looking for something charming and unique. They offer adorable pet trees, carriers, and other items for a happy home. They also feature drinking fountains that are both playful and stylish.

The website's general design is appealing to younger pet owners. Everything in this design reflects the brand's personality, from its chunky logo and typography to its pastel-colored graphics. On the product catalog, you’ll find quirky photos of the products as well as adorable cats (and sometimes dogs) using said products.

  1. Your Fuzzy

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to pet care, each pet is unique, even its problems. Fuzzy provides professional care and vet-curated items targeted to your pet's needs, whether they are independent cats or grade A clingers, apprehensive puppies, or brave fidos. It’s a service that connects you to professionals and may save you trips to the E.R. They also provide items for pet health such as vitamins, supplements and treatments.

Fuzzy’s layout is sleek and uncluttered, enabling you find your way around quite effortlessly. It also offers many offerings that are definitely valuable to pet owners from the accessible pet health plans, to their educational blog, and healthcare products, they keep true to their promise of being “your pet’s healthcare partner”.

  1. Fetching Ware

Fetching Ware sells merino wool jumpers, sophisticated dog collars, and one-of-a-kind toys. Fetching Ware sells Australian merino wool dog sweaters that will keep your pup toasty throughout the winter months while also keeping him stylish.

Their website is rather simple, with a large number of genuine user reviews and a thorough product description.

  1. KHPet

K&H Pet Goods, based in Colorado Springs, is the leading manufacturer of heated pet products in the United States. They provide creative, high-quality solutions for dogs, cats, and birds. When it comes to providing comfort to pets and their owners, K&H always has something fresh in-store. Dogs and cats may benefit from their extensive selection of beds that come with therapeutic properties. Customers can even choose from memory foam, orthopedic foam, or self-heated polyfill. As a heat source, these beds may help relax muscles and ease joint pain. Those are particularly useful for dogs that are active or who are arthritic due to age or illness.

You get a simple, no-fuss website here. Filters in the product catalog help you find what you’re looking for and the product descriptions are very detailed so customers know exactly what they’re purchasing.

  1. Impersonate Me

In the eyes of pet owners, a pet is much like a member of the family. But because our lives are longer than theirs, these small creatures deserve a permanent place in our homes and memories. If you're looking for a unique present for a pet owner (or even someone who isn't), here is the place to go. There are bespoke blankets, pillows, posters, and dog bowls at Impersonate Me that are neither gaudy or out of place in homes.

This company's website is simple and elegant, focusing on the aesthetics of their products. The designs are really the selling point here. Large product photos are used, and they do an excellent job of grabbing the viewer's attention.

  1. Chippin Pet

To some extent, we buy Chippin's claims that they are reimagining the dog food supply chain. Commodity meats like chicken, cattle, and pigs are not used in their goods, which are instead sourced from small and medium-sized North American farms or fisheries. In order to be environmentally responsible and reduce their carbon impact, they get their protein from sustainable farms.

You get greeted by a bright and vivid yellow banner and some comic-themed aesthetics. The products pop thanks to the way the graphics and layout are designed. You instantly know what they’re all about, “superfoods” for your pets. It’s very unique and one of a kind and one of the standouts on this list.

  1. Atlas Pet Company

Atlas provides pet owners with products that are built to last, something that pet owners will surely appreciate. They offer dog collars, leashes, and harnesses that will last a lifetime and are pleasant for dogs to wear (and the dogs themselves). Travel-friendly dog dishes are also available for the more adventurous pet and owner.

The website is sleek and minimalistic, complemented by high-quality visuals that tell a story. You’ll also find nice, engaging copy that puts forward the character of the brand.

  1. The Anxious Pet

Thing is, pet anxiety is a genuine issue, and not just for pets, anxious pets create anxious pet parents. The Anxious Pet understands this first-hand since they were those anxious pet owners, and because they couldn’t find the right solutions for their furry family members, they set out to make them. Today they provide a whole line-up of patented calming treatments that are veterinarian formulated and lab tested.

The Anxious Pet website makes use of a calming color blue that perfectly matches their products and vision. The simple and playful graphics provide their website with some character as well. Everything is very clean and uncluttered so customers will be able to navigate the website easily.

  1. Womenopet

Wopet fully embraces pets and technology. They are a passionate business started in 2015 that think that every pet deserves a long and healthy life filled with joy and love. They offer innovative devices including a smart pet feeder that manages your pet's feeding time, a smart pet camera that allows you monitor your dogs in real time, and intuitive drinking fountains that filter contaminants from water. Basically modern solutions for modern pet owners.

Their website is clean and minimalistic with a few pops of color while the UI is very user-friendly. You can quickly access the shopping cart, get the whole picture of each product owing to thorough product descriptions, and easily locate other people's product reviews.

  1. Pawineer

Pawineer is an online business operated by pet lovers and parents that work around the clock to provide consumers with high-quality, unique "pawducts." Everything on Pawineer has been hand-picked by local, licensed veterinarians for quality assurance. They’ve got puptrimmers, pupbowls, pupmats and anything else your pup might need.

Pawineer uses huge graphics for their banners, which grab your attention and then highlight their best sellers as you scroll through. They once again make use of huge, high-quality photographs to demonstrate the benefits of their goods. The playful and easygoing web copy is commendable, and it effectively promotes the merchandise.

  1. Pets Magnet

In response to the lockdowns and shortages of the pandemic in 2020, Pet Magnet's major concept was to save pet owners time and stress while providing convenience, alternatives, and value. They do this by offering a variety of healthy and trusted products sourced from the best suppliers in the UK and Europe. From tasty snacks and nutritious feeds to handy accessories and effective non-prescription medications, their products are a magnet for animal owners.

Their all-inclusive platform was created to be intuitive and user-friendly, enabling anybody to explore and buy, but particularly senior consumers. We particularly enjoy the little animations and bright images that add to the website's lighthearted vibe. The filters are well-designed and will be quite beneficial for folks who have difficulty purchasing online. We must say, they nailed it.

  1. Nulo

Michael, a pet owner of a lab called Max, pondered better pet-care solutions while driving to a business trip. It wasn’t long until he launched what would become California's largest pet-care company. It was also during his time there where he learned about an increase in the number of obese and diabetic canines needing at-home insulin injections. He quickly realized it was something in the food supply. Concerned about what he was giving Max, Michael realized there had to be a better choice, worked with renowned vets and food formulators to create what is now Nulo.

If it wasn’t clear, the website depicts the narrative of the two for whom it all began, Michael and his dog Max. The use of visuals and copy really helps to bring everything together. Then you have a fantastic, very slick looking website that showcases the product very well. Customers can easily navigate through the website, discover different store locations, chat with an agent and shop as they please.

  1. Paw Huggies

Pawhuggies is a website dedicated to pet owners and their animals. For a reasonable price, they provide solutions that promote comfort and safety for both dogs and people. Items such as a fluffy dog bed are always welcome, and their customers are really impressed with their selection.

  1. Only Natural Pet

Only Natural Pet was formed in Boulder, Colorado, where open spaces, fresh air, and sunshine drive their products. It all started when Marty Grosjean acquired a lab mix with a variety of health concerns. After adopting an all-natural, holistic diet and lifestyle that wasn't quite popular for pets at the time, Crinkles started to flourish. Marty established Only Natural Pet to assist other people to provide a head-to-tail healthy life for their dogs, based on all he learned.

The products are segmented into cats and for dogs, and down into further categories. Regulars will like the “quick reorder” feature that’s available on the navigation bar as well as the auto-delivery system they have in place.


We hope this list is useful to you and motivates you to start your own Shopify business.

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