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Upgrade To Shopify Store 2.0 With Webinopoly

If you are a Shopify store owner, you have probably read a lot of buzz recently about the new Shopify 2.0 and its brand new features. If you don’t know yet, it’s basically an upgraded version of their already amazing platform. This means Shopify Store 2.0 comes with brand new features. And that also means you need to be ready to make certain changes in your store as your shoppers want to see fresh stuff all the time.

And that’s where we come in. Webinopoly, is one of the best Shopify marketing and development agencies in the world – and we can build your Shopify store for you, so you don’t have to worry about the technicalities of doing it.

Moreover, Webinopoly can help you make all those small changes in your store so it converts better and gets more customers – just like we did for many big clients around the globe. Keep reading to learn more about Shopify Store 2.0 and how it can help your business.

What is Shopify Online Store 2.0?

Shopify has come a long way since its launch, and it's Shopify's latest release that is going to have the biggest impact on you, a business owner. When 2.0 lands in your lap, you can expect to have more tools at your disposal to customize your site and reduce its learning curve. This will make running your online shop smoother and easier than ever before.

Many e-commerce shops are starting to give customers shopping experiences that are tailor-made, like getting a customer through the entire checkout process in an app or sending an email to start the checkout process on their phone. Shopify’s online store improvement will enable you to have full control of your site, create personalized and unique user experiences, and give your website visitors a better shopping experience.

What’s in it for Shopify store merchants?

New themes and editor tools

With the new Online Store 2.0, you will have the ability to customize your Shopify store with a JSON template file. You will also have access to the new Dawn theme, themes designed to be compatible with JSON templates and app blocks.

Merchants will love the new Online Store 2.0 because it has a new editing experience that makes things faster, easier and better. Merchants used to have very few options when it came to how many blocks they could put in each online store. Now, you will be able to add new sections to each page.

When you make a template file, you can choose which sections show up in your views and where they show up, so you can make sure they look good. When you use a JSON template file, you can apply the same templates to all of your Shopify store pages. This file lists all the parts of a page, custom pages, blog posts, collection pages, and more.

The new Shopify 2.0 default theme is called Dawn, and it comes with a lot of options that are easy to use and work with JSON templates and app blocks.

What is a section? A section is basically just an element within a page. This could be a banner or a part of text. 

Previously, only the homepage's sections could be adjusted, while the product page, collection, and blog had a set architecture that could only be changed by the content. With the new update, you should be able to add sections to any page, not just the home page. This can now make pages with a lot of different sections and move them around how you want, making your store more true and unique to your brand.

What makes this such a game-changer? If you wish to change or add a banner to your product page, for example, you can do so directly from the theme editor. You will be able to instantly modify every page and set up multiple page templates without needing to hire a developer if you are well-equipped to do so. This is great news for businesses who want to customize every aspect of their Shopify shop.

New app blocks and theme app extensions save time and effort

If you've used Shopify long enough, you'll know that uninstalling apps leaves unnecessary code in your theme, which means you have to go into your theme code and erase it yourself or ask your developer to do it. 

Similarly, while installing apps, you may need to install its code or even construct new ones. 

Previously, integrating applications with themes was difficult. Apps couldn't integrate them, therefore developers had to design integration logic for existing themes.

This is especially problematic if you have many developers working on your code. In this case, additional developers would need to take the time to understand the code before making any modifications.

However, now that theme app extensions have been added, the functionality can be used consistently across themes instead of having to be adjusted each time.

Theme App Extensions allow applications to have their own sections and blocks within a theme. They will allow developers to extend themes while protecting the theme code integrity and improving app development and merchant experiences.

Now that apps are distributed as blocks inside a page with Online Store 2.0, you can choose where and when they appear. You may also modify the app's settings from the theme editor. This fantastic improvement will help everyone from merchants to app developers.

The app's versatility is a nice bonus. For developers, this means they may now add and delete UI components without touching the theme's code. This simplifies controlling the app's resources.

To design your first theme app extensions and make your apps compatible with Online Store 2.0, you can review the migration information in Shopify’s manual, or collaborate with a Shopify Expert here at Webinopoly.

A spanking new theme editor

Shopify themes represent your online store's storefront best. The search, product catalog, shopping cart, and checkout pages should always be optimized for mobile devices. Shopify has redesigned the theme architecture and the theme editor in Online Store 2.0.

For retailers, this means a revolutionary editing experience that makes it simpler than ever to build storefronts from scratch, connect theme extensions, and manage apps within themes.

Using the new feature, businesses may centralize and personalize functionality.

A "tree-down" view of collapsible parts was also included to help visualize them inside a page. A big list of sections is no longer necessary to find the correct one. The theme editor now allows you to add liquid code directly.

New Shopify 2.0 Themes

The Shopify 2.0 release includes all-new themes with updated functionalities. On the Online Store 2.0 templates page, you'll see that the majority of the templates have the short description "OS 2.0," indicating that they are capable of supporting the new features.

The bad news is that practically every single one of them is paid. The cost ranges between $150 and $350. Of course, there's still the   "Dawn" that is accessible. You could use it to test out all of the new features before switching to the paid versions.


Shopify 2.0 makes it easy for brands to implement adjustments to their metafields. Metafields are additional data fields that may be added to items, customers, orders, and other Shopify objects.

This means that you can now add a size chart, a warranty, or a list of ingredients without having to change the theme's code. A file picker enables merchants to upload documents and images to product pages, allowing customers to learn more about the products.

The new metafields interface can be seen right away on the product editor page. Metafields types include color, product, variant page, file, and URL references, and more.

Using metafields allows merchants to be more flexible as they communicate with customers about the product features and what makes theirs different.

GitHub integration

Theme development will be easier to manage, maintain, and monitor thanks to the new integration with GitHub. Your GitHub account links to your Shopify store, allowing you to make updates that are always in accordance with the current needs of your preferred themes.

Native support for version control will make it easier for developers to work together on themes and set up workflows for reviewing and merging changes to themes on GitHub before they appear on a merchant's store.

Why should you upgrade your store to Shopify Online Store 2.0?

Shopify is the eCommerce platform of choice for aspiring online stores, but the Shopify Store 2.0 is a major update to their system and one that will impact all Shopify store owners.

The upgrades are designed to make the platform easier to use and more user-friendly, as well as boosting performance and improving security. While the functionality remains more or less the same, there’s lots of new features that will give you even more control over your store. Here are some of the highlights:

The benefits of this upgrade are numerous and include:

  • Enhanced personalisation tools
  • Faster page loading times for your customers
  • More customisation options for developers
  • New features such as scrolling banner images and a dynamic store map for customers to zoom in on different sections of your site

Upgrade to Shopify 2.0 with Webinopoly

Webinopoly has extensive expertise migrating stores from other platforms to Shopify. Now, we're supporting businesses of all sizes in smoothly transitioning to the new Shopify 2.0. Merchants using Shopify 1.0 need not be concerned about the transition; simply install the shop and continue functioning as normal, we'll deal with the technicalities. We’re here to make your Shopify 2.0 migration simple and effortless.

We provide a friendly migration platform with a simple installation process that will let you avoid any potential problems. Webinopoly takes care of the major points that require extra attention, so you don’t have to worry about those kinds of details.

Our support team is here for you to explain everything you need to know about the process or help you if something unexpected happens. Webinopoly is certain that all merchants, including yourself, will welcome the new upgrade.


Overall, we are pleased with the new Shopify. It looks more beautiful, visually more attractive, so even in search results it will stand out from other competitors. The main thing is that Shopify 2.0 is not just a new design and interface, but also a lot of new features that greatly facilitate the work of e-merchants and significantly improve the shopping experience!

We understand that this is a significant update and many store owners would want to stick with the old version as long as possible. But you need to recognize that Shopify 2.0 is designed for the future, with more opportunities to grow your business, especially if you are planning on making it a full-time occupation.

At Webinopoly, we help forward-thinking businesses like yours create fantastic online stores. Our experts can build you a Shopify store that's right for your brand and your budget.


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