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There are billions of websites online, all competing for a share of people’s attention. When you’re starting a new website, it is heavy work to think about all the other sites out there.

Always remember that within other websites, you have a lot of different categories of websites out there. As you consider the best way to set up your website, take time to know what type of website you want it to be. When you narrow down the setup you have in mind, you can quickly identify the other sites in your niche and draw inspiration.

Here are some of the most popular website types

1. Informational Websites

Informational websites stand out because it allows readers to contribute to and edit articles.
An informational website is one to provide detailed information about a specific niche, such as education, beauty, and more.
For businesses, this kind of website serves as a sales tool to attract new customers. An excellent informational website for the business will catch a visitor’s attention in less than 5 seconds.
If you have information to disperse or sell, an informational website is the best bet. A primary informational site includes encyclopedia or

2. Photo Sharing Websites

Photo Sharing Websites are used to upload, save, edit, arrange, and share photos. This site enables interactions with others through comments, shared, tags, keywords, or descriptions. Examples of photo-sharing websites are,, and Google’s Picasa.
Photo-sharing sites serve both commercial and convenience purposes.
These sites are perfect for both amateur and professional photographers, permitting users to share pictures, keep contact lists, and have groups, keep contact lists. In the end, this let people to find users with the same interests, connect with photographers globally, and share photography tips.

3. eCommerce Websites

There are a lot of small businesses who market their products over the internet by using their e-commerce websites. Just about anything that can be sold in a regular store can be sold online—even with less overhead! Is an eCommerce Website for you? If you have goods to sell, then yes, it is.
Heard of It’s perhaps the best example of eCommerce websites.

4. Community Building Websites

Community building websites help create online communities of individuals who are eager to communicate with other people. These are people who share the same interests and want to connect socially. For collaborating and interacting, there are online platforms for just any topic of your choice. These websites can be an excellent source of assistance and information for the small business owners. The best-known community website is probably should also not be left out.

5. Blogging Websites

From the words Web Logs, the word Blog was coined. This is a word for online diaries, journals, editorials, and even memoirs. In time past, a person was termed old fashioned if he/she did not have a website. Now, however, having a blog is it!
A blogger will on his or her blog write about whatever is happening in their lives or business. A blogger may also run commentary on politics entertainment and news. Isn’t the internet so diverse! How important is blogging to the small business person? Very important! 

6. Online payment website

An online payment website is an Internet-based site that processes economic transactions. It gives room for vendors to accept payments over the web or other Internet mediums, such as direct database connections of retail stores and clients. Online payment systems work to expand the reach of businesses and their ability to sell.

7. Real estate websites

One of the best tools for real estate is to utilize online marketing – the real estate website. To achieve your objectives, correctly display your offerings and prove to prospective clients that your marketing strategies are top-notch. For real estate, your websites ought to impress your client and sell the home you’re featuring, so make sure you use them to the hilt.

8. Corporate/Business Website

Most businesses now operate their marketing through an online platform. That’s why every business must have a website going with the current trend.

Tips for Choosing Business Website Domains

  • Add Search Keywords – Domain names are essential for search engines like Google. Consider imputing words that people will use when searching for your business.
  • Avoid unnecessary Symbols or Punctuation – Domain names should be easy to pronounce, spell, and remember. Keep your name very simple, and avoid punctuation like dashes or colons.
  • Use Location Keywords – Use location keywords to get a URL that stands out. If all desired domains are bought, then add your city’s name to the domain name.

9. Educational Website

Education websites are used for education. It’s as simple as that. it includes all forms of technology, used for research and learning. This website introduces and reteaches skills through games that the child will use throughout their lives. An educational website is a website that researched facts in education, especially for students.

10. Non-Profit Religious Website

With a good website, you could inspire hundreds of organizations worldwide to serve their constituents better. You could also empower them in the fight to promote economic opportunities in the world.

A website defines the purpose of a -non-profit website. Whether it’s to attract donations, provide information to individuals seeking your services - a website does it.

11. Governmental /Political Website

Most governments worldwide now have a website where information is placed for members of the public to access when need be.

This is a type of website created for a local, regional, or national government. It aims to communicate information, update the public, on roles and responsibilities. Also, the name of key government ministers and their portfolio and other vital information for the operation of the government is essential.

For whatever type of website, analytics should never be neglected. Always measure how the website is faring with a number of visitors. You should also know how long visitors stay on the site, when they leave, and whether the website is serving its purpose.


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