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When half a billion people are using a single phone app daily to enjoy the artistry of photography from around the world, it's time to check in and pay attention. That's right 500 million users are browsing Instagram every...single...day, how much more traffic in one spot could you ask for!

Instagram is no longer just about pretty pictures though. With over 30% of users purchasing products and services on the platform, it's become a lucrative method to connect with customers and advertise your products, services, brand and business. Instagram gives businesses the chance to provide poten-tial customers with a visually stimulating experience of what they can expect of you, your goods or services and your company.

The quality of this visually stimulating experience is what determines whether customers are then driven to buy. Add this to the bonus of IGTV and busi-nesses now have an oppourtunity like never before to advertise and teach customers about their products and their brand live without having to pay the higher costs typically associated with TV, YouTube or Facebook ads.

So how does one create visually stimulating content? By being authentic, relatable and unique. One of the greatest things about Instagram is that Millen-nials, which are currently its biggest audience, are craving authenticity and personalization. They consume content endlessly and are searching for people and brands that they feel drawn and connected too. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need as big of an audience as you might imagine to increase sales when you have an authentically connected audience.

An authentically connected audience means followers that are actually interested in the content you are producing and ask for more These days, people don't just 'Follow' for the sake of following; people will only follow your brand if or when they love your products, pics, style and other components that make you unique and well...you.

When followers love the content you produce, their interests are piqued! As their connection to your brand grows, so do their chances of buying a product that you put on your feed or of following a link to your website. This drives up direct sales and drives up website traffic which also leads to more sales. But hold up, it can't be that simple!

Yes and no Yes it can be that simple, however, it doesn't happen overnight and it takes work. But, if you want to grow as a company and a brand, learning how to capitalize on Instagram is a wise and healthy investment, as this market is showing no signs of slowing down. To build your audience faster in an authentic way, connect with your followers and create a brand that not only has loyal customers, but can make your bottom sales rise like the tide, you need to read this blog! Feeling overwhelmed? Then time to work with a Shopify or an ecommerce expert who can get you launched, get your social feed embedded into your website or store and help you create and manage your content


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