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Sketch to Shopify: Go from mockup to a real website

With every year that goes by, software and design tools just keep improving. These days we have more options to create a mockup of web designs we want other than the ever-powerful Photoshop.

The graphics editing and design software, Photoshop, has long been the industry standard but apps like Sketch are made specifically for web design allowing it to cater to the needs of web designers. Sketch lets you create even simple website mockups without needing to know Photoshop.

What is Sketch?

Sketch works as a web-design-specific software that you can use to create prototypes and collaborate with teams and clients. It has an intuitive interface that allows designers to focus on creating designs. Designs made here are vector-based so they are scalable which is very helpful when we’re working with


What we like about Sketch:


Here at Webinopoly, we use a number of different software to create web designs and Sketch is one of them. Let us go through some of the features that have really hit the mark:


  1. Lets our teams collaborate with each other in real-time and get feedback quickly so we save a lot of time and effort
  2. Designs made in Sketch are scalable which is important now that we’re working on designs that will be viewed on different devices and screen sizes
  3. Allows us to easily export assets with many export options. This lets us quickly share it any way we want.
  4. We are able to create pixel-perfect designs with the zoom in to pixel level feature, and the snapping and smart guides.
  5. Reusable components through Symbols allow us to make an update in one place and it is instantly updated across the whole design
  6. Shared libraries allow us to share symbols, text styles, and layer styles with other collaborators so we all stay in sync as more and more work goes into the designs
  7. It has prototyping tools that let us easily link different parts of our design to test out your ideas or our concepts. We can easily share these prototypes with our clients so they can view them via browser or thru their devices. Very convenient.

Can beginners use Sketch?

Absolutely! If you’ve never used Sketch or other similar web design software, there is a large community of designers on the web sharing extensive resources and knowledge you can tap into it even if you’re just a beginner. Sketch has a free trial available so you can try it out before purchasing it.

Our Sketch process at Webinopoly

  • Content strategy
  • We work with the client to figure out not only what they need and require from their website but also align it with their business goals. We schedule meetings with our client and our team to figure out how everything will be laid out. We also figure which elements are required or need to be made, and other details like what colors and fonts should be used during this step.

  • We start to design your web pages
  • At this point, we use Sketch to create your homepage layout as well as other necessary pages. The tools on the platform allow us to create designs that will also work in CSS. We are also able to create and copy CSS styles, and duplicate content seamlessly. The platform lets us play around with different images, text, and colors for multiple page elements so everything stays coherent. We can leave parts of the pages blank as well until you’re ready to add content such as images, posts, or headlines.

  •  Design for mobile and tablet mockups
  • After creating your standard web pages, we use Sketch to create mockups for tablet and mobile using multiple artboards on one canvas. This lets us work on the different mockups simultaneously but also lets us see changes made at the same time. We won’t need to switch between multiple windows or create a lot of PSD files. This way, the website we create for you stays consistent from desktop to mobile. It also lets us stay efficient when designing as there’s less hassle.

    Sketch has apps that can show us what your website will look like on different devices so you can also see the flow when it is when in use. We can also integrate it with InVision to create a more interactive prototype so we can all see how responsive your new website will be.

  • We start development
  • If the Sketch design is good and approved, we start to export the assets. Or, if you have your own Sketch design that you’d like us to develop, we can use those as well. Thankfully, exporting on Sketch is easy. We’ll also be able to use the same colors and fonts you want for the actual website. Everything our developers need, Sketch can provide.

    So what are the cons of Sketch?

    Right now, it only works on Macs and it doesn’t work just by itself. To really create a beautiful, working, and interactive prototype or mockup, you will need to download other programs and plugins to support it. But! It still works as a great design tool for designing web pages since it can improve your workflow and helps systemize web design processes.

    Convert your Sketch design to a Shopify website with Webinopoly


    Sketch is a great tool to bring your ideas and concepts forward. It lets you see how everything works or doesn’t work together and lets you get timely feedback from team members and clients. 


    If you have made your own Shopify design using Sketch, our team at Webinopoly can develop it for you.


    Who is Webinopoly and what can we do for you?

    Webinopoly is an Award-Winning Digital Agency and are experts in Design, Setup, Development, and Marketing. We house trusted and top-notch Shopify experts who can help entrepreneurs like you build your online business. Our services range from building your Shopify store to theme customization, website development, migration to Shopify, SEO, and marketing.


    What is Sketch to Shopify Conversion?


    It is a service here at Webinopoly where our Shopify Experts convert your Sketch files into a working, responsive, functional Shopify site.


    As you’ve seen earlier, we can also use Sketch to create custom designs for your Shopify store. Get in touch with us and let us know what you need so our Shopify Designers can get started on your awesome website.


    About our Sketch to Shopify service


    Fully functional Shopify Website: We create a fully functional custom theme based on your design which will be completely manageable for you after.

    High quality work: Our Shopify experts are always on their toes to provide their best work. We strive to always develop a pixel perfect Shopify website with Figma.


    Complete Semantic Markup: Our team only uses the properly formatted code and proper HTML/CSS standards.


    Impeccable design: If you don’t have a design yet, Webinopoly’s Shopify Designers can use Figma to work with you and create a prototype of your website’s design before fully developing it


    How can you work with Webinopoly Shopify experts? It’s easy!


  • Get in touch with us
  • Just leave us a message, tell us a little something about yourself, and let us know what you need.


  • Discuss your brand
  • We’d love to get to know you and your brand so we’ll schedule a meeting with you. Doing this helps us establish a better understanding of your brand. From here, we’ll go over everything discussed and come up with suggestions on what works best, and provide you with free costing.


  • You rest, we work
  • When all is settled, a project manager will be assigned to you and our team will start working on your website. It won’t be long until we provide you with our top-notch work and you can start using your website.


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