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Top 25 Price Comparison Platforms and Apps for Saving Money (2024)

Table of Contents

Which Price Comparison App Offers the Greatest Money-Saving Potential?

E-Commerce vs. In-Store Shopping

Top 12 Price Comparison Websites and Apps in the US

Exploring Best Price Comparison Websites for Global Shoppers

Price Comparison and Affiliates by Arrow Pricing

Arrowpricing's Price Comparison and Affiliate app fetches competitor prices and showcases them on your Shopify site, enabling you to highlight your competitive pricing and the costlier alternatives. While the intention is to prevent users from leaving your site, the app also incorporates affiliate links that could lead to additional revenue.


Getting Listed on Price Comparison Websites

Bottom Line

In the dynamic world of consumerism, deal-hunting is a perpetual pursuit. Enter price comparison websites and apps—a virtual haven where product prices, shipping costs, and discount codes converge, empowering shoppers with informed choices.

These platforms not only cater to the discerning customer but also offer e-commerce vendors an avenue to attract fresh traffic. The presence of comparison shoppers, already in the buying mindset, creates an opportune space to showcase sales and markdowns.

Whether you're delving into Amazon Prime Day deals or indulging in a leisurely bargain quest, we unveil the 25 finest platforms for comparing prices, right at your fingertips.

Furthermore, for merchants aiming to feature their products across sales channels and digital marketplaces, valuable insights await. Let's begin with this basic question:

Which Price Comparison App Offers the Greatest Money-Saving Potential?

Few sensations rival the exhilaration of securing an exceptional deal on a coveted product. Price comparison apps hold the key to unlocking this sensation, providing a pathway to achieving remarkable savings.

Undoubtedly, you can relate to the sentiment that scoring a fantastic deal on a long-desired item is an unparalleled delight. It's a sentiment that resonates universally, prompting us to eagerly anticipate monumental sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The sheer joy of acquiring sought-after goods at a discounted price is undeniably euphoric.

Yet, a heightened thrill emerges when not only do you snag an item at a reduced rate but also come across the same item later—either in physical stores or online—marked at double the cost. It's a sensation that can genuinely make you feel like you're floating on air.

However, conversely, few emotions are more disheartening than realising you've made a purchase only to discover that the same item was available elsewhere for half the price. The agony of such a realisation is palpable.

So, how do we steer clear of this disappointment and amplify our daily dose of euphoria?

Three simple words hold the answer: price comparison apps.

These innovative applications are ingeniously designed to unearth the finest deals, housing an expansive array of products spanning countless categories. Whether you're in pursuit of a laptop, running shoes, a kiddie pool, or a canine dwelling, the power of these apps guarantees that you'll secure the best deal. No longer are you compelled to await holiday or seasonal sales for optimal pricing on your desired items.

Yet, in a landscape teeming with numerous price comparison apps, the question arises: Which one should you entrust with your savings quest?

Assessing the Features

When determining the ideal app to embrace, it's beneficial to narrow down your preferences and seek an app that encompasses those desired features.

E-Commerce vs. In-Store Shopping

For those who relish traditional in-store shopping, an app furnished with a barcode scanner becomes indispensable. Renowned price comparison apps like ShopSavvy, Purchx, ScanLife, Now Discount, and Quick Scan excel in this domain. A barcode scanner simplifies the process—scan an item with your phone and promptly access price comparisons from various retailers and online platforms.

Alternatively, for online shoppers, fret not—most barcode scanner-equipped apps also integrate QR scanners and the ability to unearth premier online deals. The convenience of a QR scanner permits online product searches, and with a mere scan of QR codes, you secure unparalleled deals without leaving your seat.

Even apps lacking barcode or QR scanners remain adept at spotting the best bargains—names like BuyVia, PriceGrabber, TTPM, and Shopular come to the fore.

Distinguished price comparison apps (such as Purchx and ScanLife) elevate the game by juxtaposing prices from local stores and online platforms. The allure here lies in the flexibility—you're not confined to exclusively ordering online or sticking to brick-and-mortar stores. Tailoring each purchase to your situation and convenience becomes a reality.

Coupons, Cash Back, and Reviews

Select apps, like BuyVia and Shopular, transcend mere price comparison, extending to coupon provisions. This translates into dual savings opportunities—unveiling great deals while applying coupons to maximize savings.

In addition, these apps introduce a cash-back feature, ensuring a percentage of your purchase returns to you—a value-added bonus.

Others, including ShopSavvy, Amazon, and Purchx, integrate an invaluable feature: product reviews. Real customer feedback empowers informed choices before committing to a purchase. The prospect of securing a laptop for $100 might be enticing, but if a consensus of reviews labels it as subpar, the investment loses its appeal.

Niche-Specific Products

While most price comparison apps span the gamut of products, some cater to specialized niches. ShopSavvy, for instance, specializes in tech products and gadgets, while TTPM excels in pinpointing the finest prices for kids' toys and pet items. Your affinity—whether tech enthusiast or multi-child guardian—dictates which app aligns with your preferences.

Nonetheless, it's worth noting that several general price comparison apps facilitate category-based searches, suggesting products based on your prior explorations.

Quantifying Your Savings

Undoubtedly, unearthing a stellar deal sparks unparalleled delight. Yet, let's face the truth—utilizing a price comparison app demands an investment of time. Regardless of your chosen app, sifting through product reviews and scrutinizing prices can consume hours.

For those with desk jobs that accommodate such indulgence, commendations are in order. However, for many, these hours compete with other endeavors—household tasks, professional commitments, social interactions, sleep, and more. Most individuals are willing to allocate this time, not solely for the monetary gains but also for the intrinsic gratification of the process.

Indeed, it's not just about reaping savings; the joy resides in the quest itself. Yet, bearing in mind that time equates to money, awareness of this trade-off—exchanging time for savings—is pivotal.

Navigating Spending Temptations

Another layer of complexity accompanies price comparison apps—one that might elicit a chuckle. The exceptional deals these apps unveil are so compelling that the allure might steer you towards unnecessary purchases, potentially leading to greater expenditures. If your budget permits, this might not be a concern. However, if fiscal prudence guides you, maintaining discipline is imperative. Instead of letting alluring sales sweep you away, concentrate on the essentials.

Adhering to this self-control is admittedly challenging, but your capabilities are resolute. Keep your sights set on the objective of achieving savings on essential items. This is where the prowess of price comparison apps truly shines.

Top 12 Price Comparison Websites and Apps in the US

  1. Google Shopping


 Among the largest and most recognizable price comparison platforms, Google Shopping not only showcases products in its results but also seamlessly integrates with Google Ads, giving merchants a broader reach. Its beta benchmarking tool empowers merchants to compare their prices against competitors using metrics like average product price, benchmark product price, and price differences.

  1. Shopzilla


Since 1996, Shopzilla has been a go-to destination for deal-seekers, offering a wide array of products. Its extensive product listing provides customers with ample choices, making it a competitive space for merchants. Additionally, Shopzilla is affiliated with Connexity, granting merchants access to its advertising network to discover new customer bases.

  1. Become 


Despite its minimalist website design, Become boasts an extensive product library, enabling shoppers to efficiently compare prices, explore product reviews, and scout for the best online deals. Its straightforward interface makes it a convenient tool for price-conscious consumers seeking the lowest prices.

  1. Bizrate

Bizrate not only offers product and price comparisons but also allows customers to set price alerts for items of interest. As part of Connexity's portfolio, Bizrate provides merchants with access to performance marketing tools, enhancing their online presence and customer outreach.

  1. Camelcamelcamel


Diving into historical Amazon product price data, Camelcamelcamel offers shoppers insights into price trends and history. With the option to set price drop alerts and a browser extension for added convenience, this tool aids consumers in making informed purchasing decisions. Available in various international versions, it accommodates shoppers from around the world.

  1. ShopMania


ShopMania's platform boasts a diverse selection of products, catering to a wide range of consumer interests. Its intuitive interface allows shoppers to compare prices and features across different retailers, making it a valuable resource for making well-informed purchase decisions.

  1. BuyVia

Offering an array of product categories, BuyVia assists shoppers in locating the best deals on various items. Notably, it includes barcode and QR scanners, enhancing the convenience of comparing prices both in-store and online. Moreover, the app sends users coupons and offers a cash-back feature for added savings.

  1. ShopSavvy


Catering to tech enthusiasts, ShopSavvy specializes in comparing prices for tech products and gadgets. With its barcode scanner, users can effortlessly scan items to discover the best deals available, whether online or in physical stores. It also provides product reviews to aid customers in their decision-making process.

  1. Yahoo! Shopping


With Yahoo! Shopping, users can search for a wide array of products and compare prices across different retailers. Its platform offers a user-friendly experience, allowing customers to discover the best deals while benefiting from the integration of Yahoo's search capabilities.

  1. Pricepirates


Pricepirates specializes in comparing prices on a variety of products, making it a versatile tool for online shoppers. Notably, it also includes a feature for tracking eBay auctions, allowing users to monitor and potentially bid on items of interest. This comprehensive approach enhances the app's utility for deal-seekers.

  1. Honey


Honey stands out by not only comparing prices but also offering an automatic coupon code finder. This unique feature helps users uncover additional savings during their online shopping experience. By applying relevant coupon codes at checkout, shoppers can effortlessly maximize their discounts.

  1. provides a comprehensive platform for comparing prices on a wide range of products. With its user-friendly interface, shoppers can quickly search and find the best deals available across different retailers. The platform's simplicity and breadth of product categories make it a valuable resource for cost-conscious consumers.

Exploring Best Price Comparison Websites for Global Shoppers

  1. PriceRunner


 PriceRunner, a well-established platform, serves as a reliable resource for global shoppers seeking the best deals. With a vast product range, it enables users to compare prices and features across various retailers. PriceRunner's extensive reach makes it a go-to platform for both local and international buyers.

  1. SkinFlint


Catering to an international audience, SkinFlint offers a platform to compare prices on a diverse array of products. Its user-friendly interface allows users to navigate effortlessly while finding the best deals available. By focusing on an international market, SkinFlint provides a valuable resource for shoppers worldwide.

  1. Shopbot


Shopbot is another international contender in the price comparison realm. With a wide range of products and an easy-to-navigate interface, it empowers global shoppers to discover the most competitive prices from different retailers. Its reach extends to various countries, enhancing its usefulness for international users.

  1. Pricebat


Pricebat is dedicated to helping global shoppers find the best prices across a multitude of products. With its extensive coverage, users can explore a wide range of categories and compare prices from various retailers around the world. Pricebat's commitment to serving a diverse audience makes it a valuable tool for international shoppers.

  1. Getprice


Getprice is a comprehensive price comparison platform designed to cater to the needs of global shoppers. Its user-friendly interface and diverse product range enable users to find the best deals across different categories and retailers. Whether searching for electronics, fashion, or home goods, Getprice offers a convenient way to compare prices on a global scale.

  1. PriceSpy


PriceSpy is a robust platform that caters to global shoppers seeking the best prices and deals. With a wide-ranging selection of products from various categories, PriceSpy empowers users to compare prices across multiple retailers, both locally and internationally. Its detailed product information, historical pricing data, and user reviews provide a comprehensive view to assist shoppers in making informed decisions. By serving as a valuable resource for consumers worldwide, PriceSpy enhances the shopping experience for global shoppers.

Exploring Price Comparison Tools for Shopify Merchants

If you're a Shopify merchant looking to tap into the potential of price comparison websites, the Shopify App Store offers a range of suitable apps tailored to your needs.

Within the realm of store builders, price comparison apps can be categorized into two main types: those that link to your store and list products on external platforms, and those that integrate product comparison features directly into your website.

  1. Prisync: Dynamic Pricing Optimization


Prisync's Dynamic Pricing Optimization offers a backend tool that enables Shopify store owners to monitor competitor pricing. This information can be used to fine-tune your pricing strategy or even utilize the dynamic pricing feature to automatically adjust your prices based on the competitive landscape. The app also provides insights into stock availability, email notifications, and data export in Excel format.

  1. PriceMole


Similar to Prisync, PriceMole tracks competitor prices, allowing you to make informed strategic decisions. It includes features such as dynamic pricing, stock level tracking, and email alerts for changes.

  1. MyShopping Datafeed


MyShopping Datafeed is designed for Australia-based Shopify stores and offers free access to list your products alongside a vast array of over 11 million others. Whether you have a small or large inventory, this app is suitable for merchants of all sizes.

Price Comparison and Affiliates by Arrow Pricing

Arrowpricing's Price Comparison and Affiliate app fetches competitor prices and showcases them on your Shopify site, enabling you to highlight your competitive pricing and the costlier alternatives. While the intention is to prevent users from leaving your site, the app also incorporates affiliate links that could lead to additional revenue.

Product Compare


Product Compare empowers merchants to compare their products directly on their website. Shareable product lists make it easy for customers to seek opinions from friends and family, enhancing product discovery by suggesting similar items for comparison.

Compare Products by Omega


Similar to Product Compare, Compare Products by Omega facilitates side-by-side comparisons for customers, aiding them in making informed choices. Detailed charts on each product page offer insights into price, ratings, stock levels, and variants.


Lengow is a comprehensive tool that not only integrates with price comparison platforms but also delves into social media selling, affiliate networks, and ad retargeting. Equipped with analytics reporting, Lengow empowers merchants to optimize product listings for improved sales performance.

Getting Listed on Price Comparison Websites

To feature your products on a comparison site, you'll typically need to submit a properly formatted product feed. This feed should adhere to specific guidelines and be regularly updated. Comparison platforms use scripts to process and incorporate the data from your feed, displaying products on search results pages as appropriate.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the realm of price comparison platforms and apps presents an exceptional opportunity for businesses to connect with their target audience. By ensuring that your products are competitively priced and readily available on these platforms, you can easily capture the attention of potential customers who are actively seeking the best deals.

Moreover, the utilization of comparison apps and their incorporated features can play a pivotal role in addressing buyer uncertainty and enhancing shopper confidence. Whether you're allowing customers to compare your products with others or enabling them to assess the competition, these tools can effectively foster a sense of informed decision-making and empower shoppers to make choices aligned with their preferences and budgets.

In a world where consumers are increasingly drawn to affordability and value, harnessing the power of price comparison websites is a strategic move that not only increases your visibility but also positions your business as a contender in the dynamic landscape of online commerce.

As you navigate the possibilities presented by these platforms, remember that providing accurate and appealing product information, maintaining competitive pricing, and leveraging the functionalities of comparison apps are key to ensuring a positive experience for both you and your customers. By embracing these insights and taking advantage of the features these platforms offer, you can establish a stronger foothold in the market and connect with a broader audience of savvy shoppers.

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