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Top 20 Shopify success stories

We totally understand why you are skeptical and inquisitive about Shopify. We totally do!

If you’ve been trying for ages to get your Shopify store running for a while to no avail, skepticism can set in. If you have read a lot of blog posts to get Shopify traffic but nothing still works, you have every reason to doubt.

In fact, you are actually wondering if it’s all a lie.

Believe us– It’s no scam. There are tons of Shopify stores that are succeeding and generating revenue from their stores.

Here are a few Shopify success stories

1. Lee ware - Unity in glass

After thirty years working a 9-5, Lee finally realized that he could do more for himself. Lee assessed his savings account and became an independent artist and a business owner.

Running his glassblowing studio was made easy by Shopify. Shopify handles the hosting and other technical issues.

2. Catherine Choi - diaper bag business

Catherine Choi had a secure job in the financial industry, but she was not fulfilled. She then quit her job and launched a diaper bag company.

At first, the couple sold their bags through local retailers. Then they built their store on Shopify. Today, over 400 stores across North America sell their product. The SoYoung Shopify store and online presence make up about 25% of their revenue.

3. Jamie Siminoff - Ring

Jamie missed an important delivery just because he didn’t hear the bell while working in his garage. This led to him deciding to launch his own ringing company when he then put on Shopify.

In only a short time, Ring surpassed $1 million in sales. Using Shopify, the company has achieved so much than the regular company out there.

4. Will Leonard - Blu Kicks

Will Leonard started her shoe company because of the need to infuse color into the vacation shoe market.

That led to the birth of Blu Kicks.

The company’s first sales came via word of mouth then they launched on Shopify to target a universal shoe market. Also, the company uses Shopify QuickBook’s, which allows for easy accounting.

5. Great Little Place – GLP

This is a London-based startup, founded by Rich Brown and Rossa Shanks.

What GLP does is to create maps that help people locate great vacation spots or lounges. They make sales through their Shopify store.

The Shopify platform has made it easy for the business to expand. At the moment, all they do is print more maps and invest in a little marketing.

6. Studio Neat

Studio Neat Shopify store uses the product as their main focal point. The homepage features large boards, top-notch photography and easy to use search options.

7. Barbell Apparel

This store sells high-quality denim, chinos and shorts with a tailored professional and athletic fit.

The founder solved the problem of athletes finding denim in their size and decided to launch it on Kick starter after a few iterations. The rest is history.

8. Premier Estates Wine

This is a wine company which sells wines all around the globe at everyday prices. The good thing is that their customers don’t have to know how to select wines.

Budge Dhariwal, the founder, quit cab driving and picked up an off-license to become an independent wine retailer. Because he couldn’t compete with large stores during holiday seasons, he decided to sell his off-license and go all out with a wine company. Therefore, he began selling on Shopify.

9. Hardgraft

A sophisticated brand, Hardgraft, has a website that is equally as sleek and elegant. The light gray background sets the website apart from the usual and encourages shoppers to have the best experience.

10. Pipcorn

Pipcorn, an unusual approach to popcorn, uses their website to convey this awesome idea: classy and modern, with high focus on quality. The soft beige of the site also parallels the natural aesthetic of the product.

11. Nick Mayer Art

If you want to be successful at selling art, your website should be simple enough not to distract shoppers the main product. Nick Mayer Art employs a minimal website layout with subtle colors. What this does is to add vibrancy and beautiful highlight to the work of art.

12. House of Holland

House of Holland employs bold, big, bold fonts, giving their store an exceptional look. The loud design suits the simple white background product photography on the shop pages.

13. Leesa

Leesa is an online mattress company launched with a clear goal: to help people have better sleep life. The company began producing a three-layered mattress that is made completely of foam that could be rolled up to fit in a box only a bit bigger than a large suitcase.

14. Karton

To stay on top of their game, Karton, a B2B online retailer, refused to use stale website design. Instead, they chose informal fonts, bright colors pallets to create an interesting and elegant shopping experience.

15. Harris Farm Markets

With a variety of products to choose from, Harris Farm Markets ensures that shopping remains a delight. For maximum success, Harris Farm Markets uses tons of off-white backgrounds for specific panels on their website. These backgrounds, in turn, evoke nature, and a farm-like aesthetic that mirrors the brand identity.

16. Little Sparrow

Understanding that minimalistic design is perfect for some products, Little Sparrow keeps their website simple but creative with a subtle polka-dot background. It’s minimal enough to attract shoppers and also playful enough to stand out.

17. BioLite

Most outdoor brands have something in common: an amazing opportunity for incredibly beautiful product photography. BioLite has turned cookware around by incorporating an outdoors experience with amazing photography all over their Shopify store.

18. Allbirds

Allbirds is a brand with a huge personality, and their website shows this off. The large, bright product and lifestyle photos are part of what makes the brand a huge success on Shopify.

19. Novo

Although there are lots of watch brands online, for success, ‘NOVO watches refused to use the same approach as their competitors’. Instead, they chose fonts that appear more handwritten and less refined. They also went for bright colors on the site and a lot of graphic illustrations.

20. Quadlock

Quadlock, launched in 2012, as an eCommerce company that sells mounts that lets you securely attach your phone to your bike, car, or arm. The mount allows you to use your phone hands-free, making it easy for you to use your Maps while cycling, or simply use with your phone without second thoughts.


Success is for anyone and everyone on Shopify. Anyone at all! No one gets success because they are special. They are all just like you, entrepreneurs who had a dream and decided to go for it.

The major difference is that they worked really hard to make it a success. And hopefully, after reading these success stories, you get enough inspiration to make your Shopify store work, and excel.

If you want to begin your journey with Shopify, Webinopoly can help you achieve success. We exist to help business owners in designing, developing and marketing their websites.

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