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Why Your Shopify Brand Story is Important

People have long been fascinated with stories since the beginning of time, and these have continued to be passed down from ancient times til today. But why? The reason is simple, people remember stories. It affects them, it makes them invest emotionally. 

Consumers who know about your Shopify brand’s story may enable them to view your product more positively as compared to not knowing at all. It’s not just your company’s history, though it can be, but it needs to invoke an emotional reaction. Your brand story is your narrative; it should encompass all facts and feelings created by your Shopify brand.

Without a story, you are just like any other brand

A good brand story elevates your brand from more than just being a product. When Starbucks created their brand, they wanted more than to just sell coffee, they created a need, a “third place”. They created a community, a decision that impacted everything about the brand that will contribute to the customer’s experience such as the furniture, the music being played, and even relaying it to tech by making customer’s lives easier by implementing digital ordering. Everything they do is focused on making the customer comfortable and familiar, like coming home to your family or your significant other. This kind of dedication has made Starbucks a baseline for good brand storytelling.

Storytelling builds engagement

Because a good story builds your brand identity, it creates a community of people who identify with your brand’s culture. It creates a bond, a relationship. When your brand stands for something that your customers can identify with, it makes them engage and it can provide conversation for your brand. It can make them tell stories for you.

People buy something that enriches them

Your customers do not necessarily buy to make you feel better but to solve a problem they may have. The product should make their lives better, and make them feel good about it. 

As a retailer, you have the power to make them feel good about their decisions, and the overall process of doing so. Tattly, a temporary tattoo brand, solves a unique problem—limited good designs for temporary tattoos. The brand centered itself on making people happy by providing a product that lets them express themselves and allows them to get creative fostering emotions of joy and satisfaction at an affordable cost.

Maya Angelou said, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

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