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Webinopoly team listens!

An important thing that makes us different from other companies is having a quality and performance improvement department. With specialized employees who worked with big companies like (Boeing, Ford, etc…) our internal and external processes are enhanced on a daily basis with the best methods & solutions (SIX SIGMA and LEAN methodologies) on the market. Our performance improvement department makes sure to stay in contact with customers and keep them satisfied.

Our main goal at Webinopoly is to make our customers FULLY satisfied and happy about their products, unlike other companies. We hear a lot of complains from our customers about their previous experiences and here are some of them:

1. They disappeared!

This is by far the number one complaint we hear from clients and prospects. The vast majority of “web designers” are not companies. They are individuals. Some are graphic designers, some are programmers and some are neither. The common theme is that they don’t do it full time, or they are on a freelance basis, which means your web site is designed on their watch, not yours. Frequently, these web designer individuals will move on to working on something else, especially if you have not paid them in a while.

2. Everything is expensive!

We hear this one a lot too… The truth is that web design prices are all over the map. In-experienced individuals are cheap compared to professional firms that have been in the business a while. That said, any web design individual or firm would seem expensive if they leave you out to dry.

3. They take forever to make changes!

Slow turn-around is an ever-present problem in web development. So what’s the cause? Usually it’s the client. All web developers have to work with a development queue. Unlike other queues web design is rarely first in first out. Instead, it often goes: the first client to submit what the web designer needs to finish the client’s web site gets priority. If web developers waited for their clients in order of contract before moving on to the next client, nothing would ever get done.