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Shopify Email: Create and Send Personalized Emails

Email marketing campaigns are an invaluable tool for eCommerce stores. They allow Shopify store owners to drive traffic back to their sites and make sales, while also building relationships with customers in a more personal way than social media or paid ads by offering value, like exclusive insights into your business, discounts, and promotions, educational content and resources, and much more....

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The 10 Best Shopify Bots for Sneaker Resellers

Shopify's popularity has ultimately translated into great success for its clients and developers. It's no wonder that Shopify is the platform of choice for many sneaker resellers who want to build a presence in the limited edition sneaker game. Building an eCommerce store on Shopify is not only easy, but it also offers several perks that might appeal to sneaker resellers. As we all know, sneake...

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10 Benefits of Content Marketing for Your Shopify Store

Content marketing isn't an option for e-commerce stores. It's a must. If you aren't using content strategy to drive traffic and build your brand, you're missing out on a good chunk of your potential customer base. Content marketing is a marketing technique that uses content-rich materials to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience – and ultimately drive profitable customer action. Fortuna...

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Effective CTAs: 6 Call-to-Action Tactics That Work

Subscribe. Buy now. Find out more. Consider all the times you've registered or purchased something online. Why did you do that? They were most likely the outcome of a well-crafted call to action (CTA). You might not have taken any action if you hadn't been attracted by the copy or design of the CTA or led to the sign-up process. As a result, your company must use effective CTAs to lead customer...

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Managing Shopify Returns: A Quick Guide

Consider the following scenario. It's a busy day, but you have to go and see if any customers need a refund. So, you log into your Shopify admin and click on Orders. You see some customers who are asking for refunds, therefore you must manually go through all of the orders to select the one you want to return. As you can see, this will take a long time! Then there's the hassle of creating or up...

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Create a Shopify Landing Page That Converts

Your landing page is the first thing your customers see when going to your website or searching for your specific product. Having a terrible landing page design is likely to scare these people away from your product or service. As we know, getting high-quality traffic to your online store can be pricey. Therefore, it's vital to convert the traffic you're getting since you either have to pay for...

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5 minute guide for Shopify success

If you’re thinking about opening a store on Shopify, then you’re at the right place! With over 200 million businesses on the platform, Shopify proves that it is still an eCommerce powerhouse. Now, to be successful in eCommerce, you have to prepare your business and marketing strategy before you launch. So here's a simple Shopify cheat sheet to jumpstart your exciting new Shopify business. Crea...

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How to Add Live Chat App to Shopify Store

Do you want to add a live chat feature for your Shopify store? Awesome! You've come to the right place. Live chat is an excellent method to engage with your consumers while also improving your business's revenue. We understand that including a live chat feature on your website may appear to be a difficult process. However, implementing this functionality is really simple. So, how do you go abou...

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Boost Your Online Sales with These 5 Shopify Marketing Tactics

You did it. You’ve built your very own Shopify store from scratch! You might be asking, “what’s next?” Well, it’s time to make some money, of course. It's not going to be easy, but if you want a regular monthly income, you need to start selling on Shopify. Conquering the world of sales is not a simple endeavor, that much is certain. In fact, reaching sales and income objectives is one of the la...

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Boost Your ROI With Webinopoly’s New Tracking App

With our tracking system, you will no longer be bombarded with emails by customers concerning the status of their orders. Award-winning web development agency, Webinopoly, has just released Trackify, a reliable shipment and order tracking solution to help businesses leverage delivery to increase ROI & customer retention. While eCommerce has grown fast over the previous decade, technological...

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7 Big Brands That Used Headless eCommerce and Saw Results

For years, e-commerce websites have been built on industry-standard platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, and Shopify. While these systems are still employed by many shops today, a new type of digital storefront solution known as headless e-commerce has emerged in the last few years. The concept of a "headless" e-commerce site goes well beyond a standard online shop. It combines the best feat...

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Headless eCommerce: A Shopify Developer’s Guide

Even if you have a Shopify shop, it won't be enough if your business is scaling quickly. It could limit your ability to grow your reach, enhance your conversions, and keep reeling in new digital contact points using Shopify's native capabilities. Headless commerce (also known as headless Shopify) is a solution to this problem. What Is Shopify?  Shopify is a subscription-based platform that anyb...

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