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When half a billion people are using a single phone app daily to enjoy the artistry of photography from around the world, it's time to check in and pay attention. That's right 500 million users are browsing Instagram, how much more traffic in one spot could you ask for! Instagram is no longer just about pretty pictures though. With over 30% of users purchasing products and...

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3 Ways to Nail Your Shopify Store Launch

So you decided to launch your own Shopify store, congrats! This is a big step and you want to be successful out of the gate, right? After all, you put in the time needed to get just the right look for your store and you likely spent hours finding and developing your product line. So let's make all of that work pay off by nailing your store launch! But how do you nail a launch? In this post, we ...

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Turn January Sales from Zero to Hero

Stores often experience an increase of sales from Black Friday through to New Year's Eve with many stores turning Boxing Day into Boxing Week and then January comes and dun dun duhhhhh… (play dramatic music here). All of sudden the tumbleweeds are rolling through your online store with no customers in sight having spent their dollars during December. So what to do? Take a look at these helpfu...

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Try-It-On Shopify App

Choose the fastest way to get your products into customer's hands & watch sales soar. People love to try items out in the comfort of their own home! A customer that has the chance to try a product first is far more likely to buy a product and have greater satisfaction.   Customers don’t like to return products, especially not ones they love! Make it easy for customers to love your products ...

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Supreme Court allows blind people to sue retailers if their websites are not accessible

By DAVID G. SAVAGE    The Supreme Court cleared the way Monday for blind people to sue Domino’s Pizza and other retailers if their websites are not accessible. In a potentially far-reaching move, the justices turned down an appeal from Domino’s and let stand a U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling holding that the Americans With Disabilities Act protects access not just to restaur...

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How to integrate Square Payments into Shopify?

Are you trying to integrate Square payments on Shopify your e-commerce store? We got you covered, now with Webinopoly's custom Shopify app, you will be able to accept payments using Square payment gateway and have seamless integration with Shopify.  This private app will allow your customers to add products to cart and check them out using a custom checkout page that looks exactly the same as S...

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Migrating Magento Username & Password to Shopify

Are you trying to migrate your Magento store to Shopify but got stuck on how to move or migrate your current customers' accounts (users & passwords)? Well, you are not the only one facing this issue, hundreds of Magento users are afraid to take the migration step because they don't want to ask their customers to create new accounts on Shopify or reinvite them to create new accounts. Luckily...

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Top 100 Most Successful Shopify Stores

Rank Store Address Title Alexa Country 1 ColourPop Cosmetics 3,311 US 2 Jeffree Star Cosmetics 4,262 US 3 Fashion Nova | Fashion Online For Women & Men | Affordable Clothing 5,015 US 4 Affordable Boutique Dresses & Clothing for Women | Red Dress Boutique® 8,014 US 5 Gymshark | Offici...

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Shopify, as a complete e-commerce platform, is set up to create an environment to start a business, grow and manage it. As a starter, owning an online store is not an easy task. You engage in every position ranging from CEO, Marketer, Content Creator and Accountant. These multiple tasks wear one down. A journey of a thousand miles they say begins with just a step. As a manager of these multipl...

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Top 20 Shopify success stories

We totally understand why you are skeptical and inquisitive about Shopify. We totally do! If you’ve been trying for ages to get your Shopify store running for a while to no avail, skepticism can set in. If you have read a lot of blog posts to get Shopify traffic but nothing still works, you have every reason to doubt. In fact, you are actually wondering if it’s all a lie. Believe us– It’s no s...

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There are billions of websites online, all competing for a share of people’s attention. When you’re starting a new website, it is heavy work to think about all the other sites out there. Always remember that within other websites, you have a lot of different categories of websites out there. As you consider the best way to set up your website, take time to know what type of website you want it...

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Building an e-commerce site involves a lot of money. Painfully, many owners still incur charges for a monthly subscription and recurring billing. This article focuses on the ways to avoid these monthly costs of running a site. Therefore, if you run a website on Shopify, you should try one of the following subscription and recurring billing apps. The features of each of the apps are also highli...

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