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Top 25 Home & Garden Shopify Stores

The Home & Garden category is a powerhouse. It's one of the fastest-growing categories on Shopify and there has been a 9.8% increase in the number of stores in the first quarter of 2022. During the first three months of 2022, the number of Shopify stores in the Home & Garden category grew by 52%. It's evident from the latest statistics that there is huge potential in the Home & Garden market. 

There are many Shopify stores out there in this category that have had great success. We've narrowed those down to what we think are the Top 25 Home & Garden Stores on the Shopify platform. These stores all offer a great balance of beautiful and functional design elements along with strong marketing strategies for home and garden lovers.

Take a look at these top-performing stores, as they can help you make a successful start in the Home & Garden niche.

  1. Design\Milk

Finding quality objects for the home and office can be a daunting task. Thankfully there’s Design Milk, a gorgeous online store offering an on-trend hand-picked mix of items from their favorite designers, brands, and independent makers to ensure that consumers always find relevant and unique products to complete their space.

  1. The Sill

The Sill is more than just a plant delivery service. Its mission is to enable everyone in the urban jungle to maintain their own plant family, by providing the combination of thoughtful design and responsibility that that requires. Now, they are a company that delivers plants and as well as tips to get more of these gifts from nature.

  1. Lula’s Garden

Green thumb not required! Lula's Garden makes growing an indoor garden easy with its mini and customizable succulent gardens. The succulents are sourced from locally-grown family-owned nurseries and every day they're hand-picked to ensure the exceptional quality of every single garden. Each gift comes planted in a beautiful plant container with gifted soil and care instructions, promoting green living and sustainability.

  1. The Territorial Seed Company

Tom and Julie Johns founded Territorial Seed Company in 1975, when farmers' markets were starting to gain popularity. They wanted to support the community-based, sustainable agriculture movement by offering high quality vegetable seed from regional growers. Over 40 years later, Territorial continues to grow and sell heirloom garden seeds that have passed the highest germination standards, and the most versatility.

  1. Click and Grow

Plants are good for you. From improving air quality to reducing stress, studies show that just the presence of a few indoor plants in your home can contribute to happiness and health. With Click & Grow's Smart Garden, it’s possible to grow plants 365 days a year while ensuring they are watered, lit and fed with just one device. Its built-in algorithm provides the ideal plant settings using sensors that measure light levels, temperature, humidity, and soil moisture.

  1. Urban Leaf

Discover the joy of growing your own food! Urban Leaf has kits that let you grow your herbs and vegetables indoors, in spaces no bigger than a console table. They'll teach you how to grow plants from seed to harvest. The Urban Leaf team has years and years of experience, specializing in design developments with small space gardening and home growing. They believe that 'edible gardens don't have to be big to grow great produce', which is why they are known as the experts in small space gardening. Featuring careful cultivar selection and seed variety, Urban Leaf brings a fresh new angle to growing at home.

  1. Rise Gardens

Rise Garden cultivates plants for you. The Chicago-based indoor, smart hydroponic company allows anyone with dirt and a desire for fresh produce to grow their own indoors. You can build your own garden and connect it to the company's app, which will alert you when water needs to be added or other actions need to be taken. This is all part of Rise's objective to educate and empower people to grow their own food in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. Who knew plants and technology could work so well together? It was a smash at TechCrunch and raised a total of $13 million in venture capital funding.

  1. Back To The Roots

Bring the fun of gardening inside and create beautiful, fresh vegetables and herbs year-round! Back To The Roots lets you choose from a variety of kits, each one with everything you need to grow your chosen plant. They also have a few kits for kids that are also guaranteed to grow. Their kits combine the vital elements of education, health, and fun, making it easy to learn about organic gardening.

  1. Horti

People are fascinated by plants, but don't always take the plunge on their own. Horti is a new kind of plant subscription box that provides a little ginger to help jumpstart your green thumb. They make it easy to start growing – each month users receive a kit with all the plants, tools, and instructions to care for them in easy steps. What’s great is that whether you are a planting newbie or an enthusiast who wants to grow their indoor jungle, Horti has something for everyone.

  1. Stone Forest

Michael Zimber founded Stone Forest as an outlet for his passion for stone and water.  Stone Forest is now a group of artisans and designers creating contemporary bath furnishings, fountains, and garden decorations to bring the elegant simplicity of nature into the home.

  1. Seed Sheets

Seed Sheets makes growing your own garden a breeze. What sets this garden apart? It's a customizable roll-out garden and it's the easiest, most rewarding garden ever. It contains dissolvable pods that are optimally arranged with ideal spacing and embedded within a weed-blocking fabric, so no pesticides or weeding is required! Plus, you don’t have to get on your hands and knees to do it.

  1. Sprout Home

Sprout Home is a garden store and design studio that offers unique floral and garden-related products, as well as services like custom flower arrangements and garden design. Their floral arrangements expertly combine the season's freshest flowers with a modern aesthetic. 

  1. Lots of Plants

Lots of Plants is an online nursery dedicated to providing the highest quality plants possible. With a wide variety of plants ready for purchase at any given time, customers can choose from the multiple sizes, and types that fit perfectly in their space. The website also helps educate customers about how to best care for and enjoy their plants and provides resources on home gardening.

  1. Wildflora

Wildflora was established with the aim of providing a one-stop shop for all plants and flowers, in an effort to bring about a balance between the local environment and the flora that enrich them. Since then, Wildflora has branched into a home goods company, with beautifully crafted accessories that marry contemporary design with botanical elements.

  1. Air Plant Design Studio

Air Plant Design Studio is sure to put a burst of air plant joy into your life. Air Plant Design Studio brings you the most beautiful air plants, terrariums and gifts. With their vast array of air plants, giftable plant subscriptions, and monthly subscriptions customers will never be without a little air plant love again. Their gorgeous planters and displays are also fantastic ways to keep air plants in check.

  1. Flyte

 Flyte strives to create devices that optimize your space, elevate your living experience, and inspire aesthetic delight. Their flagship product is LYFE, a rotating levitating planter under magnetism that lets you grow your favorite plants in the air! It rotates 360 degrees to ensure optimal sun exposure so that the plant stays healthy and thriving.

  1. Bloomist

Bloomist provides a curated selection of artisan goods and green-cessories to make a natural home. The Bloomist family of brands is made up of collaborators, design experts, floral stylists, curators, producers and makers who all contribute to social change and offer minimal impact on the environment. You’ll find gorgeous vases, planters and botanicals here.

  1. Cellar Door Plants

Whether you have a brown thumb and need a professional designer or just want an excuse to add some green to your life, Cellar Door Plants makes it easy. You'll receive beautiful, well grown plants from their carefully selected growers. They'll arrive at your doorstep on your schedule. From there you can share them with family and friends or keep them all for yourself. With each plant purchased, Cellar Door Plants will donate to the One Tree Planted movement in support of reforestation efforts across the world.

  1. Peach and Pebble

Peach and Pebble's mission is to help people make the most of their interiors. Their ceramic pottery are made to be the right choice for a single succulent, or large collection of plants--and everything in between. The perfect balance of elegance, beauty, and practicality, Peach & Pebble was created with the goal of bringing people to joy by planting in vases and pots made to last.

  1. Glowpear

The Glowpear range is a selection of innovative garden planters that make it possible for even the busiest urbanite to dream of having a few green fingers at their disposal. Their clever modular design lets you create the perfect garden for whatever space you happen to live in, from small city balconies, to indoor offices. And each planter is fitted with an integrated watering system, so your plants can drink whenever they are thirsty and grow all year round.

  1. The Potted Jungle

The Potted Jungle makes modern plant decor for any space you desire, pairing design + plants to create lush spaces that provide a refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Their ultimate goal is to help aid the fight against climate change through the support of communities struggling with deforestation, promote fair trade in artisan communities, as well as giving back through charitable donations.

  1. The Botanist and Her Thieves

The Botanist And Her Thieves is a plant project started by 4 girlfriends from the creative industry who bonded over plant envy and plant cuttings. Hitched on their love for putting thoughtfully designed products and plants in spaces, the 4 founders are on a mission of curating affordable, inspiring houseplant accessories that add texture and life to living spaces.

  1. Hudson and Oak

When you shop with Hudson and Oak you're participating in a movement towards a sustainable tomorrow. Hudson and Oak takes pride in producing goods that are functional and beautiful while being sustainable. Even their packaging is waterproof and compostable, and only uses recycled materials to reduce their carbon footprint.

  1. Yardify

Yardify is an online retailer of modern planters, landscaping and yard furnishings that instantly transform a home landscape into a contemporary yard. With top-quality products that stand the test of time, Yardify brings refined design to every yard.

  1. Dewplanter

The Dewplanter is a simple and effective way to maintain plant life while you're away. With its patented water-generating hydration technology, it uses dew created from moisture in the air to provide a consistent source of water for your plants while they are unattended. It basically takes care of everything you need in order to keep your plants happy and healthy while you're away.

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