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How to add a new Shopify POS Staff PIN

For business owners shifting to the eCommerce platform, Shopify makes it easier for you to manage your sales and staff with their own POS system. Its robust features enable business owners like you to seamlessly integrate your online store, get accurate and timely business analytics and more.

Let us take you through what Shopify POS is and how to add a new staff PIN.

First of all, what is Shopify POS?

Point of sale as you know is the exact time and place where a transaction is completed. It is the calculation of the amount owed by the customer and preparation of an invoice. Shopify POS (point of sale) makes use of an app that can be downloaded onto an iPad or an iPhone or even an android device to manage your sales online and in your physical store. It is basically a unified platform that helps seamlessly unify your whole store.

Shopify’s POS system is part of the Shopify eCommerce Suite that you can easily manage on any device which is an added advantage. You can also easily accept payments from multiple channels with little concern over 3rd party fees or restrictions.

Everything from finding products, processing orders, payments, swiping credit cards and producing receipts is made easier with the Shopify POS. You can easily do store management from your phone or tablet as the system is easily accessible.

Once you install the app you get all of the basic features. If for example, you are making a sale, you can browse the store catalog, select the products the customer is buying and swipe their credit card. From there, you can print the receipt or send it via email. All of these transactions are synced with your online store so you would not need to keep track of multiple inventories or product catalogs.

Below is a quick guide on how to add a new Shopify POS staff PINS

If you're the store owner or have a staff account with all 13 required POS permissions, then you can add or remove staff accounts who only have access to POS using the Shopify POS app. You can create any number of POS staff accounts.

When you add POS app only staff accounts, they don't have access to your Shopify admin unless you also create staff accounts from your Shopify admin. POS app only staff accounts require a unique four-digit personal identification number (PIN) to access the Shopify POS app to conduct sales.

If you're using Shopify POS and your store is on the Shopify plan or higher, then you can add a new staff account from the in-app settings

Step 1. Open Staff

Open your Shopify POS platform and select Store and choose for Staff.

Step 2. Tap Add staff

When you are in the Access only to POS app section of the app, choose for Add staff after that.

Step 3. Enter the credentials

From this step, you must enter the credential including the staff member’s first name, last name, and email address.

Step 4. Enter a four-digit PIN

You will see a section which you can use to enter a four-digit PIN. Then you can tap the Generate new PIN button, which can be utilized to log in to Shopify POS by the staff member.

Step 5. Tap Add PIN

Finally, just simply tap the Add PIN button. And that’s it!

How to set limited permissions for staff with Shopify POS PINs

By default, all new staff POS PINs provide complete access to the Shopify POS app. If you want to restrict what POS app only staff accounts with POS PINs have access to when they use Shopify POS, then you can limit their access permissions from the in-app settings.

Those with POS staff accounts can:

  • Access orders for any location
  • Adjust the settings
  • Make changes on the payment settings
  • Adjust register shift settings
  • Customize the receipts
  • Log out of the store
  • Access to the apps
  • Access to the Customers. (In this case, when you set a limit for accessing Customers, the staff member will not be able to see the customer’s profile but they can still create new customers and associate customers with purchases from checkout.)

Step 1. Open Staff settings

Go to your Shopify POS, after that, tap Store. Then choose Staff and Staff settings.

Step 2. Choose the disabled permission

Secondly, you should choose any permission that you want to limit the Shopify POS staff PIN. Select it to disable, and you are done.

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