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Top 20 Beauty and Skincare Stores in Shopify (2021)


Despite a challenging COVID-19 era, the global beauty sector is rebounding, and skincare will be the future frontrunner in future development, according to Euromonitor International. The research firm also said that eCommerce had increased importance in rebound global beauty and personal care market. 

Between 2020 and 2021, eCommerce sales in this category surged over 23%. Research from surveys shows that 34% of beauty consumers can now be considered “digital beauty consumers” as they purchase products online and are influenced by beauty influencers or generated content.

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but there is no disagreement when it comes to the long-term appeal of the global beauty sector. It has expanded consistently, but it has also generated generations of customers who remain loyal to it.

Now might be the best time to get in on this lucrative sector for those interested in developing and selling moisturizers, masks, exfoliators, or other skin-tightening or hydrating products.

Consumers are always looking for the next best thing, from better ingredients to better packaging to even better narratives. Today's consumers are looking for a brand they can be devoted to, and who knows, it may be yours!

We've compiled a list of some of the most successful skincare and beauty brands on Shopify so that you may learn from them and take away some vital insights.

It’s also good to note that an excellent online store theme and website design is essential in the success of your eCommerce business. It can also help you stand out from the crowd.

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  1. Uoma


Beautiful (pronounced OMA: uh-ma) refers to the brand's belief that beauty begins when you choose to be who you are. It was founded by Sharon Chuter, a Nigerian-born former beauty executive, to create a wholly inclusive and diverse world of beauty. The cosmetics collection is rebellious, innovative, and inclusive.

Sharon Chuter put everything on the line to debut with 108 SKUs, including 51 tones of foundation. The risk paid off! It's safe to say that Uoma Beauty has taken the beauty industry by storm, with placements in ULTA and Selfridges that guarantee that their goods can be found by anybody interested.

The website captures Uoma’s essence. It's loud, proud, and just amazing. It's undoubtedly a standout with its vibrant photos, a black and pink color palette, and huge bold typography.

Hovering over the product shows the customer how it looks when applied. Plus, there are also many photos showing how the products look across different skin tones. The brand also shares looks by influencers and users, which customers can click on and shop from. Everything about this brand and its website is A+!

  1. Topicals


Topicals is one brand that has taken Gen Z by storm. The budding skincare company, with the tagline "Funner Flareups," was founded with chronic skin conditions in mind by two dynamic 20s women, Claudia Teng and Olamide Olowe. Amazingly, they launched the brand in the middle of the pandemic but have already bagged large investors.

Unfiltered TikTok videos are all the rage among Gen Z, who advocate diversity in the beauty industry while calling out companies that fail to do so and who are willing to tolerate others' perceived imperfections. This is evident in their website, which uses high-resolution, unfiltered, raw images that show all the “imperfections.”

Plus, in a move typical of their generation, Olowe and Teng used the emerging Twitterverse of aestheticians and beauty gurus to spread their message. They also leverage Twitter to get input on their products, most notably upgrading products in response to customer complaints.

Everything about the brand is fresh, from the packaging and marketing to the influencers with whom they collaborate. You should keep an eye out for this new wave of skincare.

  1. Lumin


We might not have often seen skincare targeted for men who make more than half of the population in the past few years. But today, this untapped market is on the rise. Skincare brand, Lumin takes male skincare to a whole new level by focusing on the needs of male skin.

By using subdued colors and amazing photos, the brand's Shopify site conveys a masculine vibe that’ll make the target audience feel right at home. Often when it comes to skincare, the design and feel of a website may seem to alienate males but not at Lumin. 

They also have a blog where they post news on men's health issues and other relevant topics, making it a website with all the information and advice a guy needs to establish the optimal self-care regimen.

It's easy for first-time visitors to get a sense of the company's products and services on the website. It also helps that they have a press section and brand background to provide them with credibility.

  1. Pat McGrath


Pat McGrath Labs, founded by a world-renowned makeup artist, continues to break new ground in the cosmetics industry. Pat believes that cosmetics should be less about adhering to the norms and more about experimenting with raw, experimental, and passionate goods. The company's online beauty store is in keeping with the same philosophy.

Pat McGrath uses limited-edition product launches to build excitement, spark curiosity, and defy the boundaries of conventional cosmetics marketing.

McGrath's unorthodox approach is not limited to the creation of cosmetics. On their website,  McGrath Lab’s influencers are featured in high-quality videos that can be viewed in a theater-style setting. Like the product, the website is luxurious and glamorous. If you’re looking to create a high-end brand, looking into Pat McGrath is a must.

  1. Thrive Causemetics


Every 9 seconds, this impressive brand sells a tube of mascara. Thrive Cosmetics is the epitome of a remarkable beauty brand. This fantastic beauty company has an incredible mission: to help women flourish by assisting with issues such as domestic abuse, cancer, and homelessness.

It also helps that today's market is socially conscious with millennial and Gen Z consumers who are very concerned about where their money is going. According to research by Cone Communications, more than 90% of them would switch brands to one affiliated with a cause. In just three years, Thrive Causemetics expanded from a little cosmetics startup to a multi-million dollar enterprise.

With a color choice of pink and green pastels, the website looks classy and cheerful, yet the brand stays constant in its focus on female empowerment and social causes. Their blog is filled with support and love. Thrive's followers proudly display the hardships they've overcome—whether it be their battle with cancer or the guts to leave an abusive relationship—to encourage others to do the same.

Another impressive feat by the company is the way they take customer feedback to heart. For example, when coming up with a new product formulation, they pay close attention to what their customers seek. They put up public polls that let their customers vote on future product development and provide input on current products.

  1. Morphe


As a result of their innovative user interface, Morphe Cosmetics stands out from the competition. The store is powered by Shopify, which explains why the design is so impressive. The user interface is simple to use, and the theme is aesthetically pleasing.

For a company that relies heavily on photos, they have done an excellent job optimizing their site. Considering the amount of traffic the site receives daily, there is no noticeable latency.

With so many cosmetics stores out there, retailers must stay relevant at all costs. Morphe cosmetics did a great job by adding a new foundation finder feature to assist customers in finding the correct shade.

  1. Kylie Cosmetics

We all know about the young billionaire, but if you didn’t know, it was Kylie Jenner’s beauty company that got here there and essentially broke the internet during its peak.

If there is one thing we can say about Kylie Jenner, it’s that she understands branding and what her customers want. As a result, her Shopify store is one of the best. The interface is visually beautiful and immediately catches the eye. The website is clean, with a pink theme that's top-notch.

Navigation and product presentation are both simplified, thanks to the UI. There's a lot to like about this site's aesthetically pleasing design and easy layout. Considering the amount of traffic the site receives, it's remarkable that it runs without a hitch.

One of the site's most notable features is the way it presents its products. You can see how the lip products look applied and how the packaging looks as you hover over them. We also commend the accessibility feature that most websites do not care to add.  Accessibility features make it easier for people with disabilities to shop without any problems.

  1. Fenty Beauty


No brand has disrupted the beauty industry in recent years like Fenty Beauty.  When Fenty Beauty launched in 2017 with 40 different foundation shades, it shook the beauty industry to its core. At that time, many brands would not dare to release such a wide range of shades, alienating many skin tones and ethnicities. The brand’s success created a new norm in the industry and opened the conversation of why brands need to be more inclusive.

If you were to say that Fenty Beauty revolutionized the beauty business, you wouldn't be far off.

It's no surprise that the Fenty Beauty website is just as sophisticated as its namesake, Rihanna. Fenty Skin, the brand's newest product line, is featured prominently on the website's product page. The Fenty Beauty and Fenty Skin tabs are visible at the top of every page on the website. 

The brand does a few other things well to make shopping an even better experience for customers. With the help of an online quiz, customers may purchase items without needing to match their skin tone in person. Users may also "virtually try on" the products before buying, which is an excellent strategy for converting customers and especially useful in an era where we can no longer visit a store to test out products.

  1. Elf Cosmetics


American cosmetics business el.f Cosmetics is a famous brand in the beauty community, thanks to its affordable price range. Furthermore, they’ve got an extensive selection of products from makeup, skincare items, and beauty tools. In the last quarter of 2020, the brand had a 13 percent year-over-year rise in online sales and a triple-digit online growth rate. Additionally, during the first quarter of 2021, net sales rose by 24% to $92.7 million. It marked their ninth consecutive quarter of growth.

The website is more than just an online store; it also includes make-up tutorial videos and a beauty blog filled with helpful advice that customers will find beneficial. In addition to product descriptions, texture information, application advice, and ingredient lists, you'll find a wealth of information about each product.

  1. ColourPop


ColourPop is a California-based cosmetics company known for its affordable prices. Since its launch, the brand has generated an estimated $4 million in income per year.

Due to its eye-catching design and vibrant hues, the company's online store is able to make a lasting impression on visitors.

Colourpop has a lot to teach us. First, they leverage influencer marketing and brand partnerships, such as working with Disney and Sofia Nygaard, which have expanded their reach over social media.

We truly appreciate how they use badges to promote their best and award-winning products when it comes to their site. It demonstrates the credibility and superiority of the company's products.

Aside from that, the brand displays genuine customer reviews and essential information such as their skin type and skin tone to help future customers make better purchasing decisions. As a result, prospective customers will feel more secure in their purchases.

  1. Dr. Squatch


In 2013, Jack Haldrup pondered how to start a business while reading "The Lean Startup." He was attempting to carve out a niche based on personal experience versus market analysis. Haldrup was able to introduce Dr. Squatch after researching with cold process soap for a while.

In 2021, Haldrup's company, Dr. Squatch, offers its line of natural soaps and other grooming items for men. Revenue was around $100 million in 2020, rising from $5 million just 18 months prior.

Haldrup has stated that their Shopify website generates roughly 85% of their sales, while the rest comes via Amazon. After migrating from Cratejoy to Shopify, they witnessed a massive increase in both on-site and back-end performance.

A strong brand-customer relationship is critical to Dr. Squatch's business model. One of the ways they achieved success was by enlisting the help of their consumers. They took advantage of the positive product reviews to produce content for social media and their website. The company is also considering launching a customer referral program. Their "Soap Subscription" service has also been a success since it offers a continuous stream of recurring revenue.

  1. Cake Cosmetics


Cake Cosmetics, a Canadian cosmetics company, offers vegan and natural products not tested on animals. It's no surprise that beauty enthusiasts  immediately fall in love with the brand as it promises to be 100% vegan, "naturally luxurious," and "completely to die for."

When you first arrive at Cake Beauty's website, you are welcomed by a large banner with a call-to-action for the best offers. The pink and white color scheme of the website gives a youthful and joyful feel to it. 

Making their Instagram shoppable helps them showcase their amazing products, show off looks, and keep it easy for people to buy. This is a brand that makes certain that its fan base is constantly heard and included.

  1. Kopari Beauty


Kopari is a standout beauty brand that's refreshing, fresh, and new, having grown a modest coconut to a powerhouse of a business.

Using the fantastic coconut fruit, Kopari's products have a unique advantage over the competition. Since its inception, the brand has seen great success in conveying what the company stands for and keeping up with the needs of its consumers.

The website, like the brand, is vibrant and trendy, and it does an excellent job of putting visitors in a good mood. The colors are bright, and it's a welcome change from the countless white layouts.

More than successfully transforming a coconut into a strong brand, Kopari has also transformed its website into a source of all things beauty. In their lifestyle section, you can find anything from tips and tricks for using the Kopari range to lifestyle showcases, advice from industry experts, and content from fellow Kopari users. It helps keep the brand relevant and credible.

  1. Sio Beauty


Even though wrinkles and fine lines are an inevitable aspect of growing older, the anti-aging industry continues to thrive.

Gigi Howard established SiO Beauty because she tried and failed to conceal the sleep-induced chest wrinkles on her own body. But what really put the brand on the map is the SiO patch, medical-grade silicone that can heal scars. Because of their effectiveness, the brand's wrinkle-smoothing patches have become a cult favorite. 

Because it's a pretty revolutionary and unfamiliar product to most, the company decided to make their website content-focused with clear descriptions of how the products function for what purpose, reinforced with helpful before and after images.

  1. Wing It Cosmetics


False eyelashes are a challenge for many, and it was the same for Wing It’s founder, Radjeep. Born out of frustration when she couldn’t correctly apply artificial eyelashes for a friend's wedding, Radjeep was inspired to start her own brand. She decided to create "beauty products with a conscience,” which includes products that are not just beneficial for the skin, eyes, lashes, and the environment but are also safe, non-toxic, and doesn’t test on animals.

Wing It Cosmetics' Shopify storefront is beautiful and well-designed. A large banner carousel welcomes visitors and promotes the brand's main products. The use of subdued pinks and beige may help draw attention to the products and packaging.

Wing It not only makes applying eyelashes easier, but it also makes shopping more convenient. Their Style Quiz demonstrates how simple it is to encourage consumer interaction on the site. It also assists in directing customers to the product that will genuinely work for them, which may boost their trust in the brand. These are minor details that have a big impact and can lead to sales.

  1. 47 Skin


47 Skin claims to have the world's only products with their proprietary 'Silver Chitoderm' formula. It's manufactured by mixing Silver with Chitoderm. These two elements are supposed to produce extraordinary outcomes when combined. Silver generates an antimicrobial barrier on the skin, while Chitoderm forms a lattice-like structure that facilitates skin cell regeneration. They work best together to cure aggressive acne and fade scars.

The brand prides itself in creating genuine products for real people. They highlight “loving yourself” and skin positivity, especially with today’s social media culture of filters and an obsession for perfection.

You would expect nothing less from a company dedicated to making people look their best. The green and pink theme are pleasing to the eyes, while the huge pixel-perfect graphics highlight signature products.

47 Skin also effectively uses customer reviews to build brand confidence through social evidence. Plus, they offer a unique skincare quiz that can increase conversions by providing customers confidence that they're buying items that best suit their requirements.

  1. Lula Fox


Lula Fox is a South African cosmetics brand that embraces natural beauty. The brand is designed for women aged 30 and up who are successful, educated, health-conscious, and prepared to spend wisely on their looks and well-being.

They only use high-quality products that should leave your skin feeling smooth, moisturized, and beautiful.  Aside from being created ethically, the Lula Fox shade spectrum covers all South African skin tones.

Over at the website, the company also offers a 1-on-1 virtual consultation to help buyers match shades. Rather than focusing on a specific product, Lula Fox encourages her customers to select a makeup style they like, such as “Sandalwood” and “Caramel.”  If customers like the look, they can easily add the products to their cart and check out.

  1.  Frank Body


Frank Body sells natural coffee-based skincare products, including scrubs, shower kits, and masks. Frank Body has been around since 2013, and some say they invented the coffee scrub craze. The brand currently earns US$20 million (£15,456,000) annually and is loved by skincare devotees worldwide.

The graphics, web copy, and color palette all reflect the brand's preppy, young personality. The product catalog uses quick, dynamic animations that bring a little fun and quirkiness to the website. It's great just to display another product image, but adding a little animation helps to liven things up and captivate your consumers.

Their cart system also encourages consumers to shop more. When a consumer adds an item to their cart, a nice animation displays the progress bar filling. This shows customers how far away they are from free shipping. While the monetary amount is shown below, the fact that it is displayed visually motivates customers to add additional products to their baskets, and we know everyone loves free shipping.

  1. Klur


Klur promotes itself as "eco-inclusive beauty" and represents founder Lesley Thornton's vision of creating a brand that embodies clean, ethical, and inclusive beauty for everybody.

Thornton didn't just create another generic skincare line to be forgotten among the thousands. Instead, she polished, perfected, and selected a limited but perfectly balanced variety of formulae prioritizing simplicity, usability, efficacy, and long-term results.

Klur is now sweeping the beauty industry with its ethically-sourced products and minimalistic apothecary-inspired packaging. 

The website design is as beautiful as the brand’s apothecary-inspired packaging. Overall, it’s straightforward and minimalistic without being boring and repetitive. Unlike many who use a minimalist design to stay in trend, Klur’s is very on-brand and reflects its no-nonsense personality. It’s very “what you see is what you get.”

  1. Makeup Geek


Back then, Youtube was much smaller, and it's where most giants in the beauty industry started. Take Marlena Stell, a YouTube celebrity who became a beauty entrepreneur after launching Makeup Geek.

Marlena started with a YouTube channel to empower and inspire her viewers with cosmetics tutorials. Today, Makeup Geek is now a household name and a 10 million dollar company.

Makeup Geek utilizes its website to showcase fan-created looks and tutorials in addition to the social media powerhouses who promote the business. Customers can even purchase directly after checking out the fan-created looks, so if they like something, they can easily buy it. The whole website is on-brand with tons of bright, vivid product images and a wealth of tutorials under the ‘education’ tab. It really is a haven for “makeup geeks.”


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