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How to Reply to Comments on Your Shopify Blog

Shopify remains as one of the most used eCommerce platforms today. And in the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, it continues to grow as more customers grow accustomed to purchasing items online. Shopify’s easy to use platform and interface along with its many Shopify apps provide its users with a lot of functionality that help entrepreneurs market their brand better.

Now, one of the most important aspects to consider when you’re selling online is your marketing strategy, and one part of that strategy should be invested in creating content. Such content can be posted on your website as a blog, a photo, or even a video. This is important because you want to not only build a relationship with potential and existing customers, but you also want to rank higher on search engines.

To create a more engaging environment for your blog, it’s important to interact with your customers, and the best way to do so is to reply to your customer’s comments.

So how can you reply to comments on your Shopify blog?

Enable native comments on your Shopify blog

Your blog actually comes with a free feature that lets customers leave comments on your blog posts already. However, you can’t really respond as an admin of your blog or website. Right now, Shopify suggests for you to reply to comments by going directly onto your site and blog page as if you were a customer or site visitor. From there, you can leave a reply to the comments directly by entering your information and typing in your reply.

Here’s a quick guide to enabling comments on your blog:

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Blog Posts.
  2. Click Manage comments.
  3. Click the name of the blog you want to edit.
  4. In the Comments section, select the option that you want, and then click Save.

Do note that before you can enable comments for a blog, you need to publish at least one post to it, and that when you create a new blog, comments are disabled by default.

The option to reply to blog comments without visiting the customer facing side of a website is something that is currently not yet available on Shopify’s platform.So if you want to explore using apps, there are many apps that allow you to do so.

Here are some apps to help you respond to comments:

  1. Facebook comments

If you don’t want to handle comments manually, Facebook offers a comments system for websites and blogs like WordPress. It’s easy to install on Shopify but will require some coding. The service will also cost you $4 a month.

A good thing about installing Facebook comments is that almost everyone has a Facebook account so it won’t require people a lot of steps to register. They can easily leave comments on your blog. Another thing is that it adds a comments feed to both your product pages and blog posts. It allows your website visitors to leave reviews and comments on products and for your website. The comments app also uses Facebook’s authentication system which makes it harder to leave spam comments on your blog.

In terms of the look, Facebook comments only lets you adjust the colors and sizing. It does have a responsive design though so it adjusts to any platform used by the site visitor.

The Facebook comments plugin also allows you to link it to your Facebook account and your Facebook insights thanks to the pixel tracking.

  1. Social Proof Comments by Power.IO

An app that works like Facebook comments from custom layout options, replies, voting and comment moderation.

This app helps you collect and display product reviews and star ratings. It also collects blog comments that you can use as social proof. It helps display ratings and comments to highlight your most popular products. Any unwanted comments, ratings and reviews can be removed. New comments, ratings and reviews after your approval are published directly on your blog.

You can also choose to respond quickly as you will get timely email alerts anytime there are new comments, ratings and reviews.

  1. EasyDisqus

Disqus is one of the most popular discussion platforms as it helps drive real engagement and traffic on websites. With a few quick steps, you can upgrade your store with a new way to engage your visitors. Disqus by itself does not work well with Shopify but EasyDisqus helps solve that problem. You can also move your existing blog comments to Disqus should you need to.

The good thing about Disqus is that it has a built-in spam filtering and moderating tool. Though not too customizable in terms of its look, it looks clean enough to work with most layouts. It also helps that the latest versions are SEO friendly. 

Disqus is designed to be easy for both commenters and readers so it allows for easier discussion amongst you and your customers. The platform is also easily recognizable because of its popularity so users won’t be averse to leaving comments on it.

Receiving comments on your blog posts is a good thing. This means your customers are engaging with your brand and now the ball is in your court to reply to them and give them an interaction with your brand. If you choose not to reply to comments, then you will be discouraging potential customers from leaving comments or sharing notable stories with you.

Invest in replying to your customers as this all adds to their overall experience with your brand. Happy customers can stay loyal to your brand and even choose to share it with their networks. That’s free marketing right there for you. And as you know, word of mouth is one of the best ways to market your brand.

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