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Top 20 Black-Owned Brands on Shopify

Let’s be many Black companies have you seen on Shopify? We know that businesses owned by Black individuals can be very successful, but they don’t get the same exposure or marketing as other businesses.

Statistics show that White people have more financial and educational advantages than their Black counterparts. It's no wonder then why so many Black entrepreneurs fail at starting businesses. But this is not to say that a lot of hard-working people of color have no chance of succeeding. Some overcome the odds and reach heights many only dreams of reaching.

In this article, we highlight Black-owned Shopify enterprises as inspiration if you wish to start your own company. These are some of the best performing businesses on Shopify but with the addition of being Black-owned. We hope that this article empowers those who wish to start their own but face their own challenges, to do exactly that.

  1. The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar was founded by CEO Melissa Butler, who decided to start her own beauty company after becoming fed up with the lack of diversity in the beauty industry. She began with lipstick, but The Lip Bar now offers a full range of vegan and cruelty-free makeup products. The Lip Bar’s products can be found in-store at their Detroit location or in Targets across the US.

The Lip Bar provides beauty products that give maximum impact with minimal effort designed for all shades. This is a real self-made company that breaks boundaries and raises the bar for everyone else.

  1. Beauty Bakerie

CEO Cashmere Nicole was inspired to launch Beauty Bakerie by her love of the arts, which she found as an architecture student at Pratt Institute. Her expertise as a makeup artist prompted her to start Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics, so she can express her creativity and share it with the world.

Beauty Bakerie's slogan, "Be Better, not Bitter," reflects its mission to be sweet and to sweeten people's lives. This statement resonates true given Cashmere's past as an entrepreneur: she launched Beauty Bakerie after being let off during the recession. Today, Beauty Bakerie Cosmetics is the 12th most recognized black-owned company.

  1. Juvia’s Place


The journey of Juvia's Place began with one woman's need for cosmetics that complemented her deep skin tone and ended with a multi-million dollar beauty empire.

Founder Chichi Eburu began by selling makeup tools since it was the simplest way to enter the beauty industry and acquire funds for her larger goal: making cosmetics for dark, deep skin tones. In 2016, she founded "Juvia's Place," named after her daughters "Juwa" and "Olivia." The Nubian eyeshadow palette, inspired by Queen Nefertiti, was the first to debut. The palette became a worldwide phenomenon instantly.

In 2018, Juvia's Place sold over $1 billion worth of products in its first year of operation. The company has since expanded its offerings to include lipsticks, nail polishes, bronzers, blushes, and more!

  1. Curlmix

Kim and Tim Lewis, two curly-haired entrepreneurs who wanted to see greater representation of the natural hair community in the cosmetics market, established Curlmix. Curlmix was founded in 2015, and the company has already earned more than $23 million in sales by 2021.

CurlMix is a monthly subscription service that delivers consumers five to seven all-natural ingredients, along with step-by-step instructions, to blend their own hair treatments. According to its crowdfunding campaign, the company is presently valued at $25.5 million pre-money, and this figure is expected to rise after investments close.

  1. Scotch Porter

Scotch Porter is a men's grooming product brand that promotes the best hair and skin imaginable. Calvin Quallis launched Scotch Porter after he started a local barbershop and began selling men's hair products. He saw that many of his customers had terribly damaged hair and beards, and when he searched the market for quality, all-natural products to use in his business, he couldn't locate any. That's where he got the notion to make his own, and so Scotch Porter was born.

Scotch Porter aims to provide men with high-quality, low-maintenance grooming products. Scotch Porter's grooming range includes multi-functional, good-for-you and your body products that are both effective and simple to use. The products employ all-natural components to promote the healthiest possible hair and skin for men.

  1. Daily Paper Clothing

Since its inception in 2010, Amsterdam-based Daily Paper has made ripples in the fashion industry. The label, founded by Jefferson Osei, Abderrahmane Trabsini, and Hussein Suleiman, draws on esoteric references other brands wouldn't touch.

Daily Paper began as a personal blog in 2008, chronicling the fashion, music, style, and African influences of three young friends living in Amsterdam. Because it gained popularity, they began selling merchandise, beginning with five branded T-shirts. Today, they have a €30 million business, a cult following, and a drop-based collection that combines contemporary streetwear with traditional motifs and patterns inspired by their African roots.

  1. Chicago French Press

Chicago French Press takes a more experimental approach to coffee. It was founded by Kris Christian, a former Wall Street analyst who was fed up with overdosing her coffee with cream and sugar. Kris believed there has to be a way to enjoy the drink rather than just tolerate it.

In the spirit of innovation and self-promotion, she created her own blends that were so flavorful that they didn't require the addition of sugar.

All the blends are made by hand using herbs and spices that bring out flavors previously only available through artificial syrups. Chicago French Press has also established a subscription program that allows customers to experience different varieties each month.

  1. Butter Me Up Goods

Few beauty brands make products that are natural, inexpensive, and minimalist without the typical coconut oil and shea butter blend. It's time to introduce buttermeupgoods. Vegan, plant-based, artisanal, and organic and non-GMO ingredients are used in all of our products.

It's both beautiful and luxurious, helping one to address whatever skin issues they may have. The brand even allows customers to buy by skin problem and has recently expanded into protective face masks, allowing customers to treat all of their facial concerns from one destination.

  1. Olori

Olori is committed to increasing the richness of African artistry and quality by using exquisite, handwoven, traditional African fabrics. The brand collaborates with women-owned enterprises and local craftspeople in Africa, where it is based. This brand's name, Olori, translates to "Queen," and the bags and other products it sells epitomize that title. In addition, every product sold helps fund the education of girls from underserved areas in sub-Saharan Africa.

Tomide Awe, the company's founder, was raised in Nigeria, where a girl's probability of not attending school is 73%. (UNESCO). Because of her family's financial resources, she was able to pursue a college degree. After traveling to England to study, Olori looked for methods to share her culture with non-African friends. A few years later, she was inspired to combine her fashion and African ancestry with her mission of empowerment. Following several months of preparation, Olori was finally born.

  1. Jungalow

The term "jungalow," coined by fusing the words "jungle" and "bungalow," refers to a new trend in interior design. The jungalow design emphasizes warmth and coziness with a strong display of color. The jungalow's design is heavily reliant on the use of plants. If you're looking for a way to incorporate your love of gardening into your home design, an indoor jungalow is the perfect solution.

It all began in 2009, when Justina Blakeney created her plant-filled living room blog Jungalow. From planters to wallpaper, it's evolved into a thriving lifestyle brand since then.

Their mission is to assist you in discovering your own unique style and infusing your house with a positive energy.

  1. Golde

Golde, a Brooklyn-based company that sells health and beauty products enriched with superfoods, is a bright contrast to the quiet elegance of typical beauty brands.

All of the products created by Trinity Mouzon Wofford in 2017 are made from natural ingredients, are simple to use, and most importantly, are enjoyable to use.

This goal is reflected in the packaging, which blurs the border between food and skincare. Fortunately, Golde provides both so that you may enjoy a matcha turmeric latte while applying a vegetable-infused face mask.

  1. Harlem Candle Company

The richness of Harlem is the inspiration for the fragrant candles created by the Harlem Candle Company, a luxury home fragrance company.

The candle company was started by Teri Johnson, a travel and lifestyle specialist, in 2014 as a tribute to her love of scent, jazz, and Harlem.

To commemorate the Harlem Renaissance, Teri collaborates with award-winning perfumers to create exquisite scented candles.

  1. Oh-Mazing Granola

All-natural, from-scratch meals have always been a priority for Stephanie Williams and her family. So she experimented with several granola recipes to find something she liked more than what was available in stores.

Stephanie embraced the chance to quit her work and produce great-tasting granola for everyone while enjoying the opportunity to spend more time with her children after her wonderful recipe soon became a favorite with family, friends, and the community.

As a result of Stephanie and Oh-Mazing, people all around the world are now able to produce an endless supply of Oh-Mazing! Moments.

  1. Haus Urban

Skincare brand Haus Urban was founded in 2015 by actor-turned-entrepreneur Hassan Sayed to address the unique needs of those who spend their lives performing on camera and stage. Sayed set out to develop products to safeguard performers from the occupational dangers of show business after seeing firsthand what heavy paint and makeup causes to a performer's skin.

A series of items with catchy names like Double Time and Curtain Call has developed as a result. The business, like its creator, doesn't take itself too seriously and sprinkles gags like "Powdered wig not included" throughout product descriptions.

  1. Scent and Fire

All of the raw and recycled materials for Scent & Fire's eco-luxury scented candles come from within the United States. For Monisha Edwards, the candle business was a way to deal with her own issues with anxiety, sadness, and ADHD.

Monisha makes use of organic ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging to create candles that burn cleanly and without producing a lot of smoke. In order to enhance the fragrance experience, her company uses technology to produce music playlists and create online communities. Because of the surge in mental health difficulties, their products aim to reduce stress in the workplace and encourage people to take ownership for their own well-being.

  1. The Wrap Life

Nnenna Stella is the founder of The Wrap Life, an online destination for gorgeous headwraps made in Brooklyn using rich, bold textiles selected during journeys to Ghana and Morocco. Each piece is handcrafted from high-quality materials and can be worn in a variety of ways.

In part due to the high use of hair relaxers in her hometown of Little Rock, Arkansas, the businesswoman says she never wore a headwrap as a child. Stella claims that her move to Brooklyn and the increased acceptance of natural hair textures have changed things for her.

For her, one of the most important aspects of starting The Wrap Life was giving black women in the digital age an outlet for their creativity by showcasing the brand's products in gorgeous visuals and video tutorials.

  1. Mented Cosmetics

Cosmetics brand Mented Cosmetics celebrates women of all skin tones with a pigment-first approach. KJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson, two Harvard Business School students who founded the brand, debuted it in Spring 2017 with six nude lipsticks and have since extended it into every major category of color cosmetics. Mented thinks that beauty should be accessible to everyone, and that no one should be left out of the equation.

Women of color are celebrated by Mented, a vegan cosmetic company that creates products with your skin tone in mind. Plus, they're all vegan, devoid of parabens or toxins, and cruelty-free.

  1. Girl and Hair

Natural hair care product Girl and Hair is the first of its kind for hair extensions. Girl + Hair, a product of dermatologist Camille Verovic, provides scalp treatments. A bottle of each product comes with a pointed nozzle for easy administration to the scalp, making it simple to care for and clean hair when it is in a protective style.

Their Under Hair Care system includes six products that cleanse, rejuvenate, and condition the scalp, as well as travel-size alternatives that you can carry with you on the go.

  1. Beautiful Curly Me

Zoe Oli, eight, and her mother, Evana, designed dolls with braids, curls, and gorgeous dark complexion so that every young girl might have a matching doll. In the end, it was developed into a toy company called Beautiful Curly Me.

It's a company that encourages young girls to love and be confident in themselves. Evana's mother was also on the lookout for a good nighttime hair care solution for her daughter at this period. Because she was dissatisfied with the selection at her local beauty supply store, she set out to devise a new method for making a quality sleep cap for her daughter. They succeeded in the end, and the dolls were outfitted with matching sleep caps.

  1. The Honey Pot

Say hello to the future of feminine care with our natural washes, wipes, and pads. The Honey Pot aims to promote female health by using plant-based treatments.

During a dream, Beatrice Dixon received inspiration for The Honey Pot Company. After trying practically everything on the market to cure her bacterial vaginosis, Dixon was fed up with women's vaginal health alternatives. After treating her own bacterial vaginosis, Dixon tested and surveyed her homemade wash on as many acquaintances as possible.

In 2013, she took The Honey Pot Company's natural hair shampoo to a hair expo in Atlanta, where she sold 600 bottles in one weekend.  Within a year, Dixon got the brand on the shelves of her local Whole Foods; and it didn't take long for Target buyers to reach out for a meeting.

Say hello to the future of feminine care with our natural washes, wipes and pads. The Honey Pot aims to promote female health through using plant-based treatments.

During a dream, Beatrice Dixon received the inspiration for The Honey Pot Company. After trying practically everything on the market to cure her bacterial vaginosis, Dixon was fed up with women's vaginal health alternatives. After treating her own bacterial vaginosis, Dixon tested and surveyed her homemade wash on as many acquaintances as possible.

In 2013, she took The Honey Pot Company's natural hair shampoo to a hair expo in Atlanta, where she sold 600 bottles in one weekend.  Within a year, Dixon got the brand on the shelves of her local Whole Foods; and it didn't take long for Target buyers to reach out for a meeting.

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