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Top 20 Best Food and Beverage Shopify Stores

Top 20 Best Food and Beverage Shopify Stores Food and beverage eCommerce is thriving, but certain businesses are outperforming others. There are a plethora of different sorts of food and beverage goods that you can sell but this also means that there is a lot of competition out there. In order to have a successful online business, you must create standout products and have a standout website. ...

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How To Accept Payments Via Cash App on Shopify

  Business owners love Shopify because it provides so many useful tools and services to help them sell their products online. The Shopify ecosystem is enormous, and it could serve as a one-stop shop for anything from online storefronts to POS hardware, inventory management to employee management, and more. Customers, on the other hand, appreciate its simple user interface. Shopify makes it easy...

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Top 20 Beauty and Skincare Stores in Shopify (2021)

  Despite a challenging COVID-19 era, the global beauty sector is rebounding, and skincare will be the future frontrunner in future development, according to Euromonitor International. The research firm also said that eCommerce had increased importance in rebound global beauty and personal care market.  Between 2020 and 2021, eCommerce sales in this category surged over 23%. Research from surve...

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Top 20 Best Fitness Shopify Stores (2021)

Working out is a lot of work. We'd all be in terrific condition if it were easy, but we all know that's not the case. That is why individuals seek out fitness and health products such as supplements and even home training equipment such as weights and stationery bicycles.  The online fitness and health sector is a booming segment and one of the fastest-growing ecommerce markets today, with thos...

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Top 25 Jewelry and Accessories Stores on Shopify

Yes, it is possible to start your own jewelry business without having to spend hundreds of thousands on a brick-and-mortar store. With the boom of eCommerce, it has become easier for budding entrepreneurs to simply set up an online shop, promote it through social media, and wait for the customers to pour in. However, creating your very own online jewelry business can still be really hard. That’...

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Hello, Hydrogen: Shopify's New React-Based Framework

One of Shopify’s biggest announcements at Shopify Unite was Hydrogen, a React-based framework and the eCommerce giant’s recommended approach to building super fast, dynamic eCommerce stores. Just a few days ago, Shopify shared that Hydrogen is now available in developer preview. By combining Shopify's sophisticated commerce-optimized components with a quickstart environment, Hydrogen makes it ...

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Top 25 Shopify Stores for Pet Supplies & Goods

We shop online for almost everything these days, and there should be no reason why purchasing pet supplies cannot be done in the same manner as other popular eCommerce products such as sporting goods, home essentials, apparel, and accessories. With ease and convenience, it’s really no wonder that the industry is booming today. It’s no secret too that everybody loves their pets. Though they aren...

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What is a Meta Description and How to Use It?

Guide: Writing Meta Descriptions for Your eCommerce Store To really optimize your Shopify website, you’ll need to pay attention to the tags that appear in Google. These are called meta titles and meta descriptions that are frequently mentioned in articles on SEO strategy. But what are they and how do you use them when running an eCommerce store? Effective titles and meta descriptions may have a...

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Top 20 Best Apparel Shopify Stores in the US

As ecommerce continues to grow, so does competition, making it difficult to stand out. To attract your ideal audience — and more significantly, to transform them into passionate brand ambassadors — you need a unique website. A well-designed Shopify website can attract a large audience and serve as a complete marketing presentation. Rather than using templates that have been used by thousands of...

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The 10 Most Useful Shopify Online Store 2.0 Features

Driven by the beautiful, completely re-imagined storefront, this is a great time to upgrade to Shopify 2.0. The goal of bringing Shopify 2.0 online was to enrich the online shop experience with the introduction of a whole new set of development tools. As a result, developers may design a more diverse range of Shopify apps and themes for merchants. Shopify 2.0 should be accessible to everyone b...

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Launch Your Shopify Store the Right Way: Guide to Setting up Facebook Ads

Shopify is one of the best platforms for establishing an e-commerce business. Once you’ve got yours all setup and running, the next challenge is how to attract customers. Especially now that more and more customers are shopping online, you need to keep up with their demands while staying ahead of the competition. On average, only about 2.8 percent of eCommerce website visits actually convert. ...

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How to Improve eCommerce Customer Retention

Illustrations vector created by pikisuperstar - www.freepik.com How to Improve eCommerce Customer Retention For years, my grandparents have done their grocery shopping in the same way. They'll buy their meat at one store, but their vegetables and seafood will be purchased at a different store. It's not as if they're any less expensive than what you'd find in a large supermarket. All that's hap...

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