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Top 23 Luxury Brands and Retailers on Shopify

Luxury brands have changed over the years. These days, it's not enough to have just an attractive store and a great product. Luxury brands are moving towards more innovative digital experiences, stronger engagement, and unique stories that connect with their customers on various online channels.

The consumer landscape is different now, and they want a shopping experience that will capture their attention. Not only that, they expect a brand to be vocal and involved in helping to create positive change in the world too.

In this article, we'll take a look at how e-commerce stores on Shopify keep their visitors coming back. You may already be familiar with a few brands on this list, whereas some are upcoming newcomers. Here's your chance to figure out what makes them tick and how they manage to keep their users engaged and returning.

  1. Wolf Circus

 Wolf Circus is a Vancouver-based company that produces high-quality jewelry.

Their products are handmade or cast using lost-wax casting using 14k gold-plated recycled sterling silver or bronze. Most pieces range in price from $72 for the long-sold-out Boob Necklace to $160 for a hefty set of sterling silver baguette earrings. 

The 2016 election boosted their popularity. Shoppers at Wolf Circus were eager to wear their chests... on their chests. The Wolf Circus breast necklaces, made from reclaimed gold, became viral on Instagram when women sought to display their independence.

Wolf Circus jewelry has been worn by everyone from celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Paris Hilton to everyday women who want to feel empowered.

  1. Bremont

 At Bremont, they believe that the watch you wear should be an extension of your personality. That's why they create timepieces that have a touch of luxury and are designed to last.

Founded in 2002 by brothers Nick and Giles English, Bremont has won several awards since its inception. This British luxury watchmaker is a Shopify example of an award-winning company that produces exquisitely constructed chronometers. Pilot watches of the highest quality are what they specialize in.. For those who share their love of exquisite mechanical wristwatches, they've created a collection of timepieces that are sure to please.

The annual production ranges from 8,000 to 10,000 pieces. In 2017 it was reported that the company's earnings had increased to £14 million. Bremont's goal is to make high-end luxury timepieces with as much of the design, production, and manufacturing done in England as possible. To achieve this goal, the brand's focus is on timekeeping precision, longevity, and usefulness.

  1. Sunday Somewhere

 Sunday Somewhere is a luxury eyewear brand that has been creating handmade glasses since 2010.

The brand was founded by Dave Allison, who wanted to create a unique way for people to express themselves through their glasses. The company's approach is about more than just the quality of their products—it also focuses on innovation, simplicity and lifestyle.

Sunday Somewhere has grown rapidly over the past decade from its origins in Sydney, Australia to operating stores all over the world including places like Henri Bendel in New York City. The company has become well-known for providing customers with unique, fashion statement sunglasses that are also functional.

  1. Holland Copper

 When it comes to tailoring, there's no place like Holland Cooper. This luxury British clothing brand is all about style-forward tailoring for the modern country lady, and they're bringing their A-game in every way possible.

Their Instagram feed is shoppable, and their high-quality video content and stunning imagery are all used to great effect to showcase their products and enthusiasm for them.

Holland & Cooper has sought to portray itself as distinctly British. Whether you're looking for dog leashes for £59 or longline puffer coats for £499, you'll find everything you need here.

As a luxury lifestyle brand, Holland & Cooper has sought to portray itself as distinctly British—and they've done it well! A miniskirt retails for £169 and a single-breasted blazer for £549. The brand's faux shearling-lined Wellington boots, which retail for $169, are among its best sellers because they allow ladies to walk in the muck while still looking fashionable.

  1. Boll & Branch

Boll & Branch's organic cotton sheets and luxury linens are the best in the industry.  As an eco-friendly bedding company committed to Fair Trade manufacture, Boll & Branch quickly rose to prominence after its establishment in 2014. They use organic long-staple cotton, which is known for its softness, strength, and long-term use. This is classic yet luxurious bedding that will keep you warm and cozy while you sleep.

The Shopify platform has enabled the business to develop an easy to browse, thoughtful, and visually beautiful online presence.

  1. Australia Luxe Collective

Australia Luxe Collective is a designer footwear and accessories lifestyle company that emphasizes luxury and daily comfort. This Melbourne-based designer footwear brand has grown from strength to strength on the Shopify platform. It's become one of the most popular Shopify companies because of its celebrity clientele, which includes Sienna Miller, Megan Fox, Beyonce, and Britney Spears.

Your feet look their best when they're enveloped in maximum comfort and authentic style, which Australia Luxe makes simple. Australia Luxe footwear is beautifully created with a comfy sheepskin interior paired with outers in brown and pastel colors, resulting in wonderfully warm and snug boots and slippers. When you choose Australia Luxe, you get simplicity and artistry—another combination your feet will appreciate.

  1. Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham has established a distinct and sophisticated dress language since its inception in 2008. The brand's clothing and accessories are currently sold in more than 400 outlets in more than 50 countries across the world.

The critically praised fashion label of the ex-Spice Girl is now a major participant in the high-end market. Its drive for advancement was carried over to the company's marketing and creative projects as Victoria Beckham's collections grew more forward-thinking, and the brand launched on Shopify in 2013 with e-commerce and interactive content that provided a more intimate view of Victoria's design approach and working processes.

  1. MVMT Watches

Movement (pronounced "movement") Watches was created on the belief that style should not cost a fortune. In order to pursue their ambition of creating a watch company, Kramer LaPlante and Jake Kassan dropped out of college and the fruits of their labor is seen today.

Social media was the primary tool they employed to establish and expand their brand, owing to their strong presence on it. In fact, MVMT watches were first funded through crowdsourcing.

Today, their website features a wide selection of high-quality, on-trend timepieces and accessories, all developed in-house at its offices in Los Angeles.  They may have started with watches, but they soon moved on to other high-end merchandise.

The brand is known for its sleek, minimalistic designs at a lower price range than other high-end watch brands.

  1. Rebecca Minkoff

Rebecca Minkoff is a luxury handbags, accessories and apparel industry leader who incorporates a dash of boho femininity and rock & roll into her designs. Bohemian-inspired designs and silhouettes, rich leathers and suedes, as well as unique hardware accents, capture the spirit of the modern lady. It's a mix of West Coast cool and a New York City vibe that's easy on the eyes, yet sophisticated.

Rebecca Minkoff demonstrated that online shopping isn't all about discount rates and cheap prices with over $90 million in sales of their luxury fashion lines. As a result, they've made a lot of effort to tailor their products and services to the individual needs of people throughout the world, regardless of where they reside.

  1. LeSportsac

Melvin and Sandy Schifter established LeSportsac, Inc. in 1974 as a retail outlet for travel items and luggage. Among the many options available at LeSportsac are purses, travel totes, messenger bags and backpacks. All of the lightweight fabric coupled with high-performance hardware characterizes its classic, functional designs in a wide range of colors and patterns.

This 40-year-old brick-and-mortar company has changed its attention to an e-commerce site on Shopify. This method provides customers a more tailored and customizable experience, and the data and analytics seem to be key to future business decisions.

It is LeSportsac's mission to provide the world's modern customer with a line of well-designed bags that reflects this vision.

  1.  Snowe


Snowe goods are meant for everyday reality, not just for display.  Snowe was founded on the principle that high-end home furnishings should be accessible to everyone.

Back in 2015, nobody thought to disrupt the houseware industry, until Modak and Cohen did. The New York-based millennial couple established Snowe that year, focusing on well-priced, upscale staples like 500-thread-count Italian percale linens and simple-looking French Limoges porcelain dishes.

The brand immediately became a favorite of consumer goods sites, which gave its sheets excellent ratings, and Hollywood actresses and fashion designers, who placed whole-house orders. To make its products more affordable, the company worked directly with high-quality producers and it looks like the plan is working since it has made over $2.76 million even with just a small team.

  1. To’ak Chocolate

Who doesn't enjoy chocolate, right? To'ak makes single-origin Ecuadorian dark chocolate from the most coveted cacao type in the world in extremely tiny batches. As a rainforest conservationist and cocoa grower, Jerry Toth formed To'ak in 2007 with the help of his partners. This company's mission is to enhance the flavor and aroma of dark chocolate by aging it like whiskey and employing traditional cacao methods.

Being a premium chocolate success story,  To'ak Chocolate may cost as much as $450 per bar.  For people who want a taste of To'ak chocolate but don't want to purchase a 50-gram bar, the company offers three-gram mini-bars. Because of the product's scarcity and high production costs, the price is an important aspect of their marketing approach.

  1. Mansure Gavriel

Fashion designer Mansur Gavriel is known for his exquisite leather handbags and shoes in the most beautiful styles and hues.

At MANSUR GAVRIEL, luxury is redefined by its unique approach to color and shape, which was founded in 2013. Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel were inspired by their love of art and design to develop two classic silhouettes: a bucket and a tote. In the years that followed, the company became known for its high-quality, contemporary footwear and handbags.

Individuality shines through in everything from the website's bright, vibrant visuals to its elegant style. The design clearly shows that the brand and the customer were taken into consideration while creating it.

  1. A.P.C.

The A.P.C. the label was founded by Jean Touitou in 1987 as a clothing line. At the time, Touitou wanted to make a statement against the gaudy, over-the-top fashion environment that was prevalent. True fashion, in his opinion, is about perfecting understated attire.

Even though "beautifully boring clothes" and "fetishizing the commonplace" may sound demeaning, when used to describe A.P.CThose seemingly disparate terms serve to remind us that the French label's work is still revolutionary, relevant, and always accessible.

  1. OF Mercer

Of Mercer was created by and for women. That a woman's wardrobe should accommodate both work and play is a philosophy shared by this clothing line.

Shopping for work clothing that is comfortable, stylish, and doesn't cost an arm and a leg might feel like a futile endeavor. Emelyn Northway and Dorie Smith founded Of Mercer after facing those same problems while working in finance and consultancy.

Keeping the ordinary workingwoman in mind throughout the design process is perhaps why over half of Of Mercer's customers are repeat buyers. Of Mercer gives fit and fabric and care instructions, as well as a designer's note and "special facts" for each piece on its website for individuals who prefer to order online. It's useful shopping tips like these that make internet shopping for work clothing less intimidating.

  1. Sporty and Rich

Sporty & Rich is a collection of basic, yet deliberately designed products that prioritize longevity above momentary relevance. It began as an Instagram mood board page created by entrepreneur Emily Oberg. It featured vintage automobile ads, analogue pictures, landscapes, and 70s-style homes. Very stylish, very exclusive.

Their website gives a thorough look at what the brand works to decrease waste and optimize worker quality, delivering a high-quality product. A further move in this approach came in January when Emily Oberg announced the creation of the Sporty & Rich Wellness Club. The new Instagram profile and website section are dedicated to healthy products, routines, songs, and recommendations for mental well-being.

In the midst of the pandemic, the brand's comfy apparel line became the essentials for the perfect quarantine Instagram aesthetic.

  1. Fear of God

Fear of God is an independent American luxury fashion line, created in 2013 in Los Angeles by Jerry Lorenzo. The brand's own vision of the American expression has become a symbol of current society because of its ageless, wearable apparel.

Jerry Lorenzo's label made him king of streetwear. Jay-Z, Rihanna, and John Mayer often wore Fear of God, and specific items and silhouettes like bomber jackets, long-sleeve shirts and short-sleeve hoodies, jeans riddled with zippers and holes, flared track pants—became widespread, replicated by everyone from Lorenzo's contemporaries to Zara and H&M.

  1. Charlotte Tilbury

British makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury MBE is one of the most influential makeup artists of all time. She has created cover looks for the world's leading fashion magazines, developed cosmetics for designer beauty companies, and worked with supermodels.

Charlotte's cosmetics career began in Ibiza, where she grew up. In the following 27 years, Charlotte created cover looks and campaigns for British, French, and Italian Vogue and worked on hundreds of catwalk shows and beauty ads.

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty was founded in September 2013 by Charlotte Tilbury, a 20-year beauty industry veteran who wanted to share her knowledge, tips, and secrets. Charlotte's goal was to beautify and enhance skin with high-quality formulas that not only looked wonderful, but also delivered skincare benefits using elements you might find in your moisturizer or anti-aging serum.

  1. Tiffany & Co.

Currently, Tiffany & Co. is 185 years old and was purchased by LVMH in January 2021 for $15.8 billion.

Tiffany & Co.'s lengthy history of discovery and exploration began with Charles Lewis Tiffany, the brand's founder, who had a penchant for finding rare and uncommon gemstones. In doing so, it contributed to the company's image as a recognized jeweler across the world. Tiffany's products range from $150 silver pendants to multimillion-dollar diamond necklaces and more than a third of its 320 outlets are in the United States.

From the moment it was introduced, the Tiffany Blue Box has captivated people across the world. Today, it is recognized as an international emblem for flair, refinement and unmatched design.

  1. Dally

From boring hand wash to sink art, Dally is a hand wash startup that's defying stereotypes. It is Dally's mission to transform the way people shop for hand soap by encouraging them to be more deliberate in their selections and to have greater respect for a daily commodity.

'Dally is a high-design hand wash,' says co-founder Elizabeth Walton Egan. It has a strong appeal to customers. It's for individuals who care about design, quality and craft, and they want to have a little whimsy in their lives.

On its site, Dally expands beyond hand wash to notebooks, pencils, postcards, bookmarks and tote bags.

  1. Pangaia

PANGAIA is a hybrid enterprise, the first of its kind, that combines material science with textile prowess. Their collection is developed in collaboration with artists and designers whose ethos matches with PANGAIA's goal of generating lower impact materials and products that are better for people and the world.

As an eco-friendly brand, they continue to leverage new technologies to deliver contemporary and ethically created apparel.

From its launch to its viral moment on social media during the 2020 lockdown, Pangaia continues to be worn by major A-listers including Pharrell Williams, who was the first celebrity to wear one of their hoodies.

  1. Irene Neuwirth

Irene Neuwirth is a Los Angeles–based fine jewelry designer. Many of the most renowned women in Hollywood have worn her designs, which express her passion for art and color.

The designer embodies her free-spirited approach to luxury via her use of bright, eye-catching jewelry. Each piece of jewelry she makes has its own style, which is defined by her love of vibrant colors and natural gem shapes.

The brand uses narrative and depth in the art direction of their product and collection photography. The e-commerce experience combines best-in-class UX with purposeful, whimsical touches. A user-friendly interface makes it easy to learn about Irene's product lines and collections.

  1. Pattern

Pattern Companies is building a family of meaningful brands with products and coaching that encourages people to learn, explore, and establish the groundwork for a more engaged way of living.

As far as Pattern's marketing strategy for their new brands was concerned, it was a clear and simple one: Don't just create products; give people guidance on how to use them so they can get the most out of their purchase.

For the most part, they moved beyond the concept of making marketing efforts "personal" and instead strived for in-depth, individualized personalization. It’s a strategy that works and has proven successful for the luxury homeware company.


This list of the Shopify luxury brands companies is an excellent place to start whether you're looking for luxury, premium products or just curious about the luxury eCommerce industry.

It’s worth noting that each of the companies stand out thanks to their innovation, branding, high-quality items, and amazing website.

Are you ready to start your own website? Want to give your Shopify shop a facelift? We'd be happy to work with you! Please contact us at 713-805-5888, email us at [email protected], or leave us a message here.


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