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Unveiling the Elite: Top 10 Home Decor Dropshipping Suppliers for Your Store

Are you searching for the perfect niche to dive into the world of dropshipping? Look no further than the captivating realm of home decor. It's a flourishing market that has consistently proven to be immensely profitable and continues to attract a growing number of enthusiasts.

However, before you set sail on this exciting venture, it's crucial to arm yourself with a curated list of highly sought-after products and trusted dropshipping suppliers specialising in home decor. Building a solid foundation is key to your success.

But don't fret! We're here to lend you a helping hand and guide you towards a smooth start. In this comprehensive guide, we will unveil the top 10 home decor dropshipping suppliers carefully selected for your online store. These suppliers have established themselves as reputable and reliable partners, ensuring that you can confidently provide your customers with outstanding products.

So, prepare to unlock the immense profit potential that awaits you in the realm of home decor. With Shopify as your trusted companion, you'll have the perfect platform to showcase your unique collection and capture the hearts of design enthusiasts worldwide. Let's embark on this exhilarating journey together and watch your dropshipping business flourish in the ever-evolving world of home decor.

The Advantages of Opting for Home Decor Dropshipping

In the world of e-commerce, dropshipping has emerged as a highly efficient business model, allowing entrepreneurs to sell products without the burden of inventory management or shipping logistics. In the home decor niche specifically, dropshipping offers an array of advantages that make it an enticing choice for aspiring business owners.

Evergreen Demand: Home decor is a thriving market, driven by homeowners constantly seeking new ways to enhance their living spaces. With a vast audience and strong demand, the home decor niche provides a steady stream of customers looking to add style and personality to their homes. Recent data from Statista highlights that American consumers alone will spend a staggering $188 billion on home decor in 2022, underscoring the lucrative potential of this market.

Diverse Product Range: One of the major advantages of dropshipping home decor products is the vast variety available within the niche. From furniture to decorative items, lighting fixtures, rugs, and more, the extensive range of home decor products enables dropshippers to cater to different customer segments. Whether customers are furnishing a new home or looking to refresh their current living space, there are a multitude of products to meet their unique preferences and needs.

Low Start-Up Costs: Dropshipping home decor items also offers the advantage of lower start-up costs compared to traditional wholesale models. With dropshipping, you can showcase a wide selection of products on your website without the need to purchase and store inventory upfront. This eliminates the need for significant capital investment, allowing you to allocate resources to marketing, website development, and customer acquisition strategies.

Lucrative and Growing Industry: The home decor industry has experienced significant growth in recent years and continues to be highly valued. In 2019, the global home decor market was estimated to be worth $616.6 billion, with projections indicating it will reach $838.6 billion by 2027. This upward trajectory underscores the immense profit potential that exists within the home decor niche, making it an attractive choice for entrepreneurs seeking a profitable dropshipping venture.

By capitalising on the evergreen demand, diverse product range, low start-up costs, and the thriving nature of the home decor industry, dropshipping within this niche presents a unique opportunity for success. With careful market research, effective marketing strategies, and partnerships with reliable suppliers, you can establish a thriving home decor dropshipping business that taps into the growing consumer interest in transforming their living spaces.

Discover the Top 10 Home Decor Dropshipping Suppliers for Your Business

Home decor dropshipping offers a wealth of opportunities for entrepreneurs to thrive in the ever-growing e-commerce industry. With the advantages of dropshipping, such as minimal inventory management and shipping hassles, you can focus on building a successful business. To help you kickstart your journey into the world of home decor dropshipping, we've curated a list of the ten best suppliers, renowned for their extensive selection and unique advantages.


First on our list is Amazon, the world's largest eCommerce marketplace. With an unparalleled variety of approximately 40,000 home decor items, Amazon is the go-to platform for customers and retailers alike. From curtains and rugs to pillows and wall art, they offer a comprehensive range of products to cater to diverse preferences.

What's special:

Fast and reliable shipping for all products. Prime members enjoy super-fast and free shipping.


Incredible customer support is available 24/7 via phone or email.

Domestic warehouses in major countries, enabling faster delivery times to customers.


For dropshipping Chinese home decor products, look no further than AliExpress. As part of the Alibaba Group, AliExpress provides a vast inventory of home decorations and accessories at lower costs compared to Amazon.

What's special:

  • Affordable pricing for all products, allowing dropshippers to boost profit margins.


  • No minimum order quantity is required.


  • Domestic warehouses in major regions such as the US, UK, and Europe.


  • Worldwide shipping.

  • AliExpress Dropshipping Centre for easy product research and selection.


While primarily a B2B wholesale marketplace, Alibaba is also a valuable platform for home decor dropshipping. With connections to over 150,000 manufacturers and wholesale suppliers, they offer an extensive product catalogue.

What's special:

  • Low costs of goods lead to higher profit margins.


  • Various deals and discounts are provided to dropshippers.


  • Private labelling services allow dropshippers to sell products under their own brand.


  • Worldwide shipping.


Headquartered in China, CJDropshipping is an all-in-one dropshipping supplier known for its massive collection of home decor products, including textiles, arts, crafts, and sewing items.

What's special:

  • Dropshipping-friendly interface for easy order processing.


  • Product sourcing feature to request products not yet available on the platform.


  • Private labelling service for brand customization.


  • A good quality control process for high-quality products.
  • Faster shipping times compared to other Chinese suppliers.


With 20 years of experience, DHGate is a prominent Chinese eCommerce marketplace offering home decor dropshipping at competitive prices.

What's special:

  • Customization options are offered for certain products.


  • Domestic warehouses in 16 countries.


  • Multiple payment methods are available, including bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and DHpay.


  • Buyer protection programme for secure payment and effective returns and refund policies


Specialising in home goods and decor, Wayfair features an extensive selection of products, making it a great option for sprucing up living spaces or taking on DIY projects.

What's special:

  • Domestic warehouses in major regions, offering faster delivery times.


  • Two-day shipping on all products.


  • MYWAY membership programme for free shipping and next-day delivery.

Benzara Inc.

Benzara is a renowned US-based supplier of top-quality home decor and furniture goods, offering an exquisite inventory of decorative accessories, lamps, statues, and wall decor.

What's special:

  • Fast order processing times of 1-2 business days on average.


  • Free and fast shipping in the continental United States.


  • Transparent shipping, order, and return policies.

Aspire Home Accents

Aspire Home Accents, a leading wholesaler and distributor in the US, is a treasure trove of high-end home decor and unique giftware. Their collection caters to every taste, from modern to traditional and everything in between. With exquisite products like accent furniture, accessories, clocks, lamps, and wall art, Aspire Home Accents is the epitome of elegance for your dropshipping store.

What's special:

  • Well-known for luxury home decor products.


  • Detailed product information and high-resolution images.


  • No minimum order value is required.


  • Fast and reliable shipping within the United States.


  • Superior packaging to avoid product damage.


  • Free dropshipping service and top-level customer support.

Sagebrook Home

Sagebrook Home, born out of a passion for design and dedication to quality, offers an extensive catalogue of elegant and stylish home decor products. Their collection includes home accessories, furniture, wall decor, lighting, and more, exuding timeless beauty for your discerning customers.

What's special:

  • A vast selection of over 10,000 high-quality home decor products.


  •  Fast delivery in the United States.


  • Outstanding customer service with a "service excellence" standard.

Homespice Décor

For a touch of authenticity and American craftsmanship, Homespice Décor reigns supreme. This US-based award-winning wholesaler specializes in custom-made rugs and accessories, adding a unique flair to any living space.

What's special:

  • A full-fledged collection of classic American handmade rugs and accessories.


  • A niche supplier, offering dropshippers a unique position in the market.


  • Clear return and warranty policies, and easy order tracking guidelines.


Bambeco is a one-of-a-kind home decor dropshipping supplier that focuses on sustainability and eco-friendliness. Based in the United States, Bambeco offers a curated collection of eco-friendly home decor products, ranging from furniture made of reclaimed materials to organic bedding and sustainable kitchenware.

What's special:

  • Commitment to sustainability, providing eco-conscious customers with a guilt-free shopping experience.


  • Unique and environmentally friendly products that stand out in the home decor market.


  • Transparent information about the sourcing and production of their eco-friendly items.


  • Fast and reliable shipping within the United States.


For those seeking to infuse their homes with culture and art, Novica is an extraordinary home decor dropshipping supplier. Novica connects consumers with talented artisans from around the world, offering a diverse range of handcrafted home decor products, including wall hangings, sculptures, and textiles.

What's special:

  • A platform for promoting fair trade and supporting local artisans worldwide.


  • Unique and one-of-a-kind decor items with cultural significance.


  • A vast selection of traditional and contemporary home decor pieces, ensuring something for every taste.


  • Worldwide shipping allows customers to embrace global craftsmanship.

By collaborating with these elite suppliers, you can infuse your home decor dropshipping store with unparalleled style and variety. Each supplier brings its own distinct advantages, from luxury offerings and exquisite designs to authentic American craftsmanship. With these top-notch partners by your side, your home decor dropshipping business is bound for success, leaving customers delighted with their curated spaces and exceptional choices.

Top 10 trending Home Decor Items to Dropship On Shopify

Home decor is a flourishing niche in the dropshipping industry, and with the right selection of trending products, you can attract a wide customer base to your Shopify store. Let's delve into the top 10 trending home decor items that are perfect for dropshipping on Shopify:

Modern Wall Art:

Modern wall art pieces, such as abstract paintings, framed prints, and wall sculptures, are in high demand among homeowners looking to elevate the aesthetics of their living spaces. Opt for versatile and eye-catching designs that cater to various interior styles, from minimalist to contemporary.

Planters and Plant Pots:

Indoor gardening and greenery have become popular trends in home decor. Dropshipping stylish planters and plant pots that come in unique shapes, colours, and materials will attract plant enthusiasts and design-conscious customers alike.

Minimalist Furniture:

Minimalism continues to be a prevailing interior design trend, and dropshipping minimalist furniture pieces can be a lucrative venture. Offer sleek and functional furniture, such as streamlined tables, chairs, and storage solutions, to cater to modern and minimalist aesthetics.

Scandinavian-inspired Decor:

Scandinavian design, known for its simplicity and functionality, remains a sought-after style. Dropship Scandinavian-inspired decor items, like cosy throw blankets, natural wood accessories, and neutral-toned decor, to capture the interest of design-savvy customers.

Smart Home Gadgets:

With the rise of smart home technology, customers are keen on integrating tech-savvy decor items into their living spaces. Dropship smart home gadgets, such as smart lighting, smart speakers, and automated home assistants, to cater to the tech-savvy and convenience-seeking market.

Bohemian Textiles:

Bohemian decor, characterised by vibrant colours and eclectic patterns, is a popular choice among millennials and Gen Z. Offer bohemian-style textiles, including decorative tapestries, woven rugs, and colourful cushions, to tap into this growing trend.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Decor:

Eco-consciousness is on the rise, and customers are increasingly seeking sustainable and environmentally friendly decor items. Dropship eco-friendly decor products, such as recycled materials, organic fabrics, and upcycled accessories, to attract environmentally conscious consumers.

Statement Mirrors:

Statement mirrors have become a focal point in interior design, adding style and depth to rooms. Offer a variety of uniquely shaped and designed mirrors, from oversized floor mirrors to decorative wall mirrors, to meet the diverse tastes of your customers.

Geometric Decor:

Geometric patterns and shapes continue to make a strong impact in home decor. Dropship geometric-inspired decor items, such as geometric wall art, patterned rugs, and geometric-shaped vases, to appeal to a contemporary and trend-focused audience.

Rustic Farmhouse Accents:

Rustic farmhouse decor exudes warmth and cosiness, making it a timeless trend in home styling. Dropship rustic farmhouse accents, like vintage-inspired clocks, distressed wooden decor, and mason jar accessories, to cater to the nostalgic and rustic-living market.

When dropshipping these trending home decor items on Shopify, focus on high-quality product images, detailed product descriptions, and efficient customer service to create a seamless shopping experience. Keep track of the latest design trends and customer preferences to continuously update your product offerings and stay ahead in the competitive home decor dropshipping market. By curating a well-rounded collection of trending and appealing decor items, your Shopify store can become a go-to destination for customers looking to transform their homes with style and flair.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the top 10 home decor dropshipping suppliers presented in this list offer a diverse and exceptional selection of products to elevate your dropshipping store. From global marketplaces like Amazon and AliExpress to specialised wholesalers like Sagebrook Home and Bambeco, each supplier brings its own unique advantages and product offerings to the table.

With the support of these elite suppliers, your home decor dropshipping store can cater to a wide range of customer preferences, from luxury and sustainability-conscious consumers to those seeking cultural and artistic decor items. By partnering with reputable suppliers known for their reliability, fast shipping, and top-notch customer service, you can ensure a seamless dropshipping experience for your customers.

As you curate your collection of home decor products, consider the distinct advantages offered by each supplier, such as fast shipping, unique designs, eco-friendliness, and support for local artisans. Armed with this array of outstanding suppliers, your dropshipping store will stand out in the competitive home decor market, attracting delighted customers eager to transform their living spaces with style and elegance.

Embrace the elite, and let these top 10 home decor dropshipping suppliers be the pillars of your success in the world of e-commerce. With their partnership and your passion for providing exceptional home decor products, your store is poised to thrive and flourish in the ever-evolving landscape of online retail.

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