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Easy Ways to Improve Your Shopify Thank You Page

“Thank you for purchasing!” This is what most customers see after they’ve bought something online. It’s fine. It’s short. It’s impersonal. The Shopify Thank You page is more than what it looks like. Yes, it’s simple and quick but it can also be impactful. Let us show you how.

In any business, what we want to do is to delight our customers and establish a relationship with them. However, when we’re doing business online, most of our customers are simply interacting with a screen filled with words and images. That’s why anything you do that can improve their experience from before they visit your website up to when they’ve finally purchased an item can build your relationship with them and increase their loyalty to your brand.

The usual “thank you” page usually has just that short sentence, the order details, shipment and tracking information. So few brands take the time to develop a thank you page that can reel in your customer so they can make another purchase or keep coming back.

Here at Webinopoly, we think that brands should not just simply rely on remarketing campaigns or SEO campaigns, when we have this very simple page that can utilize to make such a big difference.

So let us help you use your Shopify thank you page to improve your relationship with customers and in the end, drive more sales.

First, establish a human connection.

As mentioned earlier, when customers purchase online, they are just interacting with a screen. To help give them a better shopping experience, and to remember your brand, you should be able to inject your brand personality into your Thank You page.

For example, you could give your brand a tone and voice. If you see your brand as a friendly, and helpful brand, then this can help you craft the copy. Here’s an example from Shutterfly where their tone of voice is warm, reassuring and helpful.

If your brand is more playful and creative however, your Thank You page should also reflect that. Here’s a great one from Marshall Fridge which matches how they think their customers talk or would be able to relate to while also encouraging them to share their purchase on social media.

Next, get creative.

Apart from a simple “Thank You”, you can brainstorm with the team to help you think outside the box. There are many things you can do to improve the Thank You page.

For one, you could provide links and resources so that customers will know more about your brand, products and services. Here’s an example from one the top brands, Apple:

By providing links that give their customers tips, Apple keeps their customers satisfied even if their orders have not yet arrived. Plus it serves as a gateway for customers to learn even more about Apple’s products.

Another way to further engage customers via your Thank You page is by sharing your social media accounts. To help customers take action (follow your accounts or share it), you can even provide a discount, free gift or do a giveaway. This way, you don’t only get a new customer, you are also growing your social media presence.

Here’s one from KickResume where one of their services is offering an eBook that guides jobseekers. After a customer orders it, the Thank You page encourages them to share it on social media with an enticing copy.

Below is another example but this time in the form of a giveaway. Depending on your brand and products or services, as well as your budget, you can opt to do a giveaway to encourage more people to share your offer.

Another good way to make use of your Thank You page is to conduct a very quick survey to get to know your customers a little bit better.

Adding in a survey before they leave your website helps you find information which can help you craft your next marketing campaign. 

Of course, adding in a “Track Your Order” service will be very helpful to customers, and it can keep them coming back to your Thank You page.


So there are our quick tips to make better use of your Thank You page. Of course, it’s only polite and a common courtesy to say Thank You to your customers but since we are in the eCommerce business, we can do so much more than that.

If we maximize this page correctly, it can help you connect your brand better with customers, learn more about them and have small interactions with them outside of just directly marketing to them or trying to do retargeting campaigns. Your new Thank You page will leave off a better impression on customers and may even encourage them to purchase again or spread the word about your brand.

Here at Webinopoly, we create solutions that can help entrepreneurs like you build and expand your online business. If you need help optimizing your Shopify pages, building or designing it, we are here to help! 

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