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The 15 Top Ecommerce Resources for Entrepreneurs (2022)

Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or a complete newbie, there are countless free and paid ecommerce resources available to help you learn the ropes. You can learn everything from building a profitable ecommerce store to optimizing your store’s performance.

This list of resources includes blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, communities, and online courses that will help grow your ecommerce business. 

Top Ecommerce Resources: Websites/Blogs

  1. Shopify Blog

Shopify has the highest authority in ecommerce, providing a platform for thousands of companies who sell online. The Shopify Blog is dedicated to procuring the latest ecommerce ideas and strategies from innovative retailers, designers and entrepreneurs so you too can outfit your store with cutting-edge technology and design.

This blog features ecommerce tips and strategies from the top minds in the industry. Learn how to create a successful store by reading their articles, watching their webinars, or listening to their podcasts.

  1. A Better Lemonade Stand

A Better Lemonade Stand is a resource for ecommerce entrepreneurs to get advice, tactics, and resources for creating and growing an internet business. With a background in various ecommerce sectors including software development and music licensing, the founder Richard Lazazzera interjects his first-hand experience, thoughts and stories into every piece of content.

At this point it's one of the most extensive online tools and active communities for ecommerce entrepreneurs, serving over 100,000 business owners.

  1. Entrepreneur

Visit for business and entrepreneurial tips, ideas, advice, and more. From SEO and social media marketing to management skills and financial literacy, there's a lot of information on the site that could be the guidance you need to succeed. publishes a variety of blogs, podcasts, video and rich media content on everything related to an entrepreneur's world. With podcasts, blogs, and more articles than you can shake a stick at, Entrepreneur is sure to be an inspiration to anyone tackling their own business.

  1. Practical Commerce

Do you wonder how other online stores use their marketing tactics to influence visitors to click, buy, and like? Would you like to learn how others are boosting value from their paid ads? Are you looking for the next hot product trend? Get insights you need to make smarter marketing decisions with Practical Ecommerce. This blog covers everything from analytics, design, and development of ecommerce businesses to conversion, management, marketing and advertising.

Their articles are easy to read and logical - starting from online marketing tips, advising you how to make the most out of your online store, make it more effective, accessible,etc. Also included are articles on design where they give insights about making your website attractive for customers, help you with user experience and marketing. 

  1. Elastic Path

Previously known as “Get Elastic”, this website is all about helping ecommerce websites convert. It’s a one stop destination for blogs, infographics and videos that address the difficulties faced by ecommerce retailers in their day to day business of growing ecommerce business and nurturing repeat customers. Just as important as sales, website optimization is essential for retaining a customer base. 

It also helps that they inject a bit of fun and humor into their content. Go over their blog for breakdowns on the latest innovations in SEO, PPC, and Online Brand Management. Go on, get elastic!

  1. DHL

Whether you distribute on the high seas or in cyberspace, success requires insight. DHL offers a wealth of these insights on its blog, Whether you’re looking for new ideas or following trends to help stay ahead of the game in business, logistics, ecommerce, operations, and culture, this resource can help achieve your ecommerce goals. is jam-packed with insightful content and how-to information sure to inspire any business owner – from new ideas to industry trends and insights gleaned from a global network of forward-thinking businesses.

  1. is no ordinary website. It combines content, products, services, and utilities that help small business owners and managers respond to the challenges and opportunities they encounter every day. You'll also discover easy-to-understand explanations of essential concepts, as well as insights from others who've made it through similar situations. And as you e-navigate this site, you'll have access to products and services that can help your business grow. is produced by Hammock, Inc., a leading provider of custom digital content services for marketers who want to reach and build long-term relationships with small business decision-makers through its website, email, social media channels, blogs, newsletters, and direct mail. You know you’re getting the real deal.

  1. Webinopoly Blog

Are you interested in launching a Shopify store? Maybe you already have one but would like to find ways to get more traffic. Regardless of where you are in the process, the Webinopoly blog is here for you.

The Webinopoly blog was created to help ecommerce entrepreneurs sell more products, more often. We write articles on topics that matter most to aspiring and current Shopify store owners.  Learn how to start a dropshipping business, read our tips on reducing your cart abandonment rates, get great articles on marketing for subscription businesses, and find out about the best Shopify stores by category. We've got all that and more in one place.

Top Ecommerce Resources: YouTube Channels

  1. Shopify

The Shopify YouTube channel makes business simple and fun. The channel offers high-quality videos with a unique focus on the entrepreneurial journey. These videos and tutorials walk-through the most important aspects of starting and running a business online. You’ll find a lot of business advice, like how to get started with your first ecommerce store, or challenges faced while growing an ecommerce business.

The channel also offers a look into some of the most successful businesses on the Shopify platform and how they got there. The Shopify YouTube channel is definitely a place for business owners, entrepreneurs and anyone interested in creating an online business to help them succeed.

Additionally, there’s also the Learn with Shopify channel for more videos that are specifically for improving your eCommerce website’s performance.

  1. Casual eCommerce

Learn everything you need to know about e-commerce from the Casual Ecommerce YouTube channel. Increase your knowledge of e-commerce platforms such as Shopify and Wix, business advertising platforms such as Google Ads and Facebook Business and make more sales with our helpful tutorials, guides, tips and tricks. 

Casual Ecommerce on YouTube is a great channel for e-commerce beginners who want to learn more about the different aspects of an online business such as dropshipping and creating your own logo. If you're looking for a bit of extra help, these videos are great to watch and they come with handy visual guides to follow. What are you waiting for?

  1. Foundr Magazine

Foundr is on a mission to teach, inspire and connect the next generation of world-class entrepreneurs. Founder Nathan Chan explains, "We don't want you to be a founder because it's the cool thing to do. We want you to be a founder so you can have a massive influence and impact on the world."

Foundr serves up original content from some of the most successful living entrepreneurs of our generation. Learn from those who have found success – and get inspired to do the same.

  1. My Wife Quit Her Job

To learn how Steve built two seven-figure online businesses, you can follow along on his blog. Everything began when Steve’s wife quit her job, then he acquired a video camera, and began creating videos on anything he was interested in at the moment. He launched his own blog and youtube channel covering anything from home improvement to weight loss, bodybuilding to starting your own business. If you’re interested in developing online enterprises, then you’ll adore Steve stylishly nerdy approach of narrating his story.

Steve’s channel is filled with how-to-videos that show you how to go from zero to making money on Amazon, creating your own online product, or building a business around your passion. He has an unassuming demeanor which makes it easy for the novice to follow along and learn from him.

Facebook Groups

  1. Shopify Entrepreneurs

Catering to the Shopify entrepreneur (which we believe is everyone) and powered by the Shopify Platform, the Shopify Entrepreneurs Facebook group is a vibrant community of like-minded entrepreneurs who strive to build their businesses.

The Shopify Entrepreneurs Facebook group page allows you to share your business’ products and services, industry insights, and successes, while also offering you the opporturnity to connect with other Shopify entrepreneurs and marketers.

  1. eCommerce Entrepreneurs

This is a group for e-commerce entrepreneurs and online business builders to talk shop and help each other out. It’s run by Richard Lazazzera of which is also on our list as an amazing resource website for entrepreneurs.

Join 55,000+ like minded individuals who are passionate about building their ecommerce business or growing their existing one. Ask questions and get feedback of other Shopify store owners and people interested in starting an online store. A lot of the members are quite knowledgeable and willing to help out. The only downside is that there are over 50K members in the group. So it's a big community of passionate entrepreneurs trying to learn and grow together. That said, if you're looking for an active and engaged Facebook group on Shopify and online businesses, this one is one of the best around.


Thanks for taking the time to read this article, and we wish you good luck with your e-commerce ventures. If you found this guide useful, we’d love it if you shared it with a friend or two, or posted it on Facebook or Twitter so that others can learn about these resources.

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