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What is a Shopify Expert and Do You Need One?

As a Shopify merchant, think about every task that you have to do to keep your store in line. There’s marketing, inventory management, website maintenance, customer inquiries, and if you have social media accounts, there’s content.

It is actually a lot of work, and though quite manageable when you’re starting out with just a few products, it can get taxing as your store continues to scale. When your business grows, it gets tough just trying to keep up.

This is where a Shopify Expert comes in.

What is a Shopify Expert?

Shopify experts are professionals who live and breathe Shopify. They are experts who can help you set up your domain, design your website, create, run marketing campaigns, and help you build a good strategy. Because they have years of experience, they are able to provide you the insight and expertise that you will need to grow your brand.

A lot of companies hire a Shopify Expert because hiring a few developers and marketers sometimes isn’t enough. When it comes to long-term growth, there are many decisions that can make or break your business, and during this time it would be good to have a Shopify Expert by your side.

Because these are important business decisions, you will need to screen potential hires and take the time to onboard them. This will be helpful in the long-run as you will need an expert who will stick to your plan and help implement it while knowing your brand inside and out.

What are the benefits of working with a Shopify Expert?

  • Quality of Work
  • Shopify Experts belong to a Shopify community who are motivated to always produce good work to build their reputation and also because they want to achieve many satisfied clients. Overall, Shopify Experts are skilled in numerous roles from marketing your brand to developing your website. They can streamline your operations, improve your website’s performance, grow your social media presence, and in turn, help grow your business.

    Below we enumerate just some ways that Shopify experts can improve your brand because of their work:

  • Design
  • Your website is a reflection of your brand and it is here where customers can get an impression of your company. A good, professional design implies a professional business. If you aren’t very skilled in the design aspect, a Shopify Expert can help you create a design that carries the vision you have for your brand. A good website design also gives customers a better experience which is very important in eCommerce if we want them to purchase and keep coming back.

    If you need some inspiration, check our article, 5 Trends in Shopify Design for 2021, to stay on trend for next year.

  • Copy
  • There are different website copies you’ll need to fill and not everyone is great at writing with the intention of selling. These are your product descriptions, website content such as FAQ or About Us, and blogs if you have them. When you can’t pitch your product in person, a good copywriter can do it for you. Shopify Experts who can do copywriting can properly communicate what your brand is about in a way that consumers will perceive and understand. It also helps build their trust.

  • Successful marketing campaigns
  • Shopify Experts are always on top of their game. They know what’s happening in eCommerce and any other factors (political, environmental, economic, social, technological) that can affect your business and apply it to a digital marketing campaign. Shopify Experts are knowledgeable in SEO, analytics, and social media so they are able to provide you with insights and strategies based on those insights.

  • Time-saving

  • Because these Shopify Experts are equipped to finish the tasks you require, you can devote your time to other business activities. While your Shopify Expert manages your inventory or marketing campaigns, you can focus on other aspects of your business like researching more suppliers, networking with other businesses, and such which in effect, can grow yours.

  • Streamlined business operations

  • To maintain a functioning business, operations need to go smoothly. With Shopify, you will need to maintain some essential operational tasks like your website’s code or checkout optimizations. Shopify Experts can assist you with website development, business operations, and even conversion optimization.  Here are the kinds of Shopify experts you can choose to hire:

    For business:

      • Business strategy consultants: Can guide you from starting your business to launching your site and maybe even your first few sales. Try to come up with a plan with your Shopify expert and see if a package deal can be worked out.
  • Product sourcing consultants: They can help you with sourcing products that are on-trend and can connect you with suppliers
  • Sales tax specialists: To avoid liabilities, you can opt for them to help you handle your business taxes

  • For website development:

  • Website design experts: Services can vary from just tweaking a few things to designing from scratch but ultimately they will build or redesign your website to give it its best potential
  • Developers: They can help you add features to your website that can better the customer experience, or yours. They may even build custom applications to suit your needs.
  • Product developers: Having your products is one thing, it’s another to make it presentable and look attractive to your customers. These Shopify Experts can set up your product pages, customize collections, upload or edit existing products, add inventory, and anything necessary to make your products attractive to the consumer.

  • Conversion rate optimization

  • Loyalty program experts: They can incentivize your customers to purchase by creating loyalty and rewards programs on your products or store. This can improve customer loyalty and overall sales.
  • Checkout optimization experts: Sometimes you might have to deal with the problem of abandoned carts so a Shopify Expert can help you reduce this and go to the root of the problem and thereby improving your customer’s shopping experience and result in better conversions.

  • Continuous consultancy

  • As mentioned above, Shopify Experts can save you a lot of time and effort because they have the knowledge and expertise to give you the right strategies and solutions. When you work with a Shopify Expert, most of the time they will be there for you 24/7 to guide you through any processes and hold your hand. It’s especially helpful when things start to get overwhelming due to the number of tasks and business decisions you may face in the future.

  • Better customer experience
  • Getting the consultancy and help of a Shopify Expert provides you with the best strategies to give customers an improved shopping experience. A lot of these strategies are based on their experiences, insights, or data which they’ve gathered over the years. If you are dealing with any customer complaints or aren’t sure how to meet the demands of your customers, these Shopify Experts can provide you with solutions that are backed up with data.

    And from everything we’ve mentioned from design to copywriting up to conversion strategies, all these processes can improve your website and business and can result in a better customer experience.

    Final words

    In eCommerce and any business, there are a lot of roles you will need to play and it can become difficult to do all of them. This is the perfect time to outsource some of these tasks to professionals who can get the job done. Shopify Experts can bring professionalism and a level of maturity to a new company.

    Who is Webinopoly and what can we do for you?

  • Webinopoly houses a team of Shopify experts in web design and development who can customize a design for you to match your vision and brand;
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    • We specialize in e-commerce marketing and advanced eCommerce Analytics for eCommerce and Conversion Rate Optimization service

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