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5 Trends in Shopify Web Design for 2021

With technology evolving at a rapid pace, keeping up with ecommerce and website design trends is a must. However, with anything, people’s preferences are always changing. As Shopify entrepreneurs, you need to keep track of changes in user behavior, preferences, and changes in the industry to keep your website performing well, innovative, and looking good. 

As the year 2021 approaches, we’ve gathered trends in design that we predict will keep your Shopify website on top of its game.

  1. Overlapping photography with graphics

With so many other websites and brands out there, how do you stand out? A trend right now is to elevate what may be a typical photo and mix it up by overlaying graphic elements on top of it.

A lot of Shopify stores now may be using the same theme, differing only in colors, fonts, and most probably it is the same layout, that’s so boring. In fact, a recent study by Harvard showed that over 70% of the websites on the internet look almost the same. Having your own photos enhanced with graphics allows you to add personality to your brand and a touch of creativity to your site, making it a breath of fresh air among generic-looking sites.

Here’s Meow Meow Tweet, a vegan skincare company, applying hand drawn illustrations and graphics with their product photography. 

Meow Meot Tweet

  1. Fascinating and unconventional product photos

As people get bored with the same old minimalist layouts and photography, more and more brands are embracing surrealist elements in their product photos through unnatural or irrational juxtapositions and combinations, and are giving experimental photography a try. 

Such can be done with the use of floating products like Happiness Abscissa‘s floating perfumes, and Tattly mixing their models with different styles of artwork.


Here’s one from our collaboration with Packlane, using an unconventional color combination, and props with muted colors that make the product standout:

Check our other collaborations here: Webinopoly

  1. VR and AR experiences

Having interactive virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) and 3D imaging allows customers to have a better perception of the product, lets them trust the product more and provides them with a better shopping experience since they can inspect the products at different angles, and look closely at every detail.

Now while AR and VR have been around for a while, we see more brands experimenting with this and developing it to suit their brand needs as well as with 3D photography. Shopify has made it easier now by allowing you to create 3D images on their platform.

See how Bumbleride integrated 3D in their product photos.

  1. Micro Animations

Small animations or micro animations provide the website with interactions that may guide shoppers, or bring in brand personality especially if yours is one that portrays fun and playfulness such as here in Pipsnack’s website which features a moving windmill, clouds, and corn stalks. Scroll a bit further below and the popcorns shake when you hover over them.

Another way to integrate it is by making the whole experience interactive for your website visitor like how Carbon Beauty has made almost everything move as you go through their store.

  1. Bold and vivid colors

Though we continue to embrace minimalist themes, designers are starting to play more with bold and vivid colors that contrast the neutral trends we may soon outgrow. By using bold and bright colors, you can take ordinary items like shoes, or food, and present them with a more eye-catching visual that captures your customer’s attention.

The key is to use bold and bright colors without creating clutter or overwhelming the eye. Take El Rayo Tequila‘s use of unconventional colors from green, purple, yellow and pink as an example. You can also go for a bright but monochromatic look like how Get Golden did with a bright yellow, combined with clean product photos, and white space.

Get Golden

Implementing even just a few of these should help to keep your website fresh for the next year. Fortunately, our amazing Webinopoly team is ready for anything! You may check out more of our work here, or if you’re ready to get started on your Shopify store, you may contact us.

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