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Building an e-commerce site involves a lot of money. Painfully, many owners still incur charges for a monthly subscription and recurring billing. This article focuses on the ways to avoid these monthly costs of running a site.

Therefore, if you run a website on Shopify, you should try one of the following subscription and recurring billing apps. The features of each of the apps are also highlighted.

1. Recurring Billing by ReCharge

ReCharge has been ranked the #1 subscription software on Shopify. It is designed for Shopify stores involved in the sale of physical products. The following are the reasons you should consider ReCharge.

  • Great customer support services.
  • Free shipping trials.
  • Effective API and integrations.
  • It enables customers to state their reason for cancellation.
  • The ReCharge Portal is mobile friendly.
  • Availability of webhooks.

2. Recurring Membership

This app permits subscription from online and offline businesses. Also, the app provides your site with subscription boxes. It also gives customers various forms of access. For instance, customers will have access to your products, store, blog, and social media pages. The following features make bold unique.

  • Customers can edit, remove, and add- to already place orders.
  • It gives a discount on the first shipment.

3. Charge Rabbit

If you run your site on Charge Rabbit, you are sure to make earnings from subscriber’s recurring payments. This earning occurs when your customers’ signup for billings on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. Some services include:

  • The sales of subscriptions for digital magazines.
  • The sales of subscriptions for digital videos.
  • The sales of subscriptions for physical goods.

Besides Charge Rabbit’s unique services, it also has the following unique features.

  • Customers can sign up and manage their subscriptions with ease.
  • Payments are made through Stripe.
  • The delivery of goods and services is carried out with it integration to Sky Pilot.

4. Recurring order and subscription

This app works well with your Shopify store. At the same time, it allows you to manage the subscription of your customers with ease. Features that distinguish this app are as follows:

  • Swiftness in authorizing orders.
  • Payment capture on the delivery of the order.
  • Ease of changing the schedule of order.

5. Paywhirl Recurring Payments, Billing, and Subscriptions

With Paywhirl, your Shopify store can offer customers a lot of useful services. Examples of these services are Payment Plans, subscription offers, and pre-orders, among others.

  • Customers have control over their subscriber profiles and subscription.
  • It does not reveal the payment method of customers (credit, PayPal, Debit, etc.).
  • Paywhirl has mobile-friendly payment methods.
  • It provides customers with subscription packages that are customizable.
  • It provides your site with development API and Webhooks.
  • Free upgrade to new versions.

It is important that you take your time to select the most suitable option for your business from the list of apps above.


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