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Chances are that if your using Shopify, then your in the business of selling something, whether it's a product or a service. Being successful with selling means increasing sales, but sometimes this can seem like riding a bicycle uphill on a day where the wind is right in your face. If you want to change the story, if you want to shift the wind to propel you forward and if you want to pick up momentum as if biking down hill, then keep reading!

There are so many tactics and theories for how to sell more that to read everything on the market would take you more time then you have in your life-time, so we have summarized what's working in today's online world.

1. Social Media = Social Proof

In a society now addicted to posting and reading reviews, we want to know what other people are doing with products or how their experiencing services. Give you customer's incentives to post their experiences with your product online like offering discounts or points for each product review on your site or each friend that they refer, which is how companies like Uber became so successful. Work with social media influencers to post pictures or videos using your products or services to expand the audience you have access to, many social media influencers are reasonably priced between $20-50 per post and can drive traffic to your site in the thousands.

2. Reciprocity = Giving with Gratitude 

A tactic used by celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Oprah, acknowl-edging those who have contributed to your success by expressing gratitude and appreciation to your customers when they buy and in your social media posts will help connect with your audience. You can use these oppourtunities to give back to your loyal customer's and show new customer's how they can expect to be treated. A great example is free shipping on orders over a certain amount or free sam-ples or products when specific items are purchased (he buy the explor-er jackets and get a gift of our explorer socks with each purchase). 

3. Scarcity = Urgency = Buy NOW 

As a buying society, we have such a large fear of losing out on spe-cial items, sales and limited offers that we created an acronym for it, FOMO (fear of missing out). Take advantage of FOMO by send-ing out sales to your email lists, adding details to your product pages detailing the product quantity left, or a countdown timer announcing how much longer a sale is on for. All of these create urgency in the customer, who doesn't want to miss out, and increases the number of items making it through your check out. 

4. Connection = I like you so I buy from you

 People who identify with what a company or a brand stands for are much more likely to be loyal and repeat customers. This is evident with companies like Nike and McDonalds who create ads to connect deeper with their clients, like with Nike's tustdoit to inspire and Mc-Donalds classic family centered ads to indicate 'families eat here because we're a family oriented environment'. Increasingly, customers are flocking to companies that take a political, social, or economic stance. While this may drive away some customers, it can also increase the loyalty of the following you already have and draw to you custom-ers who really identify with your companies beliefs and values.

Implementing any one of the techniques is sure to pay off. Implement them all, work to constantly improve them when you get feedback and watch the sales motor of your company take off'


Let’s Discuss Your Project