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Top 20 Amazing Food & Beverage Shopify Stores To Inspire You

We all love food. Food is time, culture, and connection. Whether it's a desire to treat family and friends to something especially delicious, or to feed the growing population of our planet, a tasty food-related business can be the perfect way to earn some spending money and develop useful business skills.

Food as a business can be rewarding and profitable but choosing the right platform to build your business on is important. That's why we keep recommending Shopify.

Shopify has all the capabilities you need for an eCommerce platform. Let’s take a look at some of the best food and beverage Shopify stores and hopefully our faves will inspire you to launch or rebrand yours.

Remember, a well-made website, professional UI, and intuitive navigation are necessary to win the eCommerce game. One can create a successful store only if they pay attention to all their details. Even the tiniest details and most minor points matter in building your online brand.

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On to the list!

  1. Death Wish Coffee

While most coffee drinkers love the taste and smell of coffee, many don't like the bitterness of standard beans. Death Wish Coffee aims to eliminate that bitterness by using only arabica beans and roasting them to bring out their full flavor notes. And since most local coffee shops don't use arabica beans, they decided to do it themselves.

What we find astounding is their branding. The name alone is brilliant, with its sense of humor and dark allusion to the end of life, and the logo features a skull. We also can’t deny that the copywriting is great and witty.

  1. Huel

Huel is human fuel. Simply put, Huel is food. But Huel is more than just food; it’s about saving you time and money without compromising your health or ethics. Plus, you can use it as a meal replacement or to complement your diet in any way you see fit.

Huel is a nutritionally complete food that contains all the protein, carbs, and fats you need, plus at least 100% of the European Union’s “Daily Recommended Amounts” of all 26 essential vitamins and minerals.

Shopify food and beverage business Huel knows exactly how to create want in their audience. This is because they know exactly what they're selling and who they're selling it to, they're able to market more effectively. They are targeting an audience who wants to be seen as socially responsible, and Huel is offering a socially responsible product to meet their needs.

  1. Bushwick Kitchen

Bushwick Kitchen started out of a love for homemade hot sauce. Founder Casey Elsass was known to bring his homemade hot sauces and condiments to dinner parties and potlucks, where friends were constantly asking for more. In 2015, Casey's friend Morgen Newman convinced him to turn his passion for creating amazing sauces into a business. They joined forces and Bushwick Kitchen was born.

Today, Bushwick Kitchen serves up unique, delicious, addicting sauces and condiments for every kitchen creative and foodie looking to elevate their meals. The unique line of spicy honeys, maple syrups and sriracha provide a unique flare to kitchen staples by infusing them with hand-picked, flavor-packed ingredients like gochujang chili paste to make extraordinary pairings.

  1. Vinebox

For customers who want to learn more about new and unique wines, Vinebox offers a wine subscription service. Everything about this product screams exclusivity and high-end branding, from the website design to the content to the actual product itself. Despite this, what they're offering is astounding. Subscription services can be launched by anybody, but few people have the training and experience of a sommelier. Vinebox serves as a personal sommelier, taking customers on a sensory journey through the world's finest wines.

Unique, smart, and witty are just some of Vinebox's brand characteristics. It fosters consumer confidence by encouraging employees to share their wine expertise, something that many wine lovers would relish doing on a regular basis but are unable to do so.

The audience gains confidence in their knowledge of wine, making them feel like they're a part of a select group to which only Vinebox has access.

  1. The Hummingbird Bakery

To make cakes you need to be precise. And when it comes to selling them, you need to be even more precise. The Hummingbird Bakery was looking for a platform that would help them sell their products in a simple and consistent way across multiple locations. They needed a system that was easy to update with the latest product information and prices, and something that would scale effectively as they expanded. That's why they chose Shopify Plus.

The Hummingbird Bakery is famous for bringing fresh, authentic American cakes and desserts to London. Starting life from a home kitchen in 2004, the brand has grown steadily over the last fifteen years and now boasts seven brick-and-mortar stores across London, as well as an ecommerce site powered by Shopify Plus.

Shopify Plus has helped The Hummingbird Bakery achieve their vision of growing into a multi-channel business without sacrificing quality or attention to detail. It's kept everything in one place so that they can easily and quickly manage their online store alongside their retail outlets — all within a single interface.

  1. Jones Soda Co.

The first thing you notice is the unconventional design. Bold photos. A pop of color every now and then. And a headline that says, "Become a pop star! Submit photos to get on a label." This type of copy is very personable and gives customers an idea of what the brand is all about: fun and energy.

Jones Soda's aesthetic is very young and modern, which makes it stand out in the e-commerce world. Creativity is in its blood. It is craft soda after all. Instead of using grids like most online stores, Jones Soda has gone for a more magazine-style layout that's clean, bold, and engaging. 

While the design may look simple, there are plenty of features tucked away for customers to discover. The 'Extras' page shows customers cool merch they can get once they collect enough bottle caps.

Another great feature on this site is the feed of submitted photos at the bottom of the homepage and the number of votes to see who'd end up on the label. This makes it more fun and engaging for customers and entices them to join in on the fun.

  1. Harris Farm Markets

Reconnecting Australians with the joy of eating has been the goal of this family-owned and run grocery store company. Australian fruit and veg store Harris Farm Markets prides itself on operating responsibly and keeping tight ties with local, high-quality farmers. In some areas, they also provide same-day delivery for a variety of meats and groceries, as well as meal packages.

Fun and energetic, the homepage has a variety of large graphics and animations.  Colorful and rustic typefaces, images and copy, in Harris Farm's homepage speak to the company's commitment to ethical business practices. As a friendly, sustainable food brand, they used design elements that represent their target audience's ideals.

With the same fresh and vibrant tone found on the homepage, the Harris Farm blog is sure to entice visitors to read more and learn more about the company. It's a terrific way to increase brand awareness and build customer relationships.

  1. SkinnyMe Tea

Let's take a closer look at the SkinnyMe Tea website, which is a Shopify brand in Australia.

SkinnyMe Tea is a Shopify brand in Australia that sells detox herbal tea. It was created by Gretta Rose van Riel, a serial start-up entrepreneur, when she was just 22 years old. Since its founding in 2012, the company has sold more than 11 million cups of tea worldwide.

The website for the SkinnyMe Tea brand is a mixture of fun and professionalism. It's got a clean and minimalistic layout, but it also has fun details like bright colors and hand-drawn illustrations that make it look less like an e-commerce site and more like a lifestyle blog you'd read on your phone while sipping your morning cup of joe.

  1. Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof is a company that makes coffee, protein bars, and other products that are supposed to help people perform better and think quicker. The idea was first developed at Google by one of their employees, Dave Asprey. He had been trying to figure out why he was always so tired; he thought maybe it had something to do with his diet.

Asprey never expected his experiment to get much attention, but it did. There are many people who have tried Bulletproof coffee and come away convinced it helps them lose weight–and many others who swear it doesn't work at all. 

Today, more than 3.2 million people visit Bulletproof's website each month, making it a big player in the food and beverage market.

As a whole, this brand's website design is simple yet effective, with a nice mix of vibrant lifestyle shots and clear product images. By providing customers with high-quality photos of your goods, you can build confidence and develop a well-known brand.

Each product's benefits are also clearly communicated to the buyer, and this is made possible by the clever use of iconography.  Podcasts are another way that Bulletproof is using Shopify's blog feature, demonstrating Shopify Plus' blog platform's flexibility despite its simplicity.

  1. Magic Spoon Cereal

The cereal sector is dominated by well-known brands. General Mills and Kellogg's have been making the same cereal for decades, if not a century. While their branding and packaging have changed, the products themselves have not. Magic Spoon Cereal, on the other hand, is changing the way we view this breakfast staple entirely.

Its cereal comes in brightly colored cartoon packaging and claims to be a "healthy cereal that tastes too good to be true." They base their health claims on the cereal's high protein content — 12 grams per 3/4 cup serving — as well as its 110 calories and 3 grams of net carbohydrates.

The Magic Spoon e-commerce website's premise is appealing to young consumers, most likely millennials and Gen Zers. As a staple morning food, Cereal makes a statement with its branding by standing out from more well-known and stodgy competitors.

Magic Spoon Cereal deserves a lot of credit for this one. In the end, it was worth it for them to go all in on the cartoon box aesthetic.

  1. Partake

In this world of social media, it’s difficult to get your brand noticed without a strong visual identity. A company’s website is their first impression and can make or break their business.

For Partake Foods, an allergy-safe cookie company, having a visually pleasing website was key. It also needed to fit with the brand’s overall aesthetic as well as deliver some fun little interactions that engage the visitor. 

The packaging and website is fun and stands out from the typical baking mix products you might find in grocery counters. Using bright colors, clean and minimal aesthetic paired with fun fonts is remnant of the popular design trends of the past years, and it still works.

The products themselves are amazing too. Founder, Denise wanted to make sure that everyone could enjoy their products safely, including those with dietary restrictions. Every item on the menu is free from any of the eight most common food allergies. Those with dietary restrictions can eat the cookies without fear of a reaction.

  1. Sakara

What we eat has a huge effect on us. Our bodies are made from what we put in them, and our minds are similarly influenced. 

Sakara has three things going for it when it comes to their website design:

  1. The color palette is unique and tasteful. It's not what we see from other meal delivery services who opt for bright or pastel colors (or both). Sakara uses a muted black, mustard yellow and green that communicates luxury and elegance. This is further enhanced by the choice of typefaces, which together create an overall aesthetic that is gorgeous and high-end.
  1. The copy is brilliant. It talks about using nutrition as a means of transformation that targets customers who want to eat clean in order to transform themselves — physically, spiritually and emotionally.
  1. The brand goes beyond food, creating a holistic lifestyle experience by offering meditation and beauty products along with nutritional advice on its blog.
  1. Quest Nutrition

Quest bars are popular all over the world. They make consuming nutrient-dense foods a pleasant experience. They're as sweet and easy to eat as a candy bar, but they're also packed with all the nutrients of a well-balanced meal. Cookies and Cream, Birthday Cake, Brownie, and Apple Pie are just a few of the many varieties they have available.

It's not easy to find protein bars that don't taste like chalk. If you're a guy who frequents the gym, you've probably had your fair share of these bars because they seem like an easy way to get the protein your body needs without having to load up on meat.

As is often the case, when you try to make something healthy, it becomes less delicious. But that's not necessarily true when it comes to protein bars.

Quest Nutrition has made a name for itself by creating protein bars that actually taste good and are actually good for you. Quest products today (protein bars, powders, and chips) are distributed in 73 countries at over 70,000 locations, and the company's yearly sales have grown from $123,000 in 2003 to about $200 million in 2013.

  1. Grind Coffee

Grind began in Shoreditch in 2011 where it operated cafés and a high-tech coffee roastery around London. Sadly, due to a closure, Grind had to close its cafes and sell its products online. Now they sell biodegradable Nespresso coffee pods that degrade quicker than a banana peel in your compost or food waste bin. The coffee used in these beverages is completely fair-trade and ethically sourced. It's excellent for today's environment-conscious population.

Over to the website, you can see that it has a minimalist appearance, a color scheme (called “millennial pink”), and a sustainability objective. It's stunning with clean lines and typography. It's also easy to explore and discover what you need quickly.

You get nice little animations here and there that can engage visitors and the overall aesthetic is calming, much like you’d feel if you were at a coffee shop. 

  1. Press

PRESS started with a simple idea: to make it easier for people to eat and drink well. If all the good stuff tastes amazing and it's easy for people to get, then it's a winning formula. PRESS is a relatively new company that makes cold-pressed juices and cleanses.

Georgie and Ed, the founders, started making their own cold-pressed juices after they had acquired a taste for them. They found it very difficult to find fresh juices in the UK.

The website's sleek black, white, and grey tones, with the odd splash of color, give it an almost futuristic vibe. The colorful colors and packaging of the items make them stand out.

On the site, visitors can find a wealth of information about IBS, plant-based diets, and the various advantages of cleansing. On the product page, you can already see what types of cleanses are available and the advantages of each, such as "Break bad habits" or "Boost energy."

Everything is made easier for the customer, all they gotta do is drink!

  1. Crosstown Doughnuts

Doughnuts have a way of luring you in. They're both beautiful and delicious. I love them since they're both nutritious and delicious. A warm, freshly baked doughnut is a great way to start your day, to lift your spirits when you're feeling down, or simply to share with those you care about.

At Crosstown Doughnuts in London, the doughnuts are prepared from scratch and everything is done by hand. They go to great lengths to ensure that their food is of the best quality, thus everything is prepared daily. In addition to delicious doughnuts, they serve outstanding specialty coffee.

Now that we’ve got your mouths watering, let’s look at some of the features on the website!

The website is very user-friendly and not complicated at all. With their easy-to-use layout, we can definitely say that this is a well built website that doesn’t take away from their product and cuisine.

Customers are able to see what doughnuts are available for the day, and even order them online. The website also shows you where their stores are located so that you can visit them in person.

  1. June Shine

It’s a well known fact that kombucha tastes much better with alcohol and there are more than a few reasons to love this hard stuff.

For starters, it’s a healthier alternative to beer and cocktails with less sugar, calories and carbs. Crafted from organic ingredients, JuneShine boasts only 110 calories per can and just 4 grams of sugar.

JuneShine’s founders spent months brewing their own kombucha, a fermented tea drink made from black tea and sugar. They added yeast to boost the alcohol content, and finally got it right in the summer of 2018. The company launched with its first product: organic hard jun kombucha, which has a 6% alcohol content — twice as much as traditional kombucha — and is made from green tea instead of black tea.

Over to the website, you’ll see gorgeous graphic design and product photography that probably looks as good as the product tastes. It’s fun, never boring. We also can’t help but applaud the witty and fun copy that’s really engaging.

  1. Fly By Jing

Everyday life can be bland and boring, but a good spice can turn an ordinary dish into something amazing. That's why we're so excited about Fly By Jing, an Sichuan chili crisp that's savory and tingly. This reimagined sauce is inspired by the amazing flavors of Chengdu, China and its famous fly restaurants—soulful hole-in-the-wall eateries so good they attract diners like flies.

Not only does Fly By Jing have this awesome Sichuan chili crisp, they also have two other products to help you spice up your food: Mala Spice Mix and Zhong Sauce. The company was founded by Jing, who wanted to bring her authentic Chinese flavors to the world in a way that was approachable and exciting for everyone. We think she did a great job at doing just that, especially with the packaging—it's gorgeous! It features eye-catching graphics reminiscent of Asian sauces but is modernized to keep it fresh for today's customers. The website complements the beautiful packaging with fun colors and bold typography.

  1. Siete

The Garcas, a family of seven, were compelled to adjust their lifestyle after several members were diagnosed with autoimmune illnesses. Veronica's  mother cooked homemade tortillas for her growing up, but when she tried making her own, she felt “a stone in my stomach” from the wheat flour.

Veronica set out to create an alternative. She realized that many of her Mexican relatives used masa harina instead of wheat flour. Masa harina is a kind of corn flour widely accessible. It's also gluten-free and easily digestible. Because corn may trigger autoimmune illnesses, Veronica tried several flours until she found almond flour, which worked well and tasted fantastic.

We're not exaggerating when we say that this is one of the most successful food companies on Shopify. In 2021, the Austin, Texas-based was projected to exceed $200 million in annual retail sales. Since its launch in 2007, its products have been offered in over 16,000 retail locations across the United States and Canada.

  1. Jimmy Joy

No one enjoys spending hours on end in the kitchen preparing meals, right? That is why Jimmy Joy is here - to make sure that you don’t have to. Jimmy Joy makes it possible for you to eat healthy and tasty food in a short amount of time. So stop making excuses about your busy lifestyle. If you eat Jimmy Joy, you can quickly get all the nutrients that your body needs.

When you first visit Jimmy Joy's website, it's easy to think you've accidentally opened a children's gaming site. The fonts are playful and the colors are colorful yet muted, but not in such a way that they're unattractive to the eye.

From there, the company does a fantastic job of clearly explaining to new customers what their product is and what it contains. There is no room for confusion here. Their use of graphics is fun and creative, which perfectly suits the intended audience.


It wasn’t easy selecting only 20 food and beverage Shopify stores to feature, because there are so many wonderful options. That just shows the enormous scope for a food or beverage based business online. We hope you have been encouraged to start up an online food and beverage business. 

In the end, what does this tell us about Shopify? The website builder is the perfect platform for food and beverage businesses to sell their wares. It's easy to use, it gives you access to a range of attractive payment providers (including Apple Pay) and there are numerous marketing options to suit your needs.

For assistance with any of your Shopify needs, contact Webinopoly's Shopify Experts. We can set you up in business, design your store and write content for your e-commerce platform. 

Contact us at 713-805-5888, email us at [email protected], or leave us a message here.


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