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What is Shopify Experts Marketplace and should I use it for hiring experts?

Entrepreneurs know that when you start a business, there are a lot of things you need to keep your hands on. This gets even more challenging when you set up your Shopify store as there are a lot more things that need to get done. There’s marketing, web management design, building, optimization, social media handling, content creation and management and so much more. Experts know that the right thing to do is to allocate the work you are most unfamiliar with to a professional.

This is where Shopify Experts Marketplace comes in. Though most entrepreneurs can rise up to a challenge, it will be for your benefit to work with a Shopify expert to manage web-related tasks while you work on your business.

Shopify Experts Marketplace connects Shopify entrepreneurs with specialized experts to help them and provide solutions that can improve their website and their business. 

Shopify Experts can definitely help and assist you with a great deal. Tasks such as migrating your store from another platform, building and developing your website, or optimizing your SEO.

Should you hire a Shopify Expert from the Shopify Expert Marketplace?

Yes and no. Shopify experts from the marketplace have been vetted and they are qualified but this is going to be an additional expense for your company. Think about the work that you need to get done and if you are willing to shoulder those costs. Your decision can vary depending on the state your business is in. Are you a startup with a small budget? Or a medium scale business looking to expand?

You will also have to spend a lot of time vetting different candidates, going through a lot of portfolios, or reading reviews about each of them which can take up a lot of your time. You also have to know that a lot of the experts in the marketplace are freelancers. 

A freelancer is an independent marketing consultant. They may have various working experiences and specialties. You need to take your business niche into consideration. There are few freelancers who are flexible enough to know different industries but a lot of them may have experience in just one or two. One freelancer could be an expert at beauty and skincare but have no idea about tech and gadgets.

If your business is already booming and you are in a position to scale, you might want to consider getting a digital agency such as Webinopoly.

A digital agency houses a team of professionals managed on a hierarchical system. When you hire an agency, you are getting a whole team to work with you instead of just one or a few people with separate fees. Professionals in a digital agency are not able to choose which tasks are assigned to them and work based on a deadline.

Either one could have a pro and con depending on your business but we suggest going for a digital agency, especially if you’re a medium or big business. When you work with a digital agency, you get a full team of professionals under one roof. Everyone on that team is in sync and have years of collective experience to know what will work best for your business.

Why you should hire Webinopoly:

Webinopoly is an Award-Winning Digital Agency and are experts in Design, Setup, Development, and Marketing. We house trusted and top-notch Shopify experts who can help entrepreneurs like you build your online business. Our services range from building your Shopify store to theme customization, website development, migration to Shopify, SEO, and marketing.


While most freelancers are dedicated and hard-working individuals who want to build up their portfolios, there are cases where they just vanish. Yes, as if from thin air! Due to the lack of a figurehead, some freelancers may not answer calls or messages on time, or choose to not answer at all. This can get very frustrating especially when you are at a crucial point.

When you work with us, we assign you a project manager and team members who can get the job done. Plus, we meet with you first to establish a good working relationship with you but also to get to know your business, and since we are an established company, you’ll always know where to find us.


Digital agencies work based on a set of codes that help set the workflow of the team, and to always be able to provide a good service to its clients.

At Webinopoly, we make sure to keep our lines open and assist you with your needs. We invest our energy in helping your business just as you’ve chosen to invest in us. We do routine meetings to keep everything in line and you as the client can always stay updated.

Dedicated team

We house a number of professionals so we can create a team that will be dedicated to your business, most of whom have been in the industry for years. Our Shopify Experts here at Webinopoly have the experience and knowledge to back up any claims and proposals. If you choose to hire from the Shopify Experts Marketplace, there is a chance that you will need to hire more than two, which in the end can get even pricier.

A lot of resources

Freelancers may have fewer clients than a digital agency which could also mean they have invested in fewer resources. They may be able to allocate a lot of time dedicated to your project but also use that time to collect resources. Meanwhile, at a digital agency, we already have those resources especially since we have been doing this for years. Having those resources at hand helps us finish the work faster and yield results backed up by data.

Huge portfolio including big brands

In just the past year, we’ve helped over 100 businesses from small to big brands with our professional service. But don’t just listen to us, check out some of what our 200+ happy clients have to say:

There are many choices out there, but when you build a brand from the ground up and lack professional development skills, letting someone in the back-end of your website can be expensive and scary. Working with Moe at Webinopoly was easy, affordable, insightful.”- Mike, CMO at Beauty Bakerie for their Website Development

“Webinopoly's team was incredibly responsive and down to every detail of what we wanted, they made it happen. The graphic design work they created for our website is beautiful and gave it the professional look we had been searching for. We couldn't be any happier.” - Tayana Carper, Co-Founder, Unleash LIFE LLC for their Website Development

“Extremely knowledgeable with the Shopify back-end making the impossible possible!” - KurativCBD.com

If you have the budget and you need some help, we say definitely hire Shopify Experts...but hire them from us!

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