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Try-It-On Shopify App

Choose the fastest way to get your products into customer's hands & watch sales soar. People love to try items out in the comfort of their own home! A customer that has the chance to try a product first is far more likely to buy a product and have greater satisfaction.


Customers don’t like to return products, especially not ones they love! Make it easy for customers to love your products by putting them in their hands and their money will be headed to your bank account.


How does it work?

Lets customers pick a certain number of items (decided by store) to try on at home. Customers use the app to fill out their ‘try-it-on request’ and then checkout on the store site.  Customers are not charged for the products at the time of their ‘try-it-on’ request but their credit card information is securely saved and a hold is placed on the card. This information is saved and used to bill clients for products they wish to keep or for products that are not returned within the assigned time frame.


Amazing Features



  • Maximize revenue
  • Set yourself above your competition by offering a unique feature used by premium brands like Amazon and Warby Parker
  • Hold placed on customer card for cost of items so no risk of loss
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Convert window shoppers


  • Increase customer satisfaction & happiness
  • Increase customer retention & loyalty
  • Increase customer referrals
  • Increase customer traffic
  • Customers are only billed for items they buy or don’t return


  • Increase product ratings
  • Increase positive reviews
  • Choose the trial period
  • Choose how many items customers can try at a time


  • Simple Order Management
  • Next level tracking
  • Deducts each try-it-on item for easy tracking
  • Restocking for returned items made simple
  • Quickly add products to orders when clients choose to purchase

Store Site:

  • Reduce poor reviews
  • Match your store’s theme


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