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Top 21 Hair Removal Products on Shopify


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Women typically want to remove body hair. They do it with razors, but this is time-consuming, and they can get hurt if they nick themselves. Professional hair removal is even worse — it involves shaving or waxing, which also sucks because it's incredibly painful. Plus, salons usually charge a fortune for this service.

Hair removal is a $5.7 billion industry in the United States. While we're only looking at niche markets, consider how many opportunities there are to sell products in this industry!

If this is a niche you're interested in taking part in, keep reading this article as we share the best hair removal products on Shopify. Since there are only so few hair removal tools available, it’s best to look at how these companies market and package their products. It’s really all about branding and marketing here.

  1. HeySilkySkin

HeySilkySkin Laser Handset is a painless, at-home hair removal device that effectively removes excess or unwanted facial and body hair. It's specially designed to give you silky smooth results, instantly and permanently. The secret behind this great little gadget is the patented laser technology which heats your hair follicle at its core and kills it so that new hair cannot grow back.

  1. Kenzzi

For those who want laser hair removal in the convenience and comfort of their own home: The Kenzzi IPL Handset gives years of IPL treatments in one convenient device at an affordable price. This handheld device can be used anywhere on any area of the body, and it doesn't require appointments or monthly payments like salon treatments.

  1. Lux Skin

Lux Skin is a trusted beauty device company known for its wide range of affordable yet effective hair removal tools, facial steamers and IPL handhelds. From popular facial steamers and LED face masks to quality hair removal tools like the TikTok Crystal Hair Remover, Lux Skin has what consumers need to look great while saving money.

  1. Happy Skin Co.

Happy Skin Co is a leader in all things beauty tech. A perfect blend of quality and affordability, Happy Skin’s IPL hair removal tools use the most cutting-edge technology to ensure customers get the best results possible from IPL hair removal. With their many years of research, Happy Skin Co is dedicated to bringing customers only the best.

  1. Lumilia Skin Co.

Lumilia's laser hair removal is pain-free and affordable. Powered by a unique blend of professional-grade lasers, Lumilia's products are portable and powerful enough to give salon-quality treatments at home. Unlike other at-home tools that produce a harsh buzzing noise and uncomfortable vibrations, Lumilia's products are whisper-quiet and gentle on your skin.

  1. Silk’n

For over a decade, Silk'n has been offering users around the world effective, reliable hair removal technology for long-term results. Their FDA-cleared light-based devices are designed by physicians and clinically tested for efficacy, so customers can always count on them to deliver results even at home.

  1. Even Skyn

EvenSkyn is a company that's always on the lookout for new ways to improve the lives of consumers. They offer sophisticated handsets for at-home use that make it easy for customers to treat their body and skin right. With EvenSkyn, users can replace the clinics and all the costs with easy-to-use at-home devices and make their life simpler.

  1. Full Body

Full Body is the home of salon-quality treatments that are easy to do yourself. A lot of women feel at their best when their skin is silky smooth, and for that reason Full Body's IPL laser hair removal handset was engineered with love to give customers that glow of silky smooth confidence from Day 1.

  1. Parissa

Designed to make at-home waxing a luxurious experience, Parissa kits are easy to use with no mess or fuss. Their products provide a comfortable and safe way to remove unwanted hair in seconds, leaving behind a smooth finish. With Parissa's revolutionary approach, customers can have perfectly smooth skin without the need for expensive salons or painful procedures.

  1. Completely Bare

When it comes to hair removal, there's nothing more Completely Bare than Completely Bare. Completely Bare is a line of hair removal products that offers women a healthy, vegan, cruelty-free alternative to traditional waxing and shaving. Their products are formulated without parabens or phthalates, and they use natural plant extracts to help nurture skin and provide lasting results. 

  1. Satori Laser

Satori Laser is the largest chain laser center in NYC, Long Island, and Philadelphia. It has been trusted by both celebrities and modeling companies alike for years. Most lasers only work on dark hair, but Satori Laser is able to provide hair removal services for all skin tones. It's a brand that's trusted by even modeling companies.

  1. Miss Cire

Miss Cire products are trusted by professionals in the waxing industry worldwide, and they offer the largest online selection of wax products for professionals. Miss Cire's product line includes hard waxes, soft waxes, specialty waxes, pre-wax cleansers, post-wax wipes, and accessories like spatulas and applicators.

  1. PurpleNanas

PurpleNana's IPL Handset is an effective solution for those who have tried everything and still want to get rid of unwanted body hair. It's fast, painless, and surprisingly easy to use! Using proprietary pulsed laser technology, PurpleNana's state-of-the-art IPL Handset significantly slows down hair regrowth on any body parts (yep, any) in as few as 6-8 times of use. No more shaving, waxing, or expensive professional laser treatments.

  1. Nacach Wax

Nacach Wax is a brand that specializes in the production of a wide array of wax products for immediate hair removal. The company's products are available to customers both online and in-store, and they have everything a customer might need to start their own hair removal business or do DIY hair removal at home.

  1. Jelly Wax

Jelly Wax offers a variety of waxing kits that include everything you need to achieve smooth skin for up to 6 weeks. The kits are available in either hard wax or soft wax varieties, so customers can choose the option that works best for them. With one of these kits, customers would never have to deal with uncomfortable appointments again.

  1. No!No!

NO!NO! is a revolutionary hair removal system that targets hair at its source—below the skin's surface—to treat rather than simply remove unwanted hair. They are the world's no. 1 Thermicon (heat-based) hair removal treatment system. This patented technology works to reduce hair growth by up to 94%, offering users long-lasting results in just 12 weeks.

  1. Sugar Sugar Wax

Sugar Sugar Wax is a natural, safe, and easy way to remove unwanted fuzz and hair from your bulb. Sugaring is the practice of using a waxy sugar-based wax to remove unwanted fuzz and hair from the bulb, while gently exfoliating the skin. Sugar Sugar Wax' kits include no strips, or spatulas, meaning no waste. It is also much better for your skin because it's all-natural and contains no chemicals or harsh ingredients.

  1. No Mo Stache

It's no secret that facial hair is a thing but it shouldn't be a big deal. No Mo-Stache exists to give you the freedom to remove body hair anywhere and anytime. They offer a small, portable upper lip hair removal kit that’s easy to use, safe, effective, and designed small to give you the most. Whether it’s the day-to-day, the staycay, or the weekend away, their portable kits are perfect for that quick hair removal sesh.

  1. Vida Sleek

VidaSleek is a hair removal brand that's dedicated to keeping you hair-free for up to 6 weeks at a time. Their products are specifically designed for men and women, and they're formulated to remove even the most stubborn hair in as little as one application. They even have kits for different body parts and hair types so that users can easily choose the right product for their needs.

  1. The Organic Ones

Waxing is not for the faint of heart! It's painful, it can be messy, and it doesn't always work. The Organic Ones' Hair Removal Mask is a painless alternative. With its powerful organic blend, the hair thins out and breaks away, keeping users hair-free for up to 2-3 weeks. All they have to do is apply the mask, wait, and wipe away any unwanted hair.  No more painful waxing, razor bumps, or chemical burn; achieve long-lasting results right at home.

  1. Ingrown Hair Solution

You deserve the best. But the truth is, most razors leave your skin feeling like it's been through a warzone—burns, bumps, ingrown hairs—all after one shave. That's where Tend Skin comes in. They've created a solution that helps reduce the appearance of razor burns, bumps & ingrown hairs after every shave (or waxing session). With their magical formula, users can feel comfortable in their own skin again.


Hopefully, you've learned a lot from this list of top Shopify stores for hair products. If nothing else, it should at least have provided you with a few good ideas for new stores to follow or new products to sell in your own store.

If you're planning on selling hair removal products online, it seems like now is definitely a great time to get started as summer is coming. And if you're looking for more information related to eCommerce in general, please visit our blog for more relevant content. Head on to our blog here.

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