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Top 21 Shopify Headless Stores

Courtesy of the dramatic booming of e-commerce, headless commerce is becoming an increasingly popular setup for brands.

Headless Commerce, also known as headless Shopify, is the separation of the website's front end from the backend eCommerce functionality. In other words, what customers see, and interact with, on the front end, is decoupled from the back end, the engine that directs your business such as fulfillment and checkout. As a result, significant changes to the front end can be made with no limitations.

Why should you use a headless Shopify store?

Businesses need to harness their creative and innovative multi-channel experiences– and do it perfectly to win shoppers' attention, transform them into customers, and keep those relationships. Headless stores allow you to come up with credible shopping expertise at each customer touchpoint by unlocking developer experiences. You have the freedom to sell anywhere with no design, or development constraints. The whole globe is your storefront.

Let's now have a look at our well-rounded top 21 headless Shopify stores for your inspiration.

  1. Victoria Beckham Beauty

Whenever a brand's product exudes luxury and beauty, the website is expected to equally do the same.

That being said, since Victoria Beckham Beauty went headless, it has achieved the grotesque success that would prove a force to reckon with, with a monolithic architecture.

The headless architectural design has also enabled Victoria Beckham Beauty to effectively market itself internationally through a headless Shopify framework.

  1. Allbirds

Winning many souls with their eco-friendly, stunning sneakers and sustainable clothing, Allbirds receives worldwide ovation for several reasons, and their trendy websites add more value. The leading icing cake is their Shopify headless build, which has numerous times helped them achieve an immaculate design, that is quick, convenient to use, and overwhelmed with personality.

  1. Shogun

Shogun's software is well known for giving the upper hand to merchants in designing exquisite fast-loading custom storefronts. 

As a result of their partnership with top leading content management systems(CMS) such as Shogan Frontend and Contentful, they provide matchless content management applications without renouncing performance. Their Shopify headless format for websites, provides merchants with true flexibility in selling products as well as managing a storefront API.

  1. Daring

Aimed at educating the market with a site that would feel fresh and full of life, Daring foods have a tremendous stride in offering content needs than most. Their main focus was to showcase high-resolution how-to videos, vibrant imagery, and an ever-transforming recipe library. They eventually took their site headless with Shogun Frontend in September 2021.

Backend: Shopify

Site features

  • Has rich merchandising features, such as 'quick add' buttons and a slide-out cart signifying Daring's shopping experience, and in essence introducing faster conversion opportunities.
  • Their dedicated eCommerce team can make site updates at a lightning speed without always looping in developers with Shogun Frontend's vast knowledge manager.
  • Existence of big, bold imagery in the entire site. This offers customers an up-close look at their products, and in essence, inspires hunger. 
  1. Chilly's

The fact that they made an early move to headless architecture has made their website  stand out as ground-breaking as their products. Going headless was the best decision that had ever happened to Chilly's . This is because they now pride themselves on a bespoke homepage design that is a top-notch cry from your mere standard template, and a product personalization page that highly unites form and function. I would say it again that going headless was an excellent move for Chilly’s.

  1. Kotn

An impressive example of a case study with the amazing Shopify headless API is the phenomenal Canadian clothing company Kotn.

This highly convenient clothing and homeware brand prides itself on a super-fast speed website, all as a result of its headless build.

Additionally, Kotn offers its customers the ability to roll over products to explore various images, and colorways as well as 'quick add' size options. This special feature makes it possible to mix form with function for an intuitive user experience. Better still, their website loads satisfactorily fast, even during a busy season.

  1. Veryshop

This amazing headless store sells almost everything you may need. Range from clothing and accessories to cosmetics, furniture, and even home goods. Coupled with the fact that it is a multi-brand retailer, Verishop's headless website ensures a customizable URL structure that makes it possible for them to provide tailored experiences at brand-specific URLs, significant to SEO.

Considering the number of products that have to load every day, Veryshop's website performance is extremely impressive with lightning-speed loading prowess.

  1. Bamford

Bamford is an English company with ethically-minded clothing, body care, and home care brands. Courtesy of the headless Shopify route that it has taken, it produces prosperous organic body care products and loungewear.

They nevertheless still need to redesign their website so as for it to perfectly go with the customer experience of their shops and spas while at the same time still equally preserving the ease of communication and seamless purchase process.

Because of its integration with the Shopify platform, there is the maintenance of a quick website load time, advanced backend performance, and enhanced user safety. 

Additionally, Bamford continues to have less restricted creative freedom for the front end, which acts as means for them to offer clients a straightforward and aesthetically appealing web presence.

  1. Blume

Uniquely, Blume's first goal goes beyond just creating products that are bringing comfort to the mind, body, spirit, and environment. Instead, Blume's headless website highlights a quiz to aid customers in building their perfect routine.

The flipper side of it all is that Blume's reward program, dubbed as Blumetopia receives numerous points from them as well, with the existence of full-screen background video giving them significant pleasurable holiday vibes that resonate well with their targeted audience.

  1. Plenaire

Plenaire's  skin care products as well as their eCommerce website down to precise Science. Such dynamic pages as the one indicated here, react to user scrolling down the page, giving rise to a light and airy feel that's in connection with their branding.

  1. Rachio

This marks your first step towards unlocking the lawn of your dream.

This perhaps is because Rachio  boasts of selling sustainable watering solutions.

Thanks to their Shopify headless build, they can integrate their digital touching points with much ease. As a result, their website resonates well with their innovative app (and vice versa), giving rise to a consistent brand experience.

  1. Paul Valentine

Paul Valentine is a German-based premium jewelry as well as accessory company. 

Striving to make themselves a reputable global brand, Paul Valentine burnt the midnight oil to expand their business internationally. They however knew it wasn't going to be a walk in the pack to navigate many countries at once.  As a result, they made use of Shopify Plus to create five International stores in Europe and North America.

Luckily enough, going headless equipped them with the ability to effectively handle the infrastructure of various global stores with ease, and provide a better-customized customer experience. 

Courtesy of this tactical revolution, Paul Valentine is offered in 131 countries through up to 20 prestigious global web businesses that speak 8 languages, making the headless strategy fruitful.

  1. Staples

Staples's  fame went viral, courtesy of its massive product catalog, which called for an update frequently, quickly, and easily. 

To make itself outstanding among its competitors, this worthwhile UK office supplies decided to go headless.

Additionally, with functionality to register for, or in other words log in to an account, order by item number, or reorder previously bought items, a headless architecture makes it possible for staples to optimize individual systems on their website for their specific purpose.

  1. Rothy's

Rothy's have a guiding maxim that 'things should be done differently' 

This was proven at the time they opted for a headless structure, as it had a different approach to the normal standard monolithic one. 

Thanks to their headless Shopify structure, they can now easily allow for the expansion of stores in their international regions. It has also equipped them with the freedom to effectively re-use data from the back end, while at the same time configuring different front ends for each region to charge varied prices and integrate diversified languages.

  1. Seedlip

This stunning headless Shopify store, prides itself as the creator of the first distilled non-alcoholic spirits. We can therefore doubtlessly state that creativity and innovation are in Seedlip's DNA. 

Additionally, it is worth noting that Seedlip is among the early adopters of Shopify's headless eCommerce structure.

Similar to their products, Seedlip's website is immaculately polished, sophisticated, and filled with personality. We especially feel engrossed with the little animated bumblebee on their homepage and the tactfully subtle moving foliage in the background, which clearly show the vision of sipping Seedlip cocktails on a sun-drenched terrace.

  1. Yoga Girl

Yoga Girl  provides eagerly awaited comprehensive solutions on the website of a lifestyle brand.

Apart from getting yourself entertained by reading various blog posts, listening to podcasts, signing up, or even logging in to an account, this highly coveted headless store also makes it possible for customers to purchase courses, jewelry, and merchandise.

  1. Peloton 

This is a renowned company, which is not only widespread but also pleasant to everyone's ears.

This impressive company, Peloton has greatly impacted the fitness industry by combining technology, design, and community to make workouts accessible to all and sundry.

The existence of digital touchpoints as the peloton app as well as the workout tech being at the center of their provisions is sensible proof that Peloton made a good step in choosing to go headless. This has made it simple for them to keep everything in sync. Coupled with frequent updates to their classes, and software features, a headless architecture means a whole world to Peloton as its updates are now made super-faster and easier.

  1. Boll and Branch 

Working as an organic company, Boll and Branch has taken the entire by storm as far as its tremendous development in this industry is concerned. Taking immeasurable advantage of the design flexibility that headless architecture provides, this store has tactfully crafted a " Shop and The Look" section of it, allowing customers to confidently browse the product shown in the lifestyle photographs dotted in the entire product category page.

  1. Recess

Both Recess and their products add life to the customers by making customers feel relaxed, cool, and collected. They have even revolutionized greatly by transforming themselves into headless stores. They have enabled a bespoke personality where calm and collected animation moves along with visitors scrolling down the page. The impact? A gorgeous, explicit, and immersive brand experience.

  1. Frank Body

Frank Body looks as glamorous as a palace. Its horizontal displays are front-end stationary images, GIFs, and dynamic buttons for a website structure that is more modified than that of a standard template.

The icing cake of it is that the headless build of this amazing website has enabled them to create a fun and robust aesthetic that exactly matches that of their copywriting and general branding.

  1. Kinsley Armelle.

The moment will just click into this impressive website, Kinsley Armelle you won't regret making yourself there as it has much to jiggle. Among the massive services, KA offers to include; the selling of thrilling bohemian jewelry, the availability of blogs, and offers a subscription for customers as well as referrals, wholesale, and independent Distributor Programs.

Better still, Kinsley Armelle has decoupled Its front end from the backend to ensure that its functionality does not in any way compromise the gorgeous design that's very crucial to selling jewelry.

Moreover, their headless build has freely allowed them to harness progress web application technologies, an indication that their website has numerous advantages an app should enjoy. For Instance, Kinsley Armelle has the capability of sending push notifications to continuously capture the customer's engagement.

Final Thought

And there you now have it! Some of the most impressive headless Shopify stores. By permitting absolute control of each system for its restricted purpose, a headless build offers some of the most admirable flexibility in design, functionality, and ongoing development along with drastic site speed. 

 We believe without a doubt that this article has provided you with a wake-up inspiration of how effective headless Shopify stores are transforming the game, and how best you can integrate the headless architecture into your Shopify platform to realize the most outstanding eCommerce experience possible.


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