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How the Pandemic Has Impacted Shopify Businesses for 2021

With vaccines coming forward, it should only be a matter of time before we are officially in a post-pandemic world. We checked on what trends retailers must start working on if they want to stay relevant, and ahead of the competition in the near future. Here are some of the effects and ways to improve your business moving forward. eCommerce’s popularity fuels higher competition Because of the...

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When Should You Get a Custom Shopify Theme? (+5 Unique Custom Shopify Theme Examples)

One of the first decisions you need to make once you make a Shopify account is what Shopify theme you are going to use. A lot of merchants take their time here because how your website looks leaves an impression on your customers and site visitors. The look and feel of your store has a great impact on how it is perceived and how it will perform. This decision influences the conversion rate, suc...

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Shopify Custom Themes Vs. Template Themes

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that lets merchants set up their stores and sell products online but also supports offline selling through Shopify POS. The platform was made to build and run online stores. It has features and tools that make it a good choice for both small and large businesses. With that said, having a Shopify store gives you access to beautiful themes that offer great UI/UX e...

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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Website On Shopify

Entrepreneurs continue to strive despite the uncertainty caused by the pandemic’s restrictions thanks to the help of eCommerce. More entrepreneurs are signing up on Shopify where they can easily set up and put their ideas into action. In the 2nd quarter of 2020, Shopify reported that their gross profit grew by 87% and their subscription solutions revenue grew by 48% as compared to last year. Am...

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10 Ways to Prepare Your Shopify Store for the Holidays 2020

With December rolling around the corner, the holiday season puts people into a spirit of gifting and shopping. It’s a time to prepare gifts for family and friends which means it’s the perfect time for you to promote your products. As consumers get ready to do some serious shopping, you’ll want to set up your Shopify store to get them to do three things: visit, stay on your website for a long t...

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What is Shopify Experts Marketplace and should I use it for hiring experts?

Entrepreneurs know that when you start a business, there are a lot of things you need to keep your hands on. This gets even more challenging when you set up your Shopify store as there are a lot more things that need to get done. There’s marketing, web management design, building, optimization, social media handling, content creation and management and so much more. Experts know that the right ...

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What is Social Commerce? How You Can Use Social Media to Boost Shopify Sales

Imagine this: You’re a regular person scrolling through Facebook and you spot one of those trendy items such as a Kleen Kanteen tumbler from a video and now you badly want to buy one. You’d have to close Facebook, switch to another app such as Amazon, search the product, scroll through the listings, order, and then pay. It is honestly a lot of steps. However, social commerce makes this easier b...

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How to Start Selling on Walmart through Shopify Integration

Photo from Walmart Earlier this year, retail giant, Walmart announced that it partnered with one of the world’s leading e-Commerce platforms, Shopify. This deal opened up Walmart’s Marketplace to Shopify’s business sellers to expand the reach of participating brands and reach bigger audiences by putting them in front of Walmart’s audiences. Initially, the goal was to add 1,200 Shopify merchant...

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Sketch to Shopify: Go from mockup to a real website

With every year that goes by, software and design tools just keep improving. These days we have more options to create a mockup of web designs we want other than the ever-powerful Photoshop. The graphics editing and design software, Photoshop, has long been the industry standard but apps like Sketch are made specifically for web design allowing it to cater to the needs of web designers. Sketch...

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PSD TO SHOPIFY: Convert Your PSD Files into a functional Shopify Website

Have you created a web-store design in Photoshop? One that shows everything you want and how it should look but aren’t able to convert this design you worked so hard on to Shopify’s platform? Our team of Shopify Experts here at Webinopoly can help you convert your design from PSD to Shopify so don’t worry. Shopify remains to be one of the most popular and most used eCommerce platforms for small...

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Top 10 Referral Apps on Shopify You Need to Check Out

  Image from Conjured Referrals   Even today, word of mouth has a major impact on potential buyers’ purchasing decisions. This is because people trust referrals over other types of advertisements or marketing efforts. Offering rewards to customers who can refer new customers to your Shopify store can become an effective strategy for your store to gain more loyal customers and earn more sales to...

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Design User Experience on Your Shopify Site with InVision

Shopify remains to be the top choice for an eCommerce platform among big and small businesses alike, and it’s not hard to see why. The eCommerce platform continues to update and innovate its services and functionality to keep up with emerging industry trends. It’s a great way for businesses to manage a large inventory, get beautiful design options, and have access to apps that can increase the...

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