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30 of the Best Toys & Hobbies Stores on Shopify

Traditionally, hobbies and leisure activities were considered pastimes; nowadays, however, this notion is changing rapidly. Leisure is gaining importance as a source of well-being for individuals and communities.  The popularity of e-commerce sites focusing on arts & crafts, like Etsy or Amazon Handmade, is a clear example of the big economic impact of hobbies and leisure activities.

While the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on the hobbies industry varied depending on the category, eCommerce sales of toys, hobbies, and DIY products around the world did not suffer and are expected to continue to grow consistently until 2025.

If you want to get in on this lucrative market, it helps to pay attention to what others are doing. To do so, we share with you 30 of the best toys and hobbies stores on Shopify today.

Why Shopify? Shopify is simply the best place to start your online store, but it's not just for beginners. With Shopify, you can grow your sales with a platform that has all the features you need right out of the box. You can have a really good-looking website up and running in no time.

You'll also find there are many apps available in the app store that can add even greater functionality to your site if you need it, but most users will find what they need right on their dashboard.

  1. Art of Play

Art of Play is an emporium of stimulating puzzles and games. This Shopify store looks, feels, and reads as enchanting as entering a toy and hobby store, but it does so with a friendlier and more approachable vibe. Visitors enter a world that is beautiful and never boring. Though the layout is simple, it is always dynamic with a few animations to keep it from looking too flat. The toys themselves are well-designed and are very elegant, and everything about this Shopify store feels cohesive from the branding to the copy that accompanies each product to the products themselves. It's exciting, fresh, and friendly.

  1. Piecework

This website is a piece of art. It's beautiful. It's charming. There's a lot going on but it doesn’t look too chaotic despite that fact. It's so far from what a corporate website is. And it's quite apt. Piecework is an antidote to the stressful world of work, a name that pays tribute to the importance of being able to savor the journey rather than focusing on only the end result. Whether working with friends or on your own, the puzzle store believes that one can use puzzles to slow down and connect with other people, instead of being isolated by technology.

  1. Jiggy

Jiggy is a Shopify store that sells beautiful, one-of-a-kind puzzle pieces. Each piece is so captivating that they're definitely worth keeping and displaying in your home. The art featured in the puzzles comes from local female artists, and part of the proceeds are given to them directly. We love a brand that's supportive and inclusive!

  1. Slime New York

Slimes New York provides colorful, fun, and whimsical slimes that spark imagination in young kids and adults alike. Slimes of all kinds have been popular for quite some time, and the majority of their branding is loud, colorful and full of whimsy. This brand is unique. It's calmer, more mature, subdued, and, dare we say, classier. Their slimes can be used by children, but they appear to be more appealing to adults who have an inner child. They have slimes inspired by geodes, marble, Tiffany's, and other fun stuff like galaxies, bubblegum, and candy.

  1. Sloomoo institute

And here is the opposite of Slimes New York. Sloomoo Institute is all about creating a sensory experience. This is a slime brand that stimulates escapism, and is taking the internet by storm. This is a brand that encourages you to get off your screens and immerse yourself in its mesmerizing world. This brand's products are known for their hand-crafted uniqueness and soothing ASMR delights.

  1. Luke’s Toy Factory

Playtime is serious business at Luke's Toy Factory, a company that makes eco-compatible toys made from reclaimed sawdust sourced from US furniture manufacturers. Award-winning toys' smooth, silky make is due to the fact that they are made using 30% less plastic than traditional plastic toys and are durable enough to withstand multiple playtimes without melting down into toxic puddles. Their line of toys includes 3D stacking puzzles that kids can disassemble and rearrange until they get just right, helping to develop a child's problem-solving skills and creative play in a frustration-free way.

  1. Tiny Sponge

Representation in media and toys is so important—especially for children of color. Tiny sponge is a toy company whose products are fun, multicultural, and promote awareness of Asian culture. On their site, you can find all sorts of pretend foods, including Chinese food (including sushi and dim sum). They also have Chinese books and fairy tale books with both English and Chinese text. 

  1. KSResin

With the pandemic, people found they had more time on their hands to pursue hobbies and interests. One of the many new pursuits was resin art, which is still popular today—it's a great way for creatives to design sculptures or even create home decor. KSResin provides high-quality resin that DIYers (and professionals) love to use in their process.

  1. Fancy Tiger Crafts

Fancy Tiger Crafts (FT) is a revolutionary shop in Denver, CO that specializes in craft supplies and classes for the modern crafter. As FT's vision is to inspire people to reach their crafting potential through modern and sustainable supplies and quality instruction, they've got everything from fabric, yarn, thread, roving, dyes, kits, notions, tools—even more.

  1. Paper Theory

Paper Theory Patterns are stylish, featuring clean lines and modern silhouettes, inspired by iconic female artists. The fashion industry heavily relies on synthetic fabrics. Tara, Paper Theory's founder, had worked in fashion for years. She knows how the industry really works. These clothes made from natural fabrics can slow down fast fashion. Paper Theory was created in response to today's fast fashion system. It's not a step back to the past or a search for better days - it's pushing the social compass forward!

  1. TL Yarn Crafts

Yarn crafts and crochet patterns by Tony Lipsey grace the pages of this site, with inspiration and education for crochet makers of all skill levels. The website provides inspiration and education for crochet makers of all skill levels. Crochet fans can find modern patterns and designs for their next sweater, shawl, or blanket project.

  1. Letterfolk

From tile mats and letter boards to cuckoo clocks and passports, Letterfolk is where decor devotees find unique, customizable decor. Their signature product, the tile mat, is an all-purpose mat that’s functional, beautiful, and most importantly – customizable. Its timeless, vintage-inspired hexagon tile design and removable caps can be used to create endless patterns, designs, and words. Unlike other doormats, tile mat is uniquely personal – just like its buyers.

  1. Assouline

Assouline has revolutionized the coffee table book by creating an aesthetic style that is sleek, alluring, delightful and irresistible. Their books reflect the same sense of luxury that their family embodies. The Assoulines are made up of four people: Prosper, Martine, Alexandre, and Sébastien who are the epitome of chic and stylish.

  1. Viviva Colors

We're not talking about some regular watercolors here. These are Viviva Color Sheets. If you've used watercolors you'd know how much of a pain it is to clean off your paint brushes each time and how difficult it is to carry your paints around with you to a new location because you will be worried that you might ruin something. But now we have Viviva Color Sheets. Viviva Color Sheets are watercolors reimagined for the modern day. They're watercolors, yes, but unlike anything you've seen before. They are designed with just one purpose in mind: to get people creating again.

  1. Backdrop

Picking a paint color can be overwhelming. Backdrop, a young company, has come up with a new way to help you match your paint color. It is called Backdrop. Backdrop makes premium wallcoverings that match your paint. They are made from hand-crafted artwork and printed on a non-woven ground with a subtle fibrous texture. Backdrop quickly carved out a sliver of the paint sector pie by helping digitally native millennials visualize color in the home (through a wealth of user-generated gallery photos and restickable adhesive swatches).

  1. Out of Print

Since 2010, Out of Print‘s mission has been to spread the joy of reading by turning literature’s greatest hits into wearable art.  Out Of Print has been making literary shirts and accessories to spread the joy of reading. Now with bookish accessories like hats, totes, and socks, every purchase helps fund literacy programs while supplying book donations to communities in need. 

  1. Chronicle Books

Chronicle Books is a publisher that specializes in books with a conscience—partnering with artists, writers, and organizations that represent the diversity of our world and are committed to an inclusive company culture that respects and uplifts people of diverse backgrounds.

  1. Therapy Notebooks

Despite the fact that therapists frequently employ magic tools to tackle real-life problems, there are too many roadblocks: available remedies are either difficult to apply, insufficiently useful, or too expensive. Therapy Notebooks is all about using therapist-approved mental health tools to bridge the gap between research and actual life. Therapy Notebooks aren't magic books, and they won't magically solve your problems, but they will assist you in reflecting, directing your writing, and providing useful tools and insights along the road.

  1. Karst

Karst is redefining paper for the 21st century with sustainable, waterproof paper. They use responsibly sourced materials and are focused on sustainable answers to today's problems. The need for paper isn’t going away any time soon, but the impact of paper usage today is a far more pressing problem than it was generations ago. 

  1. Denik

It's no doubt that Denik has come up with a better solution to the age-old notebook problem. Gone are the days of searching through stacks of unlined notepads, having to settle for low-quality paper and covers, worrying about limited order quantities when you want to design your own, and mucking about with low-quality notebooks that fall apart after a month of use. You can now buy beautiful, high-quality notebooks from the comfort of your home and get them shipped directly to your door in as little as 2 business days.

  1. Intelligent Change

Intelligent Tools are the tools that can make you smarter while they help you to have a better life. The company offers elegant tools which promote simple daily routines to instill positive change in people's lives. With over 1,000,000 products sold, you could say that it is the best-selling guided journaling tool on the market.

  1. Tragos

Inspired by her own Colombian and Dominican roots, Carolina had a burning desire to mix her Latin American identity with the tabletop game of choice for many families across the Americas-Dominos-to create Tragos. Carolina, a US-born Latina, was tired of feeling "not Latino enough" despite knowing flawless Spanish and being born in the Caribbean. Instead, she designed a game for Latinos and Latinas alike, with the concept that everyone can relate to games like Dominos, no matter how much Spanish they know or where they were born.

  1. Modern Fuel

All other mechanical pencils are still built the same way they were in the 1920s, with a few magic tricks by our competitors. Modern Fuel does it differently. Modern Fuel pencils are beautiful, functional family heirlooms. They use premium alloys and fit them with stainless steel components that make Modern Fuels look as good on your desk as they feel in your hand.

  1. Kings Wild Project

Kings Wild Project has done away with the standard decks of cards you'll find everywhere else, in favor of unique, custom designs that are only available on their Shopify site. They take a unique approach to traditional designs, infusing them with modern twists to provide a novel experience. This store also offers sealed decks for collectors and display purposes.

  1. Riffle Shuffle

Where cardistry, magic, and art come together. Riffle Shuffle is the leading destination for quality playing cards. It offers some of the coolest card designs in existence.

  1. The Pottery Studio

When Marshall Blair bought a gas kiln in Atwater Village to make plates and bowls for his restaurants, neighbors suggested he open up a studio. The studio took off and soon attracted more potters who liked the idea of having their own space. So Blair added classes and built an outdoor patio, and today, The Pottery Studio is a popular place for DIY clay lovers.

  1. Crockd

Crockd's mission is to get you out of your head and onto your hands. Crockd is a creative mindfulness brand. They make high-quality craft kits and supplies designed to spark creativity, foster creativity, and inspire connection. Whether you want to unwind, hang with friends, go on a date, or need some new ideas for crafts to try out with your kids, Crockd is there for you.

  1. Modern Mystic Shop

Modern Mystic Shop is a spiritual safe haven where you can find crystals, candles, and decks that won't leave you broke or burned. They're carefully curated to ensure they bring high vibe magic into your sacred space. Plus, there's a story behind every item and this store loves to share it. Take a walk through their metaphysical garden and ask an expert any questions you may have. If none of the store's wares suit your needs, the staff will be happy to help you find what will make your life more magical.

  1. Papercoal

Striking designs start with a simple idea. Papercoal, a premium notebook which can be used to write, draw & sketch, is ideal for the ones who get that itch to jot down ideas and thoughts and give shape to their imagination.

  1. Loog

The Loog is a guitar designed to make it fun and easy for kids to learn how to play. They come with an app, flashcards and video lessons. Loogs are 3-string guitars that reduce chords to the basic triad so kids can see results faster and keep on playing. The Loog app, flashcards and video lessons, coupled with their simplified design, makes playing songs a reality from day one.

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